Sin Cara Reportedly "Wins" Backstage Altercation With Chris Jericho

Sin Cara

MLW Radio indicated on Twitter that Sin Cara got the better of Chris Jericho during their rumored backstage altercation on WWE's current international tour. Here's their tweet:

For those that do not remember, Sin Cara was Hunico before he took over the Sin Cara gimmick from Místico (it can get confusing as they also both worked as M��stico in Mexico).

We don't have many details other than Jericho and Cara got into a backstage altercation on the current WWE international tour. While the specifics are not available, Jericho is known to have a hot head and Cara got into it with Simon Gotch of The Vaudevillains over the summer. Cara was reportedly victorious in that altercation as well.

The news was first reported by Justin LaBar and WrestleZone.com.

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