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Sheamus Has Surgery, Update On Being Written Out Of Storylines

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Sheamus underwent an undisclosed surgery on Thursday. The former WWE United States Champion Tweeted the following photo from his verified Twitter account:

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On Wednesday, we updated on Sheamus at this link and in our Backstage Raw News. In both updates, we mentioned how the spot with Mark Henry on Raw was kayfabe in nature but that Sheamus had been working banged up lately and there were plans to turn him heel. At the time, we didn’t know if he was pulled from Team Cena at Survivor Series due to the former or the latter. We did note that his exclusion was last minute.

Given Sheamus’ activity on social media, it looks as if Sheamus was written out of storylines to deal with injury concerns and not because of a forthcoming heel turn. WWE has teased a further update on Smackdown or Raw but he should be considered out for the pay-per-view.

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