Sin Cara Not Allowed To Change In Regular Raw Locker Room

Sin Cara

Sin Cara continues to be treated like an outcast in WWE as he wasn’t allowed to change in the regular locker room on Monday night in Albany, New York. In fact, according to a report by the PWinsider website, Cara was forced to change in the “extras” locker room for this week's episode of Monday Night Raw.

We already reported, Cara didn’t ride the company-chartered flight to the show but drove six-hours by himself.

This is the latest punishment for Cara, who had an incident with Chris Jericho on the company’s latest overseas tour. After working last week’s Raw, he was sent to tour with the Smackdown crew but didn’t work any shows. He worked this week’s Raw after the long drive.

As we reported here on Wrestling News World, Cara was nearly fired for the incident and is on thin ice moving forward.

For those that missed it, Cara was annoying the Raw crew by making noises on their chartered bus. With everyone tired and focused on the task at hand (performing their dates), he was asked to stop. Jericho was a bit more forceful about it and Cara told him to “f—- off,” which sparked a verbal exchange.

When Sin Cara threw a punch, Jericho retaliated and there was a pull apart. We’ve heard varying accounts of Jericho biting Cara, from in the face to on the arm to none at all. Jericho has tried to downplay the incident and Sin Cara was thrown off the bus.

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