Smackdown Hacker Tracker: Everything You Need To Know About The Hacker


For months the Smackdown hacker has been one of the most intriguing story lines in all of professional wrestling. The constant guessing on who the hacker is and why they are doing what they are doing is like a riddle. Constant weaving of words, videos, messages and different social media account locations have us speculating at every twist. This article will keep track of all the information on the hacker as it gets released, an all in one tracker that will house all the information you need to know about the hacker. The account was once the "Stand Up For WWE" Twitter account. 

This article will continually be updated until the Hacker is revealed, so if you want to piece together the puzzle using all the information we have it all for you here. Also if you like the content here at consider becoming a premium member and get a 30 day free trial today!

April 3rd- During the Tucker and Dolph Ziggler match the Hacker makes his first appearance in front of all the monitors. "The Truth Will Be Heard" flashes on the screen. 

The Hacker: "Were you paying attention, I told you, the truth will be heard"

The hacker then pushes a button revealing that Sonya Deville sent the message to Mandy. Causing the split of Sonya and Mandy and the pairings of Sonya and Dolph along with Mandy and Otis.

Then it flashes back to "The Truth Will Be Heard"

April 17th- The Hacker: "You've heard all the lies, but when will we hear the truth".

We then cut go a big visual of "The Truth" and cut to different tag teams on Smackdown, only on Smackdown. Each time it cuts to a team it's a different snippet of a member of the team saying something. 

The Usos: "Let's Go"
Alexa/Nikki: Inaudible
Miz/Morrison: "If you thought we were good back in the day"

Bayley/Sasha: "I'm so dominant I think I'm going to skip WrestleMania"
Kofi/Big E: "That's right baby get up, that's right, get back up on that horse"

We flash back to "The Truth" and then we have the hacker speaking again.

The Hacker: "Some keep their friends closer, others keep their enemies closer"

The Truth Will Be Heard then flashes onto the screen.

The WWE then re-purposed the prior "Stand Up For WWE" Twitter account and @TheMessageWWE was created. The first tweet came on April 21st just days after this and you can see the tweet below.

April 21st: In the video we don't have the normal "The Truth Will Be Heard" graphic that comes down just before the hacker speaks.

The Hacker: "There are those who don't want us to speak"
The graphics flash to Sami Zayn, Nakamura and Cesaro with Zayn out in front as the IC Champion. 
The Hacker: "They don't want us to see"
The graphic flashes to Sasha Banks looking at Bayley and Bayley looking away from Banks.
The Hacker: "Through force and fear, they've risen to power"
The graphic flashes from Sheamus (force), The Fiend (fear), to Baron Corbin (risen to power)
The Hacker: "But the people should not fear those in power, now those in power, should fear the people, for the people are many, the many are ready, and we will speak we will seek through the evil done in the dark will be exposed in the light. The message will be delivered. The Truth will be heard"

The text of the message is scrambled but says "The Truth Will Be Heard".

April 28th: 

Computer Voice: "You have one new message"
The Hacker: The Message will be delivered and the truth will be heard"

The text of the tweet is scrambled but says "Are you listening".

May 1st:

The screen says "loading" and then at the end it says "you have just wasted 10 seconds of your life".

The scrambled words say "Final Warning"

May 3rd:

It begins with the "The Truth Will Be Heard" graphic. It then goes to a sign in screen where it's entering a password. Then a phone entering a passcode of 0, 5, 1, 0, 2, 0. Which led many to believe May 10th, 2020 the date of Money In The Bank. The graphic then went to the coordinates 28.5623N, 81.2907W which is the Performance Center in Orlando, Fl. It then pans to a video of people walking in groups with the letters and numbers TCR 01-05 20:53:20 at the bottom. It's showing as CAM 4 in the top left corner and CTFID Channel 1 in the top right corner.

The Hacker: "Let the games begin" 

The scrambled words in this message state "The Passcode Protects The Truth". 

May 5th:

During WWE Backstage the hacker, hacks the top left panel and begins with "The Truth Will Be Heard" graphic. Then takes over all four panels and the hacker comes on screen. Again showing the video from May 3rd and the exact same quote. 

This is from the WWE On Fox account and upside it says "Do I have Everybody's Attention Now". The Hacker would quote tweet the tweet and state "Find Me Before I Find you".

May 8th Smackdown

The graphics slowly come on with the green lettering and drips coming down the screens, along with the loading signs that turn into the blue circles. 

