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Smackdown Live Coverage & Results (10/2/18)

Good evening and welcome back to another night of Live Coverage wrestling world! Happy Rusev Day! With WWE Super Showdown approaching, who will gain the momentum for the blue brand heading into Australia this weekend? Stay tuned!


Tonight’s show starts off with Smackdown GM Paige! She’s talking about the situation with Samoa Joe and AJ Styles when Joe showed up at Styles’ home in Gainesville, GA. Authorities were called to the Styles' home and presses were charged against Joe. Paige suggests that he should be fired. Styles dropped the charges and begged Paige to not fire Joe because then, Joe would disappear and Styles couldn't get his hands on him. Paige says the match at Super Showdown for the WWE Title is still on.

Paige played a clip of Styles apologizing to the WWE Universe for not showing up tonight. He's not there due to the actions that Joe took last week. His family's safety and his job security are bigger than what he wants to do to Joe. He's not leaving until he gets confirmation that Joe is on a plane to Australia. Apparently, Joe's actions had an effect on Styles' daughter and she's terrified. Styles vows to beat Joe this Saturday and in the worst ways possible. He wants to bury Joe alive.

Tonight, Aiden English will explain what went down in Milwaukee with Lana.

Becky Lynch has a surprise for the WWE Universe before heading into Australia.

But, up next, R-Truth and Carmella will be in action against Andrade "Cien" Almas and Zelina Vega!

R-Truth & Carmella vs. Andrade "Cien" Almas & Zelina Vega

Carmella and Vega started off going at each other, trading jabs and mockery back and forth. Vega started to beat Mella down, talking trash to her and all. Mella turned the tables on her and tagged Truth in. He and Almas jumped in and went at each other. Almas and Vega did their signature pose but Truth and Mella came up with their own signature dances. Almas & Vega rolled out of the ring to regroup.

Almas took over for a hot second, setting up for the running knee in the corner. Truth moves and Almas goes flying back to the outside of the ring! 

Out of the break, Almas has the edge on the veteran Truth. Truth buys himself some time and goes for the hot tag to Mella. She's on fire against Vega, looking like a former Women's Champion! Mella is money! She goes for the pin and Almas comes in to break it up. Mella pressed him about it and goes to kick him, Almas catches her foot. Truth comes to her rescue, knocking Almas out of the ring. Vega capitalizes on the distraction but Mella turns it around and locks the Code of Silence in on her! Vega taps!

Winners by submission: R-Truth & Carmella

Backstage Segment

Tye Dillinger wants revenge on Randy Orton and is demanding that Paige makes it happen. She makes it official! Tye Dillinger vs. "The Viper" Randy Orton tonight!

In-Ring Segment

The New Day came out to not only promote their match with The Bar this Saturday but to finally try and formally introduce their pancake guy to the WWE Universe.

The Bar interrupted because they want to make a statement on The New Day and show why they're better than them. The Bar attacked the tag champs, laying waste to them! They turned their focus on the pancake guy and poured pancake batter on him. This Saturday, the tag team titles are up for grabs! The New Day vs. The Bar!

Up next, Tye Dillinger takes on Randy Orton!

Tye Dillinger vs. Randy Orton

Tye Dillinger jumped to conclusion and went to work on Orton before he even was able to slither in the ring. Dillinger is laying The Viper out! We've never seen this sort of aggression from The Perfect 10! He slams Orton on the announce table and wants to slam him into the barricade. Orton counters and throws him over. He catches Dillinger and delivers the Apron DDT on the floor mat. Orton looks at the steel steps and sets up to annihilate him. He, instead, exposes the bottom turnbuckle and inserts Dillingers finger in the steel part of it. He bends 1 of the Perfect 10 fingers out of place! Goodness gracious! Randal Keith Orton you've done enough!

No Contest

Backstage Segment

The Miz popped up in the locker room with Shelton Benjamin. Earlier this week, Benjamin voiced his frustrations via Twitter on how he hasn't been booked in weeks. The Miz went to Paige to get him a match against Bryan. Shelton Benjamin vows to defeat him and at ringside, The Miz will be looking on! It's set! Daniel Bryan vs. Shelton Benjamin!

