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The Undisputed Era has been one of the most popular factions in the wrestling world since debuting in 2017. They have been the most interesting thing going in NXT for a long time. Now it seems like the brake pedal has been pushed on the Undisputed Era. They have come to a complete stop and have a huge decision to make. Should they stay in NXT or leave? 

I am going to be honest when I say that out of the four Undisputed Era guys the two most likely to succeed on the main roster will be Adam Cole and Roderick Strong. All four guys are extremely talented but I think the main roster push will end up resulting in a split. If Bobby Fish and Kyle O' Reilly are set up as a tag team on the main roster they will get pushed under the rug and forgot about. Because on the main roster if you are not The New Day or The Street Profits then you can forget becoming champs. I am not against an Undisputed Era vs New Day rivalry but it will end with the New Day retaining the SmackDown Tag Titles, unfortunately. 


If I had the control I would leave the Undisputed Era in NXT for a while longer because I can see so many more great matchups that can be made. Could you imagine a scenario where Oney Lorcan and Timothy Thatcher become partners and have a feud with the UE? Could you imagine an Adam Cole vs Damian Priest match? Could you imagine an Adam Cole vs Isaiah "Swerve" Scott match? The possibilities are endless! Now learning about the chance of Kevin Owens possibly coming back to NXT there is another golden matchup just waiting to happen on the NXT brand. 

Triple H tweeted this out right after Adam Cole lost the NXT Championship to Keith Lee and it seems to give a clear answer on Adam Cole's future but it does make you think which way this tweet is leaning. It seems like Adam Cole and the Undisputed Era are going nowhere but NXT. 


Adam Cole can be a star on the main roster starting next week if they wanted to push him. I am saying that they should leave the UE in NXT for a bit longer to prolong the impact of them as a faction on that brand because you know that the faction will be ruined soon after it gets moved to the main roster. A faction like this doesn't come around often. After the Undisputed Era's run is over they have to be in the greatest factions of all time discussion. If AEW ever creates a top tier faction like this I will send everyone on WNW a birthday cake. Triple H has experience with top tier factions and that's why this faction works even better with a mind like Triple H backing it and believing in it. 

I asked one of my good wrestling friends that you all probably know very well what he thought about the Undisputed Era leaving and this is what he had to say. 

@TheStandingOne from Putting You Over on Twitter said that he believes that Adam Cole has a face run coming and that he would have the rest of the UE beat Cole out of the faction and have Finn Balor take over bullet club style. 

Follow me on Twitter @CEODROD if you want to make the case for The Undisputed Era joining the main roster without them getting destroyed. 

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