The Hacker: "Are you watching?"
First is a clip of Tamina pinning Sasha Banks , with Lacey Evans sliding in, then a cut to Bayley and Bans sitting outside and then Lacey raising Tamina's hand.
Michael Cole: "Cover by Tamina, Hook of the leg on Banks and Tamina has earned a Championship Opportunity."
Then a clip of Big E hitting the Big Ending on The Miz with Jey Uso rolling out the ring. 
Michael Cole: "The power of Big E and the Big Ending, to win the gold hook of the leg on Miz is it enough here"
Corey Graves: "WHOA"
Michael Cole: "New Day win the tag titles."

The Hacker: "Are you listening?"
There is a clip of Carmella speaking to Dana Brooke backstage while Brooke is working out. 
Carmella: We should be focusing on our tag team title match against Nikki and Alexa.
The Hacker: Because I am, the thing about anger is you can always hear it before you see it. 

Then a voice mail labeled "Voicemail 41720-21:35PM.m4a which is April 17th, 2020 at 9:35PM. 

Unknown Voice: "I'll tell you one thing, payback is coming and, and it's coming real soon."

The Text in this Tweet says WE WILL RISE.

It's also worth noting that the date of the voicemail is from Smackdown, the same Smackdown that had all four of matches or segments that was referenced in the video. 

May 10th (Money In The Bank)

The Hacker: "They want to know who I am
The graphic flashes a static screen
I am everywhere,
The graphic flashes to cameras and people's faces
I see everyon
The graphic flashes to cameras outside, cars and people outside
 I hear everyone.
The graphic flashes to a cell phone and the answer button and then people talking on cell phones. Then the graphic flashes to a coding screen that says "Access Granted" in green. 
The Hacker: "No one is safe"
The graphic switches to the hacker with tons of screens. To break it down as it fades out there is a screen to their left of the parking lot, above that is Braun Strowman with the WWE Championship, next to that screen is Bliss Cross (with green dots underneath them), Then Daniel Bryan to the right of them. 

Under Daniel Bryan is Lacey Evans, on a laptop just below the parking lot appears to be Baron Corbin, Just to the left and above Corbin appears to be Ziggler and on a screen under Lacey Evans just to the right is Oits. Just above Ziggler appears to be Jeff hardy however above Hardy and Strowman which are next to each other there are two more TV's with green dots beneath them. One is Cesaro all the way to the left and then the other is New Day with all three members flashing through. Above Blisscross and Bryan are four monitors which has Zayn in the bottom left, Wyatt bottom right, Sheamus top left and Nakamura top right.

Above Otis appears to be an empty locker-room and above that is Carmella and then Bayley and Sasha Banks. Then across the top of monitor setup from left to right is Lucha House Party, Tamina, a green Screen, then potentially Drew Gulak with green lights under him and then a screen that says "information" in green letters. 

Four monitors had green lights under them:
BlissCross (4 visible green lights)
Cesaro (11 visible green lights)
New Day (13 visible green lights)
And who I believe to be Drew Gulak at the top (13 visible green lights).

Every monitor featured a Smackdown talent and no Raw or NXT talents.

The message in the tweet says "I am everywhere"

May 18th

The video features no audio at all just a chess board. There are four and a half pawns show on the screen and the toppling of a king piece by another king piece and that spot taken. No words come on the screen or any other graphics at all.

The hacker has also moved their location around many times, here are the different locations we are to believe the hacker was.

May 28th

The Truth Will Be Heard" Graphic appears

Hacker: This is a warning (cuts to sirens) 
To the people, To the good
(Screen cuts to Apollo Crews with US title, Otis/Mandy with MITB, Edge, Jeff Hardy, Randy Orton)
To the Evil
(Screen cuts to Baron Corbin, Seth Rollins, and Sheamus)
I was silent (hacker shown in front of computer screens) but I was not blind. (screen cuts to outside camera, vehicles and faceless people, then back to the cell phone cuts from before with the green answer button focused in, and people scrolling on their phones. 

My Eyes know your lies.

Text is the tweet says I SEE YOUR LIES. This is the first "hacker video" that features Raw Superstars in the video. 

June 29th Monday Night Raw
Sasha Banks made an off handed comment to Dolph Ziggler about the Hacker. This is the first time in over a month that the hacker has been seen or referenced on television. 

Truth or Consequences, New Mexico
Orlando, Florida
Last Chance, Ohio
Neversink, New York
Uneedus, Louisiana

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