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Smackdown 15th Anniversary Preview, Spoilers Link, Open Thread Tonight

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This week's 15th Anniversary special episode of WWE Smackdown will air from tape on Friday night as it was filmed on Tuesday from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA. Brooks Oglesby covered the show as it was taped and has complete taping results online at this link.

Dot com previews the broadcast with their official SmackDown Five-Point Preview. Here are the points they examine/highlights:

  1. SmackDown turns 15!
  2. What will Cena and Ambrose encounter on their journey to ‘Hell’?
  3. Did Triple H smell what The Rock was cooking?
  4. Super Athlete targets The Showoff (Ziggler/Rusev)
  5. How will best friends fare against The Black Widow? (AJ Lee/Alicia Fox)

Adam Wacker will host our Smackdown "Open Thread" beginning at 7:30 PM ET on Friday night here at for streaming live results and your discussion.

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