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Sheamus Talks About Powerless Feeling After Having Surgery Last Year

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Sheamus discussed his recovery from a torn labrum in the latest issue of WWE Magazine. The injury, suffered at last year's Money in the Bank pay-per-view, caused Sheamus to undergo the first surgery of his career and sit out the latter part of 2013.

"When you go through a surgery like that, it definitely makes you think about a lot of things. It puts you through a tedious process of getting back in the ring,"

"I felt powerless after my surgery because I wasn't able to move my arm, but after only two weeks I had more power over my recovery than anything else. It was in my hands. I did extra rehab. I was there for as long as I possibly could be. I was in the gym before I was supposed to be, so ultimately I had a lot of power. I was never truly powerless after my surgery. Everything was in my hands and I proved I could be back fitter, stronger and better than I was before I left. And I proved that, right?"

"I'm in better shape - fitter, faster and strong - so people who have known me over the last couple of years know they're going to see a more improved, sharper Sheamus and a hungrier Sheamus, too!"

The June 2014 issue of WWE Magazine is on newsstands everywhere. Subscription information is available at this link.

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