Good evening and Happy Rusev Day everybody! Tonight is the final Smackdown before SummerSlam this Sunday. It's time to see who will be on top heading into Brooklyn. Stay tuned!


We start the show off tonight with Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch and Smackdown Live Women's Champion Carmella. Mella is the first one to get on the mic. She says she's tired of seeing them but with her being the champ, life is good. She told Becky that she has no chance of winning and for her to go back to being a clown.

Becky expressed that she doesn't want Charlotte in the match but it's because of how good of an athlete she is. She wants to dismantle Mella for that title and whoop Charlotte. Charlotte got on the mic and wanted to squash the nonsense coming from Mella. Mella let them know that she has beauty, charisma, and the title over them.

Paige came out to address the three of them. She kind of mocked Carmella but proceeded to say that they'll steal the show at SummerSlam. Paige told Mella to go to the table to call this match while Charlotte and Becky compete in tag team action against Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose. That match takes place, NEXT!


Charlotte and Sonya start the match off displaying pure athleticism. Charlotte styles and profiles all over Sonya and gets control over her. She tags Lynch in and Lynch brings it. Deville flips the script and tags Rose in. Rose seemed to have control of her until a sudden spark of energy pops Lynch. Lynch puts a beatdown on Rose and tags Flair back in. She picks up where Becky left off but Rose counters and pulls Flair down by the hair pretty aggressively. She pulled her so hard that she had to pull hair off of her fingers.

Deville comes in and has the edge for a second but Flair gets it back and tags Lynch in. They traded tags a couple of times but just can't seem to keep Rose and Deville down or from trading tags themselves. Rose and Deville are tagging in constantly which is pretty smart because they're preserving energy against two elites.

Rose tags Deville in once again but Lynch turns the tables on Deville. Both try crawling to their respective partners. Deville tagged Rose in first! Rose couldn't keep Lynch down and Lynch brings this sudden energy! Don't look now, Lynch applies the Dis-Arm-Her and makes Rose tap!


These three women will battle this Sunday for the title in a triple threat match at SummerSlam! Who will come out of Brooklyn with the title?

Miz and Maryse popped up, stating that their show has done so well that USA wants to air a second season. This makes it the fastest success in a reality show ever! Congratulations Miz and Mrs! Tonight, The Miz and Daniel Bryan will address each other after 8 years in the making.

Becky Lynch and Carmella were backstage and Charlotte told Lynch that she didn't have to win all by herself. Lynch didn't think she was in there that long but got carried away. They showed some respect before the match this Sunday and gave their "tea" before Lynch leaving. Charlotte kind of looked at her tea sign and stopped smiling.

Up next, 3 local talents that call themselves "Triple Threat" are in action against The Bludgeon Brothers. Before the bell could even ring, the champs attacked them, laying them out like some dogs chewing their toys. The match didn't even start. They wanted to send a message to The New Day.

After 8 long years, Daniel Bryan and Miz want to blow off their steam. They have a complete story about their long feud. Bryan feels like he didn't need The Miz as his mentor in WWE, but maybe The Miz needed him.

Up next, SAnitY takes on The New Day!


Big E and Eric Young start this one off. The WWE Universe is screaming "Happy Birthday" to Kofi. Eric Young feels like he's being disrespected and starts laying E out. E turns it around and tags Kofi in. Kofi brings the energy but Young quickly flips it and gets the tag to Killian Dain. Dain looks absolutely impressive against a veteran such as Kingston. He's an all-out powerhouse! He's out there looking like a madman, laying Kingston out. 

Wolfe comes in and SAnitY were in charge through the break. Xavier Woods comes and brings some energy for his team! Dain gets back in and tries get control back of this one. E comes in to break the fall up and gets Sheamus Bicycle-kicked by Wolfe. Kofi delivers Trouble in Paradise to Wolfe, knocking him out of the ring. Dain tries throwing him out and Kofi lands on the apron, heads to the top turnbuckle and flies on Young and Wolfe. Woods ends up in his team's corner but E comes back up for the tag and they set Dain up for the finish. New Day for the win!