Up next, Aiden English will explain what happened in Milwaukee!

In-Ring Segment

Rusev & Lana are in the ring and are ready to address everything pertaining to Aiden English. He demands that English comes to show the Rusev family the evidence of whatever happened in Milwaukee. English came out and started stalling.

English showed the video and it's of him starting to sing in the hotel room, bashing the city of Milwaukee. Lana knocked on the door and let him know that she wanted him. English cut it off as she said "I want you..." Lana stated that that's not all of the video, Rusev took off to chase after English.

Up next, Daniel Bryan will take on Shelton Benjamin in singles action! The Miz will be at ringside looking on!

Rusev is looking for English backstage. Lana wants to explain but Rusev ain't hearing any of it at the moment.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Daniel Bryan

Benjamin is showing that frustration! Taking it all out on Bryan from the bell. Bryan is fighting him off and getting back into the match with the Yes! kicks in the corner. Benjamin turns the table, dropping Bryan ribs-first onto the canvas. Benjamin is wearing Bryan down! Bryan wants to apply the Yes! lock but Benjamin isn't letting it happen. He rolls out to regroup and takes advantage of his time on the outside, capitalizing and takes Bryan out.

Out of the break, Benjamin is wearing the former WWE Champion down. He's going after those injured ribs. Bryan is fighting his way back into this one and is picking the momentum up. Benjamin stops the comeback and lays him out! Benjamin sets him up in the corner but Bryan counters, coming back with the running dropkick. Benjamin, again, stops the momentum. He puts Bryan on the top turnbuckle but Bryan with the Yes! elbows and the hurricanrana! He's feeling it and sets up for the Yes! kicks! Benjamin tries to counter but Bryan gets the last kick. Bryan sets up for the finish and Miz has had enough of his "Yes!" Bryan kicks him off the apron, Benjamin capitalizes and delivers Paydirt to put The Bearded One away for the night.

Winner by pinfall: Shelton Benjamin

The Miz went for the attack to Bryan after the match was over. He will do anything necessary to get the win this Saturday in Australia! He ends it with the Skull-Crushing Finale, making the statement on Daniel Bryan. They face off to see who will become the #1 Contender for the WWE Championship at WWE Super Showdown.

Tonight, we will hear from Becky Lynch as she has a surprise for the WWE Universe going into Australia.

Up next, Asuka takes on Peyton Royce in singles action.

Asuka w/ Naomi vs. Peyton Royce w/ Billie Kay

Peyton Royce has been looking pretty good in her last few matches on television. She started off pretty good but we all know Asuka. Asuka wants to put Royce away with submission holds, Billie Kay comes to the rescue trying to grab Royce through the ropes. Naomi comes to Asuka's rescue and lays her out at ringside. Asuka then locks in the Asuka lock and makes Royce tap!

Winner by submission: Asuka

In-Ring Segment

Becky Lynch had grown so tired of not being on top of the Women's Division on Smackdown. She put a stop to Charlotte at Hell in a Cell and took the title home with her. Her and her former best friend have been locked in a feud ever since Charlotte decided to get into the match at SummerSlam. Becky Lynch is pretty on top of the world and has proven that she owns Charlotte Flair. She still wants the respect that she deserves. She still sees Charlotte posing for magazines before her. She says that since no one will give her the respect, then she's just going to take it herself. She revealed a possible Super Showdown poster of her standing on top of Charlotte. Charlotte ran to the ring and the fight is on! Charlotte delivered the spear to lay her out and tossed Lynch into the poster. She locks in the Figure 4 on the apron and kicks Lynch out and woos at Lynch to send the WWE Universe home booing in return! They go at it on Saturday in Melbourne, Australia for the Smackdown Women's Championship. It should be a great one!

Hope you all enjoyed Live Coverage tonight. Come back on Saturday for WWE Super Showdown! It's going to be SPECTACULAR! Enjoy the rest of your week Wrestling World! Good night!

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