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Smackdown Live Coverage (07/10/18)

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Good evening and Happy Rusev Day everybody! Tonight is the Smackdown Live before Extreme Rules and who will conquer the final showdown before this Sunday! Stay tuned.


Tonight, AJ Styles takes on his long time rival, Shinsuke Nakamura. Also, Asuka faces James Ellsworth in a Battle of the Sexes Lumberjill Match.

Let's turn our attention to the ring where The Miz is hosting Miz TV! His guests tonight are the newly-reunited Team Hell No! The Miz is keeping his distance from Daniel Bryan and wishes that they keep the peace for the sake of the show. Bryan wants to punch him in the face and Kane is telling him to calm it. The Miz asked them if they're ready to face The Bludgeon Brothers. Kane laid down the line on how the champions are and Kane says that they aren't Team Hell No! The Miz played their history on video and showed pretty much the negatives between them. He's playing innocent as if he had no clue that it'd be shown. Bryan can read in between the lines and stopped The Miz in his lies. He wants to fight Miz! Kane isn't letting him. Miz said the wrong thing and Kane threatens to chokeslam him until The Bludgeon Brothers interrupted them and came to his rescue. As they made their way to the ring, SAnitY's music hit and they attacked Team Hell No! from behind! The New Day came to their rescue but were immediately stopped. The two heel teams laid everyone to waste and are having a staredown.

Coming up next, AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura face off once again as they both prepare for their matches this Sunday.


Rusev interrupted the start of the match and has come to address the champ. He vows to win the WWE Championship on Rusev Day at Extreme Rules!

The bell rang and Shinsuke took advantage of the distraction early. AJ counters and dropkicks him. He rolls out of the ring and Rusev and Aiden English have made their way to the announcers' table. Shinsuke gains control as he rolls to the other side of the ring. He begins the wear down on the champ. AJ flips things around in the corner and looks to dish out punishment on his nemesis.

Coming out of the break, Shinsuke turns AJ back into the corner and is building momentum. AJ thought he had the upper hand and goes for the Phenomenal Forearm early but Shinsuke pushes him off the ropes to regain control. He throws the champ into the barricade and is back to wearing Styles down. Shinsuke goes for the Kinshasa but Styles rolls him up and delivers a kick to the side of the head. Shinsuke turns things back around and is showing that meanstreak of his!

Off of another break, both men are looking for the edge. Styles seems to pick the energy up! Shinsuke does his infamous "COME ONNNN!" and AJ goes after him. Shinsuke dodged him and Styles drops him off another counter. Shinsuke counters AJ and locks him in the Triangle Hold. AJ escapes off the two count pin. He mocks Shinsuke with a "COME ONNNN" of his own. Shinsuke ends up ringside and English tries to get into Styles' head. The champ knocks English out and Shinsuke takes advantage of the distraction with a kick to his head. He sets up for the Kinshasa outside of the ring but AJ moves. The Kinshasa connects to English instead! AJ gets Shinsuke back in the ring and sets up for the Forearm. Rusev pulls him off of the apron and begins the beat down of the champ.


Rusev holds AJ up for Shinsuke to deliver the Kinshasa. The US Champ comes to the WWE Champ's rescue! He kicks them out of the ring! Paige comes out and sets up the tag team match. So, now, we will see Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura take on both of their individual opponents for this Sunday, AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy.


Rusev and Styles started the match off. The #1 Contender for the WWE title is trying to soften the champ up before their match this Sunday. Styles flips things over into a sleeper hold but Rusev runs him into the corner. He sets up for the shoulder thrust in the corner and Styles moves! Styles gets the tag to Hardy and the US Champ looks to delete! He gets the Whisper in the Wind and Shinsuke breaks up the pin. He goes to work on the champ Hardy but AJ puts a stop to it. He's quickly laid out outside of the ring as Hardy sets up for the Swanton Bomb to Rusev. Shinsuke jumps up to knock Hardy off the top rope and Rusev capitalizes with the Machka Kick for the win.


Rusev will see Styles for the WWE Title and Nakamura will meet Hardy in the ring for the US Title this Sunday as both #1 Contenders have built the momentum heading into Extreme Rules!

