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Smackdown Live Coverage (06/19/18)

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Good evening and Happy Rusev Day everyone! Tonight, we prepare for another lovely showing of Smackdown! Live. Let's see who can get a head start as we put our focus on Extreme Rules. Stay tuned!


Paige seems pretty content about the outcome of Money in the Bank. She announced the gauntlet match to see who will contend for the WWE Championship match at Extreme Rules.

Carmella is out to rub her successful title defense in to the WWE Universe. She's stated that she won the MITB briefcase and successfully cashed in to become champion. She beat Charlotte Flair twice at that. Then, at MITB she defeated Asuka which is pretty awesome for Carmella. She claims did she it on her own. But wait! Here comes "The Empress" to intervene. Mella doesn't look too phased. "The Empress" took a good look at Mella and revealed themselves as, once again, James Ellsworth. He's letting the WWE Universe that he's back to serve Mella! A little pathetic, right? He believes that she's better than any woman out there, listing all-time greats such as Trish Stratus, Lita, even Beyonce! The real Asuka is out to take action against Ellsworth. She kicks him in the midsection and Mella lays Asuka out with a kick of her own, leaving her to lay there in the ring.

Tonight, we will see The Good Brothers, once again, fight for the Smackdown Tag Team Championships as they go up against The Bludgeon Brothers.

Coming up next, Becky Lynch takes on IIconic member Billie Kay.


Becky Lynch is out to take out whoever is in her way! She started the match off pretty aggressive against Kay. After being so close, and yet so far, at MITB, Lynch is definitely not in a good mood tonight. The IIconics use their advantage and distract Lynch before Billie Kay capitalizes and had taken control of this match. She is just smothering Lynch now! Applying hold after hold to wear down the former champ. Kay is looking pretty strong tonight. Lynch wants to get herself back in this one but Kay is just all over her. Lynch gets to the bottom rope and Kay wants to smother her, the referee steps in and Peyton Royce gets a piece with the ref distracted. Lynch is picking up momentum and is feeling it! Royce tried getting involved once again and Lynch just isn't for it. Kay tries to capitalize on the distraction again but Lynch catches her and throws her ringside. Lynch goes for the dive off the apron and lands on Royce. Kay and Lynch meet back up in the ring and Kay wants to get the advantage. Lynch reverses to Dis-arm-her and gets the win!

WINNER by submission: BECKY LYNCH

Jeff Hardy hasn't forgotten about the low blow he suffered in his match against Shinsuke Nakamura last week. Hardy delivers a message to the Artist and it appears that he wants Shinsuke.

Tonight, we will see a gauntlet match to see who will face AJ Styles for his WWE Championship at Extreme Rules. But up next, SAnitY is finally on Smackdown! Live as they will take on The Usos in their debut.

Daniel Bryan vows to win the gauntlet match tonight.


The Usos had already gotten attacked as Alexander Wolfe wanted the first shot. This match hasn't even started yet. SAnitY overpowered and took out The Usos, making a statement in the process.


The Good Brothers are ready to challenge for the Smackdown Tag Team Championships, next.

Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match - LUKE GALLOWS & KARL ANDERSON VS. THE BLUDGEON BROTHERS (c)

This match started out as straight up muscle and power. Gallows and Rowan are going at it! The Bludgeon Bros. are using their team-like awareness to their fullest advantage, taking out Good Brother Anderson at ringside. Rowan is wearing Gallows down in the ring. Harper tags in and looks to continue where Rowan left off. Gallows isn't allowing for them to keep him out any longer and gets an advantage for his team. Anderson tags in and has the momentum. He gets caught after the distraction by Rowan. Harper goes to tag Rowan in, Gallows pulls him off the apron. Rowan takes Gallows out of the match for good but Anderson rolls Harper up for two. Rowan sneaks the tag off Harper and The Bludgeon Bros. deliver The Bludgeoning to retain their titles.


Up next, we will see the Gauntlet take place, starting off with Daniel Bryan!


