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Smackdown Live Coverage & Results (10/9/18)

Happy Rusev Day Wrestling World! Welcome back to another Tuesday night of Smackdown Live Coverage. Tonight, the feud between WWE Champion AJ Styles and #1 Contender Daniel Bryan will begin leading up to their match for the title at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia. Tonight should be an interesting one! Stay tuned!


Tonight, we have more Crown Jewel World Cup Qualifying Matches. Randy Orton will take on Big Show and Jeff Hardy faces Samoa Joe! Wow what a night already.

To kickoff Smackdown, Becky Lynch defends her title against Charlotte Flair. If she is DQ'd, she loses her title.

Smackdown Women's Championship - Charlotte Flair vs. Becky Lynch (c)

Lynch and Flair exchange moves to start things off. Flair almost locked in the Figure 4 early on. Both women start to trade moves and it's Becky with the edge. Both thought of the same idea on a clothesline and it's up for grabs. Neither women can gain set control of this one so far. They know each other so well!

The damage has been done to Flair's arm though. Lynch can come out of nowhere with the Dis-Arm-Her. Lynch goes after that arm and is exploiting it! Charlotte flips it over and is looking for the Boston Crab! Lynch isn't letting her turn it over but Flair with the slingshot into the turnbuckle! Things spill to the floor and it's in Charlotte's game.

Out of the break, both women are feeling the effects of this match. Charlotte goes up top but Becky flings her off! Lynch has Charlotte on spaghetti legs. Lynch looks like she wants to close in on the finish but Charlotte turns it over and is giving her those famous Flair chops. They have taken so much out of each other as both are laying flat on the mat. Charlotte jumps to her feet and wants to go up top. Lynch pulls her down and goes up top herself only for Charlotte to move out of the way. What will it take to put one another away?! Becky counters Flair and wants the Dis-Arm-Her! Flair isn't releasing her grasp. She just gave Becky a few vicious forearms and picked her up, slamming her flat on her back for the two count. Someone needs to get that extra energy!

Out of another break, both Flair and Lynch can't seem to pick it up. Becky feels like she's had enough and wants to walk away with the title. Flair goes and gets her. As they continued, they ran into the ref. Lynch wanted to use that title but he turned around pretty quickly. Flair goes up for the moonsault as Lynch goes to the floor mat. Lynch moves and Charlotte hits the floor hard! Becky with the Becksploder. Flair gets up on a count of 9 and they try to keep each other down. What will it take?!

Charlotte gets her back in the ring and gives her Natural Selection. Lynch wisely rolls back out of the ring. They end up keeping each other out of the ring and both get counted out.

Double Countout but STILL champion: Becky Lynch

As Lynch tried to take off up the ramp, Flair chased after her. Lynch got some more breathing room but Flair just won't stop! She runs after Becky and spears her through the LED stage display! Flair finally turned over and her wrist appeared to be bleeding. She could have possibly broken it. It didn't look too good at a glance. This rivalry has gotten out of hand and needs to be settled once and for all.

Tonight, The Miz will host Miz TV and his guests are the WWE Champion AJ Styles and the #1 contender Daniel Bryan.

Also, the two World Cup Qualifying matches consisting of Randy Orton vs. the returning Big Show and Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe.

World Cup Qualifying Match - Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe

Starting off, Joe is overpowering The Charismatic Enigma. Hardy turns it over, going for an early Twist of Fate. Joe tries to turn it back over but Hardy dropkicks the injured left knee of Joe!

Out of the break, Joe is wearing Hardy down. As we all know, Hardy won't just stay down. He turns it back around and gives us vintage Jeff Hardy. Joe is screaming in pain. He lures Hardy in and pulls him through the ropes, dropping him at ringside. He sends Hardy crashing into the steel and follows but Joe's knee goes right into the steps. They get back in the ropes and Hardy is going at that bad knee. Joe strikes Hardy and buys himself some breathing room. He tries to get to his feet but the knee keeps giving out. The referee has no other choice but to call the match due to injury.

Winner by default: Jeff Hardy

Next week on Smackdown 1000, Evolution will reunite for whatever reason, even though they weren't on Smackdown when they were a faction.

Up next, it's time for Miz TV!

Smackdown Live GM Paige just announced that at Evolution, Becky Lynch will defend her title against Charlotte Flair in a Last Woman Standing match.

