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Smackdown Live Coverage (07/03/18)

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Good evening and Happy Rusev Day everybody! Extreme Rules is right around the corner and we will see who can get the upper hand leaving the show tonight! Stay tuned!


Last week, we saw Daniel Bryan and The Big Red Monster, Kane, reunite. They hugged it out after 5 years apart! Tonight, we start Smackdown Live off with Team Hell No! Renee Young is in the ring with these two as they reminisce on their history. Kane let Bryan that he's always watching his back no matter what. Bryan assured that they will become the new Smackdown Live Tag Team Champions at Extreme Rules. Bryan elaborated on how Kane wasn't always necessarily there for him. Kane is trying to forget about the past and says that he's always had his back. Daniel says "No!" Kane says "Yes!" and they go back and forth. The Usos interrupted and lays the memories down. They welcomed Team Hell No! to the Uso Penitentiary. They said that they don't deserve a shot at the titles just because they hugged it out and reunited. Bryan wants to fight and Kane wants to discuss that as a team. Paige is out to announce that The Usos will be in the main event against Team Hell No!

The US Champion is preparing for his US Open Challenge Match. We will see if he can keep his US title, next.

Asuka addresses James Ellsworth by stating he's not ready to face her.

United States Championship Open Challenge Match - JEFF HARDY (c) VS. THE MIZ

Well former U.S. Champion The Miz has answered the champion's challenge! Will he, once again, become the United States Champion?

They start the match off looking for an advantage on one another. Hardy climbs to the top and Miz follows but gets knocked back down. Miz rolls out to get himself together and plays mind games with Hardy. He quickly gains the edge and is beginning to wear him down. Hardy gets back on top and looks for the Twist of Fate. The Miz rolls out and runs while Hardy follows! Miz almost gains the upper hand but Hardy catches him and is in control.

Miz turns things back around after the brief back and forth coming back from the commercial break. Hardy looks to delete The Miz but Miz overpowers Hardy and, once again, wants to wear the champ down. Hardy breaks the hold and is picking up momentum. Miz falls out of the ring and Hardy goes for the drive-by. Miz turns the momentum over and has the match in his grasp.

Coming out of the break, no one has the grasp as they are both keeping themselves in this match. Both of these men want the gold! Miz just can't seem to keep champ down. He goes up top but Hardy moves. Miz looked like he tweaked his knee on the landing. Hardy goes up top for a little Whisper in the Wind for the two count. He looks to pick the momentum up but Miz flips it back around. He rolls Hardy up and puts his feet on the rope. Miz thinks he has the title but the ref stops the count after he catches on. Hardy delivers the Twist of Fate on the distraction and climbs the rope for the Swanton Bomb to put Miz away!


At Extreme Rules, AJ Styles defends his WWE Championship against the #1 Contender, Rusev. Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler defends the title against the previous titleholder, Seth Rollins, in a rematch. Alexa Bliss defends the Raw Women's Championship against former champion Nia Jax with Ronda Rousey looking on front row as she serves her suspension from Raw. Asuka will once again face Carmella for the Smackdown Women's Championship.

But tonight, Asuka will take on the man who cost her the title, James Ellsworth in an intergender matchup. Also, we will see The New Day compete in a pancake eating contest to celebrate Independence Day.

Byron Saxton welcomed The New Day to the rings as he will host the contest. He's giving them a formal introduction. They each have 5 minutes to eat as many pancakes as possible. They look pretty hyped. As they get started, the lights go out and SAnitY has arrived! They're attacking The New Day from behind. They're completely laying the former Tag Team Champions out, ruining their Independence Day! With Kofi and Big E laid out outside of the ring, Wolfe and Dain set the table up for Eric Young to put Xavier Woods through it. He just got "pancaked" by SAnitY. They just made a statement of, possibly, the best trio team in the world.

Tonight, Team Hell No! takes on The Usos in the main event. Also, Asuka will face James Ellsworth in a battle of the sexes! That match will happen NEXT!


As the match is about to get started, Carmella, of course, has to come out and watch at ringside. Ellsworth demands that the referee rings the bell. Asuka lays him out and he rolls out of the ring to regroup. Asuka is manhandling Ellsworth as he got back into the ring. He immediately rolls back out and makes a run for it. They both get counted out as Ellsworth sends Asuka on a manhunt around the arena.