The New Day faces The Bludgeon Brothers for the Smackdown Live Tag Team Titles. Can they become the 5-time champions? 

The Miz and Bryan have a pretty headed rivalry. It got worse a couple of years ago after Bryan became the GM of Smackdown. Especially when Miz was called a coward and then blew in Bryan's face. Part 3 of their story comes later on tonight.

Also, later tonight, we will hear from AJ Styles before his big match against Samoa Joe. And Jeff Hardy is in action!

Paige questioned why Joe doesn't want to go out tonight and address the WWE Universe. He claims he's shy. He them told her that he's going to continue to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants and remain unpredictable.

Lately, Rusev Day has been crumbling. It's pretty much been because of the distractions of Aiden English. He expressed, in song, that he will make up for it by beating Andrade "Cien" Almas. That match is right now!


Almas starts off pretty much dominating already. English tries to bring some fight in this one but Almas is just too good! Almas delivers the running knees and follows it up with the Hammerlock DDT to put English away for good.


After the match, Almas and Vega let Lana and Rusev know that they aren't going to walk out of SummerSlam victorious. They will end Rusev and Lana Day! Rusev and Lana came out and let them know it will be the end of their luck. Who can come out victorious in the end of the SummerSlam kickoff?

WWE Champion AJ Styles showed up in Paige's office. Paige is worried that Styles and Joe will fallout tonight before their final showdown at SummerSlam. She asked that Styles maintain his composure tonight.

Jeff Hardy will be in action tonight before he has his rematch against Shinsuke Nakamura for the US Championship this Sunday.

Part 3 of the Miz and Daniel Bryan's story and it was interesting! It just makes you look forward to seeing them fight. Miz feels like Bryan has done nothing in his WWE career and that if he beats Miz, he's finally made it.


These two veterans are showing pure athleticism against one another. Benjamin is looking pretty strong already. Hardy tries to bring the fight back and delivers a little bit of WHISPER IN THE WIND with a nearfall. Hardy is in control so far. He gets the "DELETE" chants going and goes for the Twist of Fate but Benjamin countered. Neither man can keep the other down.

Benjamin gets a nearfall on Hardy. Hardy counters Banjamin and lands the Twist of Fate for the victory!


Shinsuke Nakamura comes out to try and get in Hardy's head before their match this Sunday. Shelton Benjamin distracts Hardy and Nakamura capitalizes. He gives Hardy a Backstabber-like knee and sets up for the Kinshasa! Hardy stops him and gives him a Twist of Fate! He climbs to the top for the Swanton Bomb and counts a 1-2-3 for himself. If this is the scene Sunday, we could have ourselves a new US Champion!

"The Apex Predator" Randy Orton is looking on from behind a curtain right next to the stage. Hardy better have eyes in the back of his head because we all know that an RKO can come from anywhere and nowhere!

We hear from "The Champ That Runs the Camp" AJ Styles before he and Samoa Joe goes at it this Sunday for the WWE Championship.

Styles is in the ring and is ready to address the WWE Universe. Any wrestling fan that's ever seen AJ Styles or Samoa Joe, we all know their history in various promotions. Styles feels like Joe has hit a pressure point on him after the blindsided attack as they were both prepared to sign off on their match at SummerSlam 3 weeks ago.

Then, Joe cut a little deep and brought Styles' family into it. Styles didn't take too kindly to that. Joe interrupted Styles! Joe is reading a letter that, supposedly, Styles' wife wrote to him. It talked about the false negatives between Styles and his family. That's definitely the point and part where Styles should be pissed! That closes the show, with Joe walking off and laughing!

Hope you all enjoyed Live Coverage! We will see you all this Sunday in Brooklyn for SummerSlam! Have a wonderful rest of your night and enjoy your week!

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