In-Ring Segment: Miz TV

The Miz introduced WWE Champion AJ Styles first. He almost egged on a fight from the champ by bringing up his family but cleaned it up really quickly. He proceeded to bring out Daniel Bryan. The Miz is trying to spark up some nonsense between Styles and Bryan. Neither man is falling for Miz's tricks. They began poking fun at The Miz instead of each other. Bryan got serious and let the champ know that he came back to win the WWE Championship again. They got in each other's faces and had a big staredown. Miz went on and put his 2 cents in. Styles and Bryan went back and poked fun at Miz's expense. Miz wanted no part of their jokes and stated that after their little feud is done, he's got next. And announced that Styles will face Shelton Benjamin next!

AJ Styles vs. Shelton Benjamin

The match had started through the commercial break. Styles seemed to have the edge but Benjamin is so strong that he turned it around pretty quickly. He starts to wear the champ down. Styles fights his way back into the match. He catches Benjamin's foot and counters with a pelee kick! 

Styles ends up on the apron, sets up for the Forearm. Benjamin catches him with a knee and sends him crashing onto the floor. It's all in Benjamin's ball game now! Wow, what a match so far!

Out of the break, Styles delivers the electric chair and picks up momentum. Benjamin counters and Styles returns the favor. He locks in the Calf Crusher! Styles can't keep Benjamin down but he ends up on the apron once again. Styles with the Phenomenal Forearm out of nowhere to put him away!

Winner by pinfall: AJ Styles

Still coming tonight, the return of the Big Show as he takes on Randy Orton in the World Cup Qualifying Match.

Up next, Aiden English will explain more of what happened in Milwaukee with Lana! Things are getting spicy.

In-Ring Segment: "One Night in Milwaukee"

Aiden English is in the ring. He began to show the world what was said between him and Lana in Milwaukee. He continued what was showed from last week. This time, she explained that she wants know how much he means to Rusev. He appreciates them as well and pushed up on Lana. Then, it stops there. Rusev came out and wanted to see the rest of the video but Aiden offered to destroy the tape if he kicks Lana to the curb, they can reunite as Rusev Day.

Rusev and Lana apparently hacked Aiden and showed the rest of the video. When he pushed up on Lana, Lana refused to cheat on her husband and left the room. Aiden was caught! He then told Lana that whenever she gets bored of Rusev, come to Aiden. Rusev chased after him and beat him down. Aiden made a run for it up the stage.

It was announced that Rey Mysterio will be at Smackdown Live 1000 and is going to be in action against US Champion Shinsuke Nakamura in a World Cup Qualifying Match! His first match back in over 4 years! I'm sure a lot of us can't wait!

Up next, Randy Orton will take on the returning Big Show in a World Cup Qualifying Match as well! Should be an awesome main event between two future Hall of Famers!

World Cup Qualifying Match - Randy Orton vs. Big Show

Big Show wants to give those thunderous chops and strikes to The Viper but we all know how slick Orton can be. Show knocks Orton off his balance and it's in his control so far.

Out of the break, Randy Orton is wearing Big Show down. Orton, I'm sure, is feeling the effects of being in the ring with Show, seeing those marks from the chops at the hands of the World's Largest Athlete. Show fights off Orton and is picking that momentum up. Orton wisely rolls out of the ring to avoid punishment at the hands of the Big Show.

Show gets Orton back in the ring but Orton catches him on the ropes. Orton will the Apron DDT with Show's feet on the top rope and the nearfall! Orton has that look in his eyes and heads to the corner. He sets up for that Punt Kick but Show with the spear and the nearfall. The WWE Universe is chanting "You still got it!" in Show's favor. He sets up for the chokeslam but Orton rolls out again. Show picks Orton up over the ropes and delivers the hard chokeslam and another nearfall! Show sets up for the Knockout Punch but Orton rolls out of the ring. The ref tries to stop Show but Show goes after him, pulling him up on the apron again with that big time strength. Orton puts a thumb in Show's eye, slithers back in the ring and delivers a VENOMOUS RKO to put Big Show away in his return!

Winner by pinfall: Randy Orton

With this win, Randy Orton qualifies for the World Cup Match at Crown Jewel.

We hope you all enjoyed tonight's edition of Live Coverage. Come back Monday for another awesome night with us! Have an awesome rest of your week and enjoy your night Wrestling World!

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