James Ellsworth is preparing for his match with Asuka with....halfway pushups? Battle of the Sexes Part II with the ring surrounded by the Smackdown Live Women's Division on the outside. That match takes place, next!

Battle of the Sexes Pt. II - ASUKA VS. JAMES ELLSWORTH

Asuka starts off strong and is intimidating the No Chin Wonder. He gets knocked to ringside and the women on the outside throw him back in! As he tries to get back in, Asuka goes to work on him. He gets knocked back to ringside and the women go after him after. This time, with most of them being enemies, they start fighting one another. Ellsworth tries to escape but Becky Lynch and Naomi pull him back. All of the women meet them and go back to fighting each other again. Asuka dives on top of everyone and breaks it all up! Ellsworth gets back in and Mella hands him a spray to blind Asuka. He goes to spray it and couldn't even do it. Asuka locks in her finisher and puts him away for good.

WINNER by submission: ASUKA

After the match, Carmella attacked Asuka. Asuka tries to fight back but Ellsworth finally sprays her in the eyes. Mella takes advantage and gets the kick to knock the #1 Contender out.

Team Hell No! and The New Day are backstage preparing for their 10-Man Tag Team Match with SAnitY and The Bludgeon Brothers. They all are getting their game plan together to take down the two forceful tag teams. This match takes place later tonight!

Backstage, Paige approached the Smackdown Live Women's Champion and James Ellsworth about the title match this weekend. She just brought it to their attention that Ellsworth will be place in a shark cage suspended above the ring to refrain from him interfering in their match.


These two are continuing their rivalry from a month ago. They start off strong and Sin Cara gets an early dive through the ropes to Almas on the outside. They get back into the ring and Almas capitalizes on a slip-up by Sin Cara and has control of this match. He's displaying pure aggression and athleticism! Sin Cara, looking to get back into this matchup, is displaying his vintage high-flying action. Almas can't seem to keep a grasp onto Sin Cara. He gets the knees up onto Sin Cara as he went for top-rope action. He climbs to the top, looking for the moonsault. Sin Cara knock him off but Almas can't stay down for long! He catches Sin Cara on the ropes and stomps him in the chest off the top and onto the apron. Sin Cara is set up in the corner! Almas delivers the running knees and puts Sin Cara away.


Earlier tonight, we saw The Bludgeon Brothers and SAnitY go at it with Team Hell No! and The New Day. This brawl resulted in a 10-Man Tag Match being the main event for tonight's show. That match takes place, coming up next!


Starting off the match, Daniel Bryan goes after Eric Young as the bell rang. Everybody ran in to brawl! The bad guys ended up on the outside to regroup!

Out of the commercial break, Xavier Woods has control. He tags Big E in to continue what he started. Big E quickly tags Woods back in but Woods can't keep Wolfe under his grasp. Rowan tags himself in and SAnitY has a look of shock on their faces. He puts a little bit of punishment on Woods and tags Harper in to continue the assault. Killian Dain gets in and wants a piece of the action. He's just a physical guy with demented things that he wants to let out on his opponents!

Out of the commercial break, Rowan is still laying down abuse on Xavier Woods. He tags Harper back in and Harper with the slap to hype the big man up. Clothesline to Woods in the corner! A brawl nearly started between the two teams. Woods gets himself together and gets the hot tag to Daniel Bryan and Eric Young gets in the ring. Bryan is on fire! He delivers a set of Yes! kicks to Young but Young rolls him up. The pin was transformed into the Yes! Lock and broken up by Wolfe. The teams trade hits. Everyone comes to the rescue for their partners. Big E delivers the diving spear to Dain off the apron after an assisted leap for Kofi Kingston to Harper on the outside of the ring. Bryan sets Eric Young up for the running knee and finishes him!


After the match, Kane was leading a sea of Yes! chants. Bryan stopped him and was trying to get something going with the crowd. After a few tries, he throws his hands down and outcomes Kane's signature fire! To send everyone home, he starts up the Yes! chants.

I hope you all enjoyed tonight's show! I'm sure that a lot of us can't wait for Sunday's Extreme Rules on WWE Network. Enjoy your week ladies and gentlemen! We will see you Sunday back here on WNW. Good night!

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