Shawn Michaels Wasn't Talking About Daniel Bryan, Vince "Big" On Him


Shawn Michaels made headlines earlier this week when he spoke of a recent conversation with Vince McMahon in an interview with the Ministry of Slam wrestling radio show. In the interview, HBK recalled a recent conversation with Vince where he said Vince told him he just didn't see money in a particular talent. Michaels reminded Vince that was the same thing he said about him.

Since HBK didn't name the worker, the Internet went ablaze with speculation that he was talking about Daniel Bryan. Michaels says who he was talking about wasn't relevant or he would have said their name, however, the person is actually 6'3 250 and was not "DB."

The following is from HBK's Twitter:

">@BScott12492: Who exactly was the guy in question during you & Vince's convo?" -- I would have said if I thought relevant. Not DB tho. — Shawn Michaels (@ShawnMichaels) June 28, 2013

">@yourboymikeyp. No, the guy is actually 6'3 250, ironically, y'all miss the same point he did. Amusing since everyone's knocking him.

— Shawn Michaels (@ShawnMichaels) June 28, 2013

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