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Corey Taylor, the front man for ultra-popular metal bands Slipknot and Stoned Sour, recently gave an interview with that revealed a lot about his wrestling fandom and dreams of making an impact in the ring.

Fans of Corey will note that his wrestling fandom is no secret. He started watching in the 1980's and his fandom only grew once NXT came along. He has had a pretty close relationship with the promotion over the years, and he also got his first taste of participating in a wrestling angle when he interfered in a match between Baron Corbin and Samoa Joe at the Aftershock Festival in 2015.

Additionally, Corey's new single "Culture Head" debuted on NXT in September. He also had a custom wrestling-style belt made for promoting his new album CMFT, that according to his Instagram, he has started carrying around just about everywhere.



Corey mentions that he keeps his body in shape "just incase" a storyline might develop in NXT.

Additionally, HHH says its not out of the realm of possibility. Hunter told

I’m always open to those opportunities. For me, music plays such a big role in creating the ambience and vibe and feel. All of this is about making people something.

Who would you like to see Corey go toe-to-toe with in NXT? 

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Check out all that Corey had to say about his new music, NXT, and his wrestling fandom over at Read the full article here:

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