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WWE Super Smackdown Results (11/6/12) - Falls Count Anywhere

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WWE Super Smackdown Results - (11/6/12)
Results by: Adam W. of

Welcome to this week's Super Smackdown Live! A video package is shown for what's is to come tonight. Tonight's Main Event will be Randy Orton against Alberto Del Rio in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. Michael Cole is in the ring, and welcomes Sheamus to the ring.

Michael Cole says it's obvious Sheamus is upset. After Raw, William Regal joined Sheamus in a pub. Cole says there is video footage from last night, involving the incident.

A exclusive is shown recorded off of a cell phone. Sheamus and William Regal are in a pub, as Big Show comes from behind and attacks Sheamus and William Regal.

Cole says the footage had to be difficult to watch. Sheamus takes the mic, and says it is not a good idea for Cole to be in the ring. Sheamus says he wants to have respect for Big Show for wanting to fight on his turf. Sheamus says he can't respect Show attacking William Regal, a man influential in his career. Sheamus says he is still standing and will give Show an opportunity to finish what he started. Sheamus says Survivor Series will be about the World Heavyweight Championship, but now is about kicking his arse.

Big Show comes on the Titantron, saying he did Sheamus a favor. Show says he held back allowing Sheamus to actually make it to Survivor Series. Show says if he thinks fighting him is a good idea, he should ask William Regal. Sheamus says he may be scared, but Show says Sheamus has nothing for him. Sheamus tells Show to grow a backbone. Wade Barrett interrupts.

Wade says the fact Sheamus is out here looking for a fight, even thought they have a Main Event match, makes him question Sheamus' sanity. Wade says he will leave Sheamus a gift before Survivor Series, courtesy of the Barrett Barrage. Barrett goes to suggests something, but Sheamus demands if he wants a fight, he should come to the ring now. Barrett walks down the ramp, but turns around to the back. Sheamus poses in the ring.


Wade Barrett is backstage, as Booker T comes up to him. Booker says he never expected Wade to back down from a fight. Booker says he talked with William Regal, as he and Sheamus will tag to face Wade and Big Show. Barrett puts his arm around Booker, and thanks him.

The Miz makes his way to the ring. A highlight is shown from last week, when Big Show knocked out Kofi Kingston allowing Miz to win their tag match. After the match, Miz is hit with a Brouge Kick. Kofi Kingston makes his way to the ring.

Intercontinental Championship Match: Kofi Kingston (c) vs. The Miz

Kofi and Miz lock up, as Miz gets a Side Headlock. Kofi reverses into a Side Headlock of his own. Miz gets another, but Kofi gets a Waist Lock. Miz elbows out, and knees Kofi. Kingston runs the ropes, but Miz pushes him into the corner. Kofi kicks Miz, and does a Monkey Flip. Kofi runs the ropes, and does a Clothesline to Miz to the floor. Kofi goes for a Baseball Slide, but Miz moves. Kofi doges a fist from Miz, and is propelled to the barricade after Miz throws him upwards. Kofi does a Jumping Larait of the top, and rolls Miz back in the ring. Pin, but a kick out. Miz picks up Kofi and drops him on the ropes, groin first.


Miz does a Foot DDT to Kofi and pins. Kick out. Miz grabs the leg, and drags Kofi. Miz holds the leg of Kofi, but Kingston kicks away. Kofi tries for a Sunset Flip Pin, but Miz kicks out. Miz does a low Dropkick and pins. Kick out. Miz locks in a standing Figure Four, and drops the legs of Kofi. Miz is kicked in the head be Kofi, after pulling on the injured leg. Miz runs to Kofi, but is hit against the ropes. Kofi begins punching Miz, and takes him down with chops. Kofi does a Jumping Lariat. Kofi connects with a Boom Drop. Kingston calls for a Trouble in Paradise, but Miz ducks. Miz goes for a Skull Crushing Finale, but Kofi reverses into a pin. Kofi reveres into another inside cradle, but a kick out. Miz locks in a Single Leg Boston Crab, but Kofi grabs the ropes. Miz charges to Kofi on the apron, but is hit in the gut with a shoulder. Kofi goes top rope, but has his leg kicked out. Miz follows Kofi up, and goes for a Superplex. Kofi holds onto the ropes, and pushes Miz away. Miz hits Kofi in the head again, and follows. They trade blows on the top turnbuckle, until Miz falls off the top. Kofi connects with a Diving Crossbody and pins for the win.

Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion: Kofi Kingston via pinfall

Kofi celebrates with the title, as Miz waits. Miz puts out his hand for a handshake, but Kofi hits Miz with a Dropkick. Miz rolls to the floor, as he storms to the back.


Sin Cara makes his way to the ring, followed by Rey Mysterio. The Primetime Players are in the ring.

Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs. The Primetime Player (Darren Young and Titus O'Neil)

Sin and Darren start off, as Young kicks Cara down. Cara is whipped, as he does a Back Handspring Elbow. Darren moves, as Sin does a Headscissor Takedown. Darren picks up Sin, and drops him neck first on the ropes. Darren does a Back Suplex to Cara. Pin, but a kick out. Titus is tagged, as he does a European Uppercut. Darren is tagged, as Cara is kicked in the mid section. Darren does a Snapmare, and locks in a Cravate. Sin punches away, but Young knees him in the gut. Cara kicks Darren from the corner, and connects with a Tornado DDT. Titus is tagged, as he drags Sin away from Cara. Cara does an Enziguri,to Titus, as Rey is tagged, Rey kicks Titus, as he lure Titus into the corner. Rey punches Titus in the corner, and kicks Darren. Rey shoulders Titus in the gut, and goes top rope. Rey does a Seated Senton off the top rope. Rey sets Titus for 619, but Darren sweeps the feet of Mysterio. Cara does a Suicide Dive to Young on the floor. Off the distraction, Titus connects with a Clash of Titus to Rey for the win.

Winners: Primetime Player via pinfall

Matt Striker comes in the ring, looking for a word from them. Titus blows a whistle, saying they will conduct the interview. Titus asks Darren what this win means. Darren says millions of dollars. Titus says when they win the Tag Team Championships, what will they get. Darren responds with millions of dollars. Titus asks Matt what he thinks when they come down the ramp. Striker says millions of dollars. Titus asks for more stank. Matt joins the Primetime Players for the "Million Dollar Dance." Titus says Matt has no rhythm, and a ridiculous mustache. Titus says they will show everyone how it's done, as they parade around the ring.


A highlights is shown from Raw, as Vickie shows everyone the footage of AJ walking into another hotel room in a bath robe. Cena says that doesn't mean anything, but Vickie says she has different footage. This one shows Cena in a towel taking a "Do Not Disturb" sign off his door in a towel. AJ, on the Titantron, says if she was to explain she would give Vickie the beating of her life. AJ says then she would get fired, and not be able to do what she loves. Dolph interjects, and says everyone knows what she loves to do.

Booker T and Teddy Long are backstage talking about Raw's problems. Teddy says he is looking forward to the tag team match. Booker asks if Vickie would have the vision to make a match like his. Teddy says no, as Booker says he didn't hire Long to suck up. Teddy is confused, as Booker says he is just joking with him.

Wade Barret makes his way to the ring. World Champion Big Show makes his way to the ring.


Another highlight from the bar fight is shown. William was knocked out, as Sheamus had a table thrown on him.

William Regal makes his way to the ring. Sheamus makes his way to the ring. A brawl begins, as Shemus and Regal take out Show. Show is on the floor, as Wade stands with him.

World Heavyweight Champion Big Show and Wade Barrett vs. Shemus and William Regal

Shemus and Wade begin, as Wade kicks Sheamus. Wade punches Sheamus in the corner. Sheamus punches Wade in the gut, and does a Headlock Takeover. Sheamus is thrown off the ropes, as he takes Wade down with a shoulder. Regal is tagged, as he kicks Wade. Regal locks in a Side Headlock, and takes Wade down with a shoulder. Sheamus is tagged, as he hits the back of Barrett. Wade kicks Sheamus in the leg, but is kicked from the corner. Sheamus whips Wade, but Barrett reveres. Sheamus meets Wade with a Lariat. Pin, but a kick out. Regal is tagged, as he knees Wade in the head. A European Uppercut follows. Regal hits Wade's chest, and tags Sheamus. Wade is whipped, as Sheamus hits a Battering Ram. Pin, but a kick out. Regal is tagged, as he kicks Wade in the ribs. Regal is whipped to Wade's corner, as Show attacks William. Wade does a Larait and tags Show. Show does a Body Slam to Regal, and follows with an Elbow Drop. Show steps on Regal's gut, and chops him in the corner. Wade knees Regal in the head while the ref is distracted. Show chokes Regal in the corner, as Wade continues with knees to Regal. Sheamus goes to stop Wade, but Barrett backs up. Regal kicks Show, and runs the ropes. Regal is taken down with a shoulder. Show mocks Sheamus, as he headbutts Regal. Show drops an elbow to Regal's shoulder and locks in a claw.


Regal is hit in the corner by Wade. Regal punches Wade in the gut multiple times, and tags Show. Show hits Regal in the ribs. Show sits on the arm of Regal, as he backs in the corner. Regal is chopped, and kicked in the head after a Snapmare from Show. Wade is tagged, as he drops a knee on Regal. Pin, but a kick out. Wade locks in a Headlock as Regal does an Exploder Suplex. Regal hits a running elbow to the head of Barrett. Show and Sheamus are tagged, as Sheamus hits some Axe Handles to Show. Sheamus hits a knee lift, and takes Show off his feet. Sheamus goes top rope, and does a Shoulder Block. Sheamus calls for Brouge, but Barrett distracts. Wade is hit from Sheamus, as Show hits a Spear to Sheamus. William is tagged, as he does a Running Knee Lift to Show. Regal is hit with a Knockout Punch from Show.

