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Smackdown Live Coverage (06/26/18)

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Happy Rusev Day everybody! Tonight we bring you Smackdown Live! Last week, we saw Rusev become the #1 contender for the WWE Championship. We will also see how Jeff Hardy finally responds to Shinsuke Nakamura after his low blow a few weeks ago. Stay tuned!


Tonight's show starts off with Miz TV! He's introducing current Smackdown Tag Team Champions The Bludgeon Brothers as his guests for the show. Miz is asking them why they attacked Daniel Bryan last week during the Gauntlet match. The Miz is basically antagonizing the situation. Bryan kind of interrupted their victory walk up the stage to start the match last week. Miz is pretty much talking down about Daniel Bryan. The Bludgeon Brothers are just staring him down. They seem to want a piece of The Miz! Daniel Bryan interrupts and looks like he has something he wants to say. He demands that Miz shuts up and looks for a challenge to one of them. Luke Harper accepted the challenge! There it is, tonight we will see Harper go toe-to-toe with Daniel Bryan.

The New Day are getting prepared as 1/3 of their team, Xavier Woods, will face the new #1 Contender for the WWE Title, Rusev, next!


Rusev is already starting off with the control over Woods. Woods gets the counter and Rusev kind of botches his way to the ropes. Big E makes a mockery of Rusev by putting an "Ouch!" sign next to his face. Woods goes for the dropkick to Rusev rested on the second rope. Rusev catches Woods in mid-air after Woods seemingly caught momentum. He pretty much has dominated all through the commercial break. Rusev picks Woods up from the corner and nearly kicks his chest in! Woods is making an attempt to get back into this matchup but Rusev is smothering him. He catches him in a bear hug, trying to wear him down with Bulgarian power. Woods gets out of the hold and is picking the pace up. He gets the DDT and a two count. Woods finds a little bit of power to get Rusev on his shoulders but Rusev counters. Rusev gains the edge back after a counter Samoan drop. He puts Woods on the top rope and an exhausted Woods fights him off. He gets Rusev shoulder first into the steel post and climbs to the top for the finisher. Rusev counters with the kick and lays him off! He has an intense, focused look on his face! Rusev locks in the Accolade and gets Woods to tap!

WINNER by submission: RUSEV

Rusev got on the mic and explained it's not about Woods, his focus his the WWE Champion AJ Styles. He's coming for the champ and plans to make it a great Rusev Day at Extreme Rules!

Naomi and Lana are arguing about who's a better dancer. A group of fans gassed the two up about working together. They agree to try and get on the same page!

Jeff Hardy has opened his eyes and is locked in on his title defense in the US Championship Open Challenge next!

United States Championship Open Challenge - JEFF HARDY (c) VS. ERIC YOUNG

The leader of SAnitY has answered Jeff Hardy's challenge. He looks ready to get his chance to get the US Championship! Eric Young starts off with the edge. Hardy quickly fight back to gain control and Eric needs to regroup outside of the ring. During the break, Young took control with a neckbreaker and the match is in ball park. Young is just working to pick the champ apart. Hardy looks for the comeback but Young whiplashes him pretty hard to the corner. Hardy brings the fight to him and rolls Young up for the pin. Young gets right back up and nearly takes Hardy's head off with a clothesline. He has targeted the neck of Jeff Hardy! Hardy turns things around with the jawbreaker and is picking up momentum. Hardy looks to delete Young with the Twist of Fate and Young counters! Both men go for a clothesline and both men are down. The Usos show up from the crowd and want their revenge on SAnitY! They go at Wolfe and Dain at ringside and take the fight to Young in the ring. And you know what that means? DQ!

WINNER by DQ: ERIC YOUNG (Title won't change hands)

During the break, Smackdown GM Paige declared the match restarts as a 6-Man Tag Match. So, it's SAnitY vs. Jeff Hardy and the Usos.

6-Man Tag Team Match - JEFF HARDY & THE USOS VS. SAnitY

SAnitY start off pretty strong. Killian Dain is flatout using his body as a weapon against Jey Uso. He's picking him apart! He tags Wolfe in to continue the massacre. Dain tags back in to continue throwing salt in the wound. Young tags in to get a piece. Jey pushes him out of the ring and as he goes for a tag to Hardy, Young pulls Hardy off the apron. Young tags Dain back in to get some more and Jey flips things around. He goes for the tag to his brother and Jimmy brings the momentum to his opponents! An all-out brawl breaks out and Young and Dain end up ring side. Jey follows up with the suicide dive to the two. Jimmy ends up in the corner as Wolfe looks to finish but he counters! He tags Jeff in and superkicks Wolfe to set him up for Hardy. Hardy climbs up top and hits the Swanton Bomb to Wolfe for the win.


