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Six-Man Tag Team Match On WWE Main Event, Vickie Guerrero "Fired" On Raw

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- Dolph Ziggler, Rob Van Dam, and Kofi Kingston vs. Seth Rollins, Bad News Barrett, and Jack Swagger has been announced for tomorrow night's live episode of WWE Main Event.

- Stephanie McMahon "fired" Vickie Guerrero on tonight's Raw. They met in the ring at the beginning of the show following Stephanie's puking angle last week when Roman Reigns "messed with" her coffee and made his way into Battle Royal.

Vickie Guerrero vs. Stephanie McMahon was scheduled for later on in tonight's show, and Vickie would be "fired" if she lost. McMahon revealed a pool of brown substance by the ramp. Stephanie had Rosa Mendez, Layla, and Alicia Fox drag Vickie down to the pool, but they ended up going into it. Stephanie shoved Vickie into the pool and said the most famous line in WWE history. Before the segment was over, Vickie shoved Stephanie into the pool and paid tribute to Eddie Guerrero by doing his shake and pointed up to the sky.

We reported earlier that Vickie Guerrero was rumored to be leaving WWE to pursue other career interests.

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