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Sheamus Caps Off Controversial Week With Message To "Dirt Sheet Heroes"

Ready! Aim! Fire! Sheamus Tweeted the following:

">@WWE titles. 2 Brits & 1 Irish fella OR 2 brunettes & 1 handsome ginger hold titles.

— Sheamus (@WWESheamus) May 8, 2014

For good measure, he Re-Tweeted this gem:

">@WWESheamus picking fights with guys that live in their moms basement is so 99 dude.

— JoshJansen (@thefuckinshow) May 8, 2014

It's been quite the week for the new WWE United States Champion. Wrestling News World reader Al Figueroacaught him sleeping at the expert panel table during Extreme Rules on Sunday, a claim he later denied.

On Wednesday, a report attributed to Dave Meltzer's Wrestling Observer publication claimed Sheamus got into a physical altercation with Sin Cara backstage at TV in New York. This was a claim Sheamus also denied.

Richard Reacts: *slow clap* turn him, turn him!

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