This Gauntlet will start will Daniel Bryan and Big E. Big E definitely has the size advantage over Bryan as he is already overpowering him with nothing but muscle. Bryan uses his technique against E as he puts him in the Dragon Sleeper. Bryan has the advantage over him, looking to wear down the biggest member of The New Day. Big E caught Bryan with the belly-to-belly. Bryan rolls and hangs halfway off of the ring apron. Big E delivers the splash! He's carrying Bryan on his shoulders and drives him into the corner of the barricade wall, leaving Bryan a bit distraught. Big E is using his power to wear down Bryan. Bryan is fighting his way back in this matchup and wanted the dive off the top rope after he knocks E off. Big E moves out of the way, gaining the advantage of this match! Bryan is looking for some energy. He gets E in the corner and gives a series of Yes! kicks. He picks him up onto the top rope to drop him off. Bryan goes for the running dropkicks but E counters with a big time clothesline to stop Bryan's momentum. E is back to wearing Bryan down with a Brock Lock type of hold but Bryan flips it, looking for the Yes! lock. E blocks it and Bryan goes for the triangle hold. E counters but Bryan counters back. Big E overpowers Bryan to the corner. Bryan gets out and is looking for the comeback. He gets thrown over the rope and E quickly sees him, goes for the spear off the apron. E is looking to capitalize but Bryan stops his momentum, going for the running knee to knock Big E out of the Gauntlet!

Samoa Joe is up next to face Bryan in the Gauntlet! He comes in fresher than ever before, dominating Daniel Bryan. Joe has nothing but evil intentions. Bryan's chest is so chopped up that it looks like raw meat. Bryan looks to comeback but Joe puts a stop to it, continuing his wrath against him. Bryan took a pretty bad landing after the flip by Joe. He looks to get himself back into the match but Joe counters Bryan's momentum into a powerbomb, into a crab, into a crossface, into an armbar-type of hold, until Bryan drags himself to the ropes. Joe got caught by Bryan and gets his leg taken out, definitely a few desperation moves but genius strategy. Joe flips it and gets his signature kick/splash combo for the two count. Bryan has fought his way back into the match during the break. He delivers the drive-by kick to Joe. Joe is set up for Bryan's Yes! kicks. Joe catches him but gets enzuigiri'd. They both end up outside and the referee starts the count. He locks Bryan into the Coquina Clutch but the referee's count is at 7. Bryan counters and gets back in but Joe didn't make it.

The referee counts Joe out! As we wait on the next competitor, The Bludgeon Brothers come out and give Bryan The Bludgeoning. The Miz comes out, delivers the Skull-Crushing Finale and eliminates Daniel Bryan! Miz hadn't forgotten about Bryan's comments during his interview earlier.

Rusev's music hits and it's time for the final two competitors of this gauntlet. During the break, neither The Miz nor Rusev got the edge. The Miz is looking for the momentum. Rusev catches him in the corner and gets the advantage off the counter. The Miz regains control after Rusev ran and fell over the ropes. Miz is starting to wear Rusev down slowly. Rusev wants a comeback but Miz is all over him! Miz gets the corner clothesline and goes to the top for the axe handle. He has Rusev locked in a headlock, wearing the Bulgarian Brute down. Miz runs after Rusev in the corner, Rusev gets the boot up. He's working to get himself back in this one. Starting the momentum gain, Rusev delivers kicks to The Miz's chest and knocks Miz off his game. Rusev sets him up for the kick, Miz wants a Skull-Crushing Finale but Rusev flips it around. Nothing is enough to keep The Miz down. Miz buys himself time outside of the ring and Rusev follows. Miz gains control with his great ring awareness. Rusev tries to turns things around but Miz capitalizes. Miz couldn't keep him down! He goes for Daniel Bryan's running Yes! knee but Rusev gets the kick to Miz and gets him for the Accolade! The Miz taps! The Miz taps! Rusev is the new #1 contender for AJ Styles' WWE Championship!


To send us all home, Styles came out to go face-to-face with his opponent at Extreme Rules. He offered a handshake out of respect to the Bulgarian Brute and he accepts! Great display of sportsmanship between these two athletes. Aiden English disrespects the champ with a fake handshake, AJ retaliates and knocks him out to send us off-air.

Thank you all for tuning in with us tonight! We'll see you back here next week. Don't forget to check our website out daily for more exciting articles. Have a wonderful evening everyone!

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