Asuka chases him back out to ringside and Ellsworth almost gets caught! He slips away as he jumps the barricade. Asuka climbs over and gets laid out by Mella.

Daniel Bryan and Kane prepare for their matchup against The Usos. Bryan demands that Kane apologizes to him about the past troubles. Kane wants him to drop it and hypes him up to focus on tonight's match! He gets Bryan's head back on track and asked if he's ready to take on The Usos. Bryan throws his list of run-ins with Kane all over the place and shouts "......YES! YES! YES! YES!"

Up next, The Champ That Runs The Camp, The Phenomenal, A.J. Styles, takes on Rusev's sidekick, Aiden English, in singles' action!

AJ Styles got on the mic before his match and addressed the WWE Universe about his opponent Rusev. He stated that Rusev is an athlete but he's not "phenomenal." Rusev interrupts the champ and addresses him. This is a brand new Rusev that we're seeing! A Rusev who, for the first time in his career, has a WWE title shot.


As the bell rings, Rusev gets back on the mic and distracts Styles. English takes advantage and attacks Styles from behind. Styles tries to fight his way back into this matchup but English quickly recovers and gets him back into the ring. English gets a slight advantage over the champ but Styles flips the script. English catches Styles slipping and goes back to work on the champ.

Coming out of the break, English is wearing the champ down. Styles gets out of the hold and wants to pick the energy back up in his favor. He goes for the Styles' Clash and English turns the tables back on the champ. Styles recovers and locks the Calf Crusher in for the win!

WINNER by submission: AJ STYLES

Rusev got up and attacked the champ from behind, making a statement on the champ 2 weeks from their championship match at Extreme Rules. He locks the Accolade in to completely break Styles. This is definitely the new Rusev! The Rusev that we first saw when he made his main roster debut! Is this what we'll see at Extreme Rules? We will see!

The IIconics addressed the WWE Universe on their situation with Becky Lynch. Up next, we see Peyton Royce face Becky Lynch!

Carmella and Ellsworth are backstage and Paige approaches them about Ellsworth, once again, facing Asuka for next week. So that he won't run, he will face her in a lumberjack match.


Lynch starts off dominating against Royce. Billie Kay gets a distraction to Lynch and Royce takes advantage. The match is currently in her grasp now! She looks to wear Lynch down. Lynch quickly flips the script and wants to Dis-Arm-Her for the win!

WINNER by submission: BECKY LYNCH

Shinsuke Nakamura addresses Jeff Hardy and is coming for the US Championship!

Next, The Usos will face Team Hell No! in tag action! This is the first match for Team Hell No! together in 5 years.


Daniel Bryan starts things off with Jimmy Uso as he quickly wears him down. He tags Kane in and Kane picks up where Bryan left off. Kane wears Uso down and tags Bryan back in quickly. Uso tags his brother in and they gain the advantage after their long chemistry pays off. They have a slight advantage until Kane tags back in. Uso climbs to the top and Kane catches him. Jey jumps in but gets caught as Kane wants the double chokeslam but they counter! The Usos knock Kane out of the ring and go for a back-to-back suicide dive for the momentum!

During the break, Bryan got in and took this match over for his newly-reunited team. He's wearing the twins down with technical fundamentals and kicks. The Usos turns things back over and are using twin power to overpower Bryan. Bryan wants to get back into the match but the twins aren't allowing it. As The Usos are wear Bryan down, he turns things over and gets the hot tag to Kane as Uso tags his brother in. Kane overpowers them both and builds the momentum. The Usos try to stop it but Kane catches the both on the double dive. He wants the double chokeslam and throws one to Bryan for the running knee. He finishes the other off with the chokeslam for the win!


After the match, they seemingly were in disagreement. Kane started the Yes! wave throughout the arena and they both joined in together. The Bludgeon Brothers interrupted as the two teams engaged in an intense staredown as the show went off-air.

Thanks for joining me on this evening! I hope you all enjoyed Live Coverage tonight. See you next Monday for another great evening! Have a wonderful week and remember, tomorrow is another Rusev Day to be great.

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