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Good evening everybody! Welcome back to WNW! With it being 12 days away from Money in the Bank, things are heating up. Who will have the edge going into the show? Stay tuned!


Tonight's show kicks off with the Smackdown Women's Champion, Carmella coming to the ring to speak. She demands that the WWE Universe praises her being the champion. She is persuading the audience to believe that Asuka isn't who she says she is. She's showing a clip of Asuka's timeline on the main roster so far leading up to the 2018 Royal Rumble. Then, of course, she shows a video of Asuka facing Charlotte Flair at Wrestlemania and how she received her first loss on the main roster. On top of that, she showed Asuka's first technical loss on a non-PPV match. Then, 'Mella got Asuka to come to the ring. Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville then interrupted the two of them and threatened that they can beat Asuka 1-on-1. Paige has now come out to give Asuka the choice of who she wants to face out of them! Of course, she says she wants them both. Now, Paige has made it official! Asuka vs. Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville! 2-on-1 Handicap Match is next!


The match begins with Asuka squaring things off with Sonya Deville. She threw Sonya in the corner and Mandy tagged herself in. It was pretty much Deja Vu except Mandy ended up in the corner and Sonya tagged herself in. Asuka gained the edge with some takedowns and a dropkick. Sonya turned the corner as she quickly got up and started striking Asuka to the corner. Mandy and Sonya are keeping themselves energized by tagging in and getting some strikes in. Mandy has the edge with the holds and keeping that heat. Asuka escapes and has the edge as she brings the energy. The distraction by Carmella at ringside leads to Mandy tagging in Sonya and the attack from behind to a distracted Asuka. Sonya is definitely using that strength as leverage with the holds and a takedown to wear Asuka out. Mandy is tagged in and is keeping Asuka down with, yet, another hold. Asuka is working to gain the edge with a nice display of energy and a gorgeous missile dropkick after the tag. Sonya comes back in and the blocks on Asuka's kicks, they both fall for some counts. Sonya comes back with a nice spear on Asuka, she nearly broke her in half! Asuka gets the counter to apply the Asuka Lock! Details at 11 for Sonya and Mandy.


Carmella came into the ring for a staredown. With the distraction, Asuka is attacked by her opponents.

In the locker room, The New Day went face to face with The Miz.

Tonight, it will be The New Day taking on Rusev, The Miz and Samoa Joe. Also, later tonight will be the contract signing for the match at Money in the Bank between Shinsuke Nakamura and WWE Champion AJ Styles. Next, Karl Anderson takes on Smackdown Tag Team champion Luke Harper.


Harper pretty much started off like a beast. He's kind of making Anderson look like a jobber and is mauling him. Harper looks absolutely incredible. Karl threw Harper off with a kick and Harper bounced back. But, as Harper went for a kick in the corner, Anderson went for a counter and rolled him up for 3! Too Sweet!


Tension has built up between Rusev and Lana Day and Naomi and The Usos. A pretty hyped up Naomi and Jimmy Uso expressed that they will be victorious tonight and Naomi says she will climb the ladder to become Miss Money in the Bank. Naomi and Jimmy take on Lana and Aiden English, next.


This match starts off with Aiden English putting Jimmy in a hold. Jimmy comes back with the strike to English's throat. English tried to use this to throw Uso off and he and Lana tried to catch them off guard but ended up on the wrong side of it. Naomi for the dive to Lana Day outside! Lana now has the edge coming out of the commercial break. She's in complete command. She's displaying some pretty high aggression on Naomi, wearing her down and all. Naomi gets a counter and rollup, they both go for the same clothesline coming off the 2 count. Naomi tags Uso in! He's using some energy on English. Lana puts a stop to that and ends the momentum. With Uso in the corner, English runs into a crossbody by Naomi. Uso delivers a superkick to put him away for good.


Paige is conducting the contract signing between AJ and Shinsuke. Shinsuke is playing some mind games with AJ to get his blood boiling. AJ slapped Shinsuke pretty hard. But it's now official! AJ Styles (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura in a Last Man Standing match for the WWE Championship at Money in the Bank,

Next up, great friends Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair go toe-to-toe.


These two ladies are going back and forth and displaying some serious chemistry towards each other. They sipped tea to show their friendship and went for the same kick. After they put each others leg down, they both went for a crossbody. Becky Lynch got up with the edge until Charlotte got the counter and is squeezing the life out of Becky with those mile high legs. Becky breaks out and gets a takedown for the advantage over Charlotte! A nice back and forth between these vets and Charlotte goes for the figure four. Becky didn't allow that though. She went for the leg drop and got the 2 count. Charlotte gains another edge with that spear and dive to Becky outside the ring. She slides Becky back in the ring and attempts a moonsault but Becky got the knees up. Charlotte then goes for the figure four once again and Becky counters it into Dis-Arm-Her! The Irish Lasskicker forces The Queen to tap!


Samoa Joe aims to put The New Day to sleep and gain momentum for Money in the Bank.

Don't forget! The New Day takes on Rusev, The Miz and Samoa Joe in a 6-Man Tag Match. Next week, there will be a Women's Money in the Bank summit hosted by Smackdown GM Paige.

Big Cass is now ready for the interview by Renee Young. She has questions about how he plans on defeating Daniel Bryan. He's pretty much belittling him and says that Bryan winning the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania and defeating Cass at Backlash was all a fluke. Last week, Bryan lost to Samoa Joe for the Money in the Bank qualifying match and Cass capitalized. The point is, Cass made Bryan look small which is what he aims to do.

There's apparently some tension between former friends Andrade "Cien" Almas and Sin Cara. Almas attacked Sin Cara and it's been announced that they will face off next Tuesday on Smackdown.

Next, The New Day will face their Money in the Bank ladder match opponents The Miz, Samoa Joe, and Rusev. It's still unknown who will represent The New Day and compete in the match on June 17th.


The Miz and Xavier Woods start the match off with Miz delivering stomps. He got ahead of himself and got countered by Woods. Kofi tags in with some action and then here comes Big E! The Miz didn't want any of that and crawls to the corner for the tag to Joe. Joe and Big E exchanged some power! Short but sweet. Woods tags back in and Joe ends up with the big time counter. During the commercial break, the heel squad gained the edge as Miz has a tough hold on Woods. Woods is attempting to gain momentum back for his team and counters the suplex off the ropes by Miz and delivers a dropkick. Joe tags in and goes down soon after. Woods tags Kofi in and Joe tags Miz back in. Kofi comes in with lots of energy! His athleticism is just fantastic to see. Joe distracts Kofi and Miz puts the DDT on him with the 2 count. Rusev tags in and looks to overpower Kofi but Kofi counters and tags in Big E. Joe tags back in to drop Big E and gets the pin interrupted for 2. As Miz attempts the finisher, Kofi does a pretty optical allusion-type of move and goes for the dive outside. E gets a spear off the apron and soon after he's stopped. Miz went to get the pancakes at ringside and got distracted. He didn't look up and throws the tray at his teammates instead. They attacked him and left the ring. Now it's all in The New Day's favor. They delivered the Midnight Hour and that's it for The Miz!


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