Winners: World Heavyweight Champion Big Show and Wade Barrett via pinfall

A highlight is shown from last week, when Wade Barrett stole a victory over Randy Orton. After the match, a backstage brawl insued between Orton and Del Rio. Hot coffee is thrown on Ricardo, and Del Rio is dropped through a table. Matt Striker has his face put through a cake after attempting an interview.

Alberto Del Rio is interviewed by Matt Striker, as he asks Del Rio what he has to do prepare. Matt says Randy was able to RKO Del Rio. Alberto says he was attacked from behind. Del Rio says when they are face to face, Alberto will show everyone that Orton is nothing but a crying little girl. Rosa Mendes comes up and wishes Del Rio good luck in his upcoming match.


A highlight is shown from Raw, as Brad Maddox is interviewed by Michael Cole. Brad says attacking Ryback was all his plan. Brad says his whole life, all he has wanted to do was be a WWE Superstar. Maddox says he was told he would never make it. Brad says all he needed was a chance to make an impact. Brad says Ryback was just as surprised by Punk. Brad says he is somebody now. Brad says he wants a match with Ryback. Vince McMahon comes out and says he has a death wish. Vince says he thinks he is in with Punk and Heyman. Vince says he will give Brad a $1,000,000 contract should he beat Ryback next week on Raw.

Randy Orton is asks what he thinks of Del Rio said earlier. Orton says Del Rio calling him names won't effect him. Randy says Del Rio can back up his talk, but will go out there and get a little sick and twisted. Randy says he will cross the line, and says this is one of his favorite types of matches. Orton says he likes showing everyone how sick and twisted he can get.

Randy Orton makes his way to the ring.


Mind if I... cut in? A Fandangoo vignette is played. Apparently his name is "Fandango" now, or they just forgot the"outstanding" in the acronym. Either way, he is still fantastic, angelic, noble, dapper, astonishing, naughty, graceful and opulent. (Honestly looking forward to this gimmick).

Alberto Del Rio makes his way to the ring. A highlight is shown from Raw, when Randy Orton's music distracts Del Rio losing to Kofi Kingston.

Falls Count Anywhere Match: Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio

Randy attacks Del Rio with some fists, and throws Del Rio into the corner. Del Rio kicks Orton in the stomach, and does a Superkick to a cornered Orton. Ricardo gives Del Rio a chair, as Orton kicks Del Rio. Alberto puts Orton back in the corner. Del Rio wedges a chair in the opposite corner. Orton does a Dropkick, sending Del Rio to the floor. Orton throws Del Rio on the announce table, and the ring apron. Orton does an Uppercut to Del Rio. Orton is put against the barricade as Ricardo gets an object. Del Rio is sent tot he other side of the barricade. Orton goes for a DDT from the barricade, but Del Rio runs through the crowd. Del Rio sends Orton into a cart. Del Rio brings Orton into the venue.


Del Rio kicks Orton on the floor and pins. Kick out. Del Rio is put on a tipped cart, as Orton begins punching Del Rio in the face. Orton stomps Del Rio's head against the cart. Pin, but a kick out.. Del Rio is brought back to the crowd, as Alberto is sent into a metal barricade. Del Rio goes for a DDT off of the high risen barricade, but Alberto gets away. Del Rio kicks Randy against the barricade, and pins. Kick out. Del Rio fights Orton up the steps. Orton pins on the stairs, but a kick out. Del Rio crawls down the stairs, but Orton does an Uppercut. Del Rio does a Superkick, and is handed a chair. Del Rio puts the chair to Orton's gut, and his back. Pin, but a kick out. Del Rio mocks Orton.


Del Rio puts the steel steps in the ring, and throws Orton against the ring post. Del Rio throws Orton against the barricade. Pin, but a kick out. Del Rio and Orton fight up the ramp, as Del Rio is dropped onto the ramp. Pin, but a kick out. Ricardo jumps on Orton's back, but is sent to the ramp. Orton kicks Ricardo in the gut, and throws him into the telephone booth prop. Orton shuts the door, but not before punching him in the head. Orton rolls Del Rio back into the ring. Del Rio runs the Orton, but is hit with Clotheslines and a Scoop Slam. Orton puts Del Rio's head through the wedged chair. Del Rio strikes the chair against the back of Del Rio. Pin, but a kick out. Orton goes for an RKO, but Del Rio hits a Backstabber. Pin, but a kick out. Del Rio is almost Suplexed from the ring, into a table on the floor. Del Rio hits an Enziguri as Orton falls through the table. Pin, but a kick out. Del Rio grabs the mic, as he tells Orton to stop trying to be an Apex Predator. Del Rio says Orton should get ready to tap out. Orton is locked in a Cross Armbreaker. Orton grabs the mic, and hits Del Rio in the head. Orton gets sent shoulder first into the steel ring post, and rolls to the apron. Del Rio sets up the stairs, and attempts to DDT Orton into them. Orton gets off the apron, but is thrown into the stairs. Del Rio goes to hit Del Rio with a chair, but Orton moves. Del Rio is hit with an RKO against the stairs.

Winner: Randy Orton

Feel free to leave your thoughts on this week's show and/or give me feedback about the coverage. Thanks for reading!

-Adam W.

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