We saw him lay down the challenge to his attackers from last week. Daniel Bryan is in action as he takes on 1/2 of the Smackdown Tag Team Champions Luke Harper tonight.

Becky Lynch is preparing for her matchup with Sonya Deville! She meets her in the ring, next.


These two show so much chemistry every time they're in the ring together. Lynch overpowers her a bit and gets her to the ground. Deville flips things around and goes for a cover. Lynch lifts herself up before the ref could even count. She tries to gain momentum and power over Deville as the two are going back and forth. Deville tries to lock her up and Lynch forces Deville out of the ring. Deville takes time to regroup! She climbs back in the ring and wants to build some momentum. She gains the edge over Lynch and is trying to soften her up. Every time Lynch tries to climb her way back into this matchup, Deville always has an answer for her. She puts Lynch into the hold and Lynch breaks out. She's looking for a bit of momentum! Deville quickly ends the run. She still can't keep Lynch down though. Mandy Rose tries to distract her and Deville takes advantage! Rose adds fuel to Lynch's fire. Lynch counters and in the process, Deville accidentally knocks Rose down. Lynch flips her into the Dis-Arm-Her and gets Deville to tap!

WINNER by submission: BECKY LYNCH

The No-Chin Wonder, James Ellsworth, was backstage with Tye Dillinger and wants a perfect 10 from the perfect 10! Unfortunately, Tye only sees him as 1.

Tonight, we still have Daniel Bryan going up against his former Wyatt brother, Luke Harper!

Andrade "Cien" Almas has a feeling that people are scared of him. Especially, after he messed up Sin Cara a few weeks ago. His message to everyone in the locker room is for them to stay out of his way.

James Ellsworth is in the ring and wants to address the WWE Universe. He wants to prove himself to his "babe" Carmella and stand up to Asuka since she cheapshotted him last week with a kick. Paige intervenes and wants to let Ellsworth know that Asuka isn't even in America. She also lets him know that Carmella will be defending her Smackdown Women's Championship against Asuka at Extreme Rules. James thinks she wants to ask him on a date. She says that she will see him next week on Tuesday. It won't be a date with her, though. It's, instead, a match with Asuka.

The Bludgeon Brothers are backstage, getting Harper ready for his match with Daniel Bryan. Bryan is getting himself ready by warming up with The Good Brothers, Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson. That match takes place, next.


And the Yes! movement is underway. Daniel Bryan looks pretty locked in as he's ready to get his revenge on Harper after The Bludgeon Brothers costed him a shot at the WWE Title. Harper starts off by trying to use his power. Bryan looks for the turnaround and uses his speed. Bryan goes for the kick to Harper on the outside but gets caught. Harper gets a little bit of an edge on Bryan and looks to wear down the former champ. Bryan fights back and gets Harper out of the ring and in front of the announce table. Bryan goes for the suicide dive but Harper, once again, catches him and runs him into the barricade. Coming out of the break, Harper had the edge on Bryan. He's just picking him apart with powerful types of holds. He's all over him! Bryan fights back and gets the running kicks to the corner. Harper quickly uses his agility to get control back of the fight. He just can't keep Bryan down! The two are going back and forth with chops and Harper gets Bryan up to the top rope to attempt a superplex. Bryan counters with the punches and looks for the momentum. He counters into a tornado DDT! Bryan has the energy and sets up for the Yes! kicks. Harper counters and wants to set him up for the finish. Bryan counters into the Yes! lock. Harper could've tapped out but Rowan interferes for the save and attacks Bryan!


The Bludgeon Brothers go to attack Bryan and suddenly, Kane's music hits! Everything turns red! Kane gets to the ring and wants to double chokeslam them to hell! They kick Kane to turn it around and wants to focus on him! Bryan climbs to the top and prevents them from driving Kane into the mat. Bryan hits a running knee and Kane chokeslams them to end their night. Kane and Bryan stare each other down as Bryan is in disbelief over Kane saving him. Kane approaches him and the crowd is egging on a Team Hell No reunion. Kane opens up for a hug to his former partner. Bryan didn't want to at first. He comes to his senses and hugs him right back. As Bryan and Kane wish to send everyone home with Yes! Yes! Yes! Paige comes out to announce that The Bludgeon Brothers will defend their Smackdown Tag Team Titles against the reuniting Team Hell No! at Extreme Rules.

Thanks for sticking with us tonight everyone! Have a wonderful rest of the night and have a Happy Rusev Day tomorrow! Good night!

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