Good evening and Happy...Rusev...Day? Wrestling World! It's another exciting night of Smackdown Live. Tonight, the feuds heading towards Super Showdown will continue. Stay tuned to find out what will happen!


To start off tonight's show, R-Truth hosted his own version of "Miz TV." Carmella stood in the ring with him as they introduced Daniel Bryan as their guest. Truth asked him about his issues with The Miz and their long-time rivalry. As Bryan answered Truth's questions in the most positive way, The Miz interrupted!

Miz understands why people love Daniel Bryan. But of course, he feels like he's one step ahead of the Master of the Yes! Movement and wins by any means. Truth interrupted and banned Miz from his show. Miz got irritated and walked backstage, meeting up with Paige. He feels like Truth TV should be canceled. She feels like he needs to go get his show back by defeating him.

R-Truth w/ Carmella vs. The Miz

Truth starts off with so much control over The Miz. Miz keeps having to leave the ring and regroup, throwing Truth off his game. Truth is actually looking like he's not a talent enhancer tonight. He's going to work on the former WWE Champion! Miz caught Truth off-guard and laid him out. He's starts making a mockery of Bryan at ringside, displaying the "Yes!" kicks.

Truth almost countered him off a roll-up but Miz recovered with his DDT. He begins to wear Truth down! Miz is showing that vintage confidence. Truth ends up ringside and the count begins. Miz/Truth TV is hanging in the balance. Truth makes it back into the ring and brings the fire!

Truth almost caught the victory. The A-Lister kicks out of a couple of nearfalls. The official tries to hold Truth back, Miz puts a finger in Truth's eyes off the distraction and delivers the Skull-Crushing Finale. He looks at Bryan, stating once again that he will win by any means. He sets up for Bryan's finishing dropkick and hits it for the win!

Winner by pinfall: The Miz

Earlier today, Charlotte was modeling her new merchandise for a photographer. Out of nowhere, the Smackdown Women's Champion Becky Lynch came out of nowhere and attacked her, making the photographer takes pictures of the assault. Lynch stood tall in that mauling.

The New Day came out seemingly giving praise to their Super Showdown opponents but as they did, they took some jabs at them. The Bar shut them up and let them know that they'll take the titles in Australia.

Sheamus w/ Cesaro vs. Big E w/ Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods

This match is already looking like the start of power. These two powerhouses have already switched places a few times. Big E countered Sheamus on the apron, laying him out, and delivered the splash on the edge.

Out of the break, Sheamus is wearing Big E down! A lot has been taken out of the 5x Tag Team Champion. He counters Sheamus on the Brogue Kick and lays him out. Sheamus gets to the apron, Big E sets up for the diving/suicide spear on the apron but Sheamus counters. E comes back with another counter, ready to drop the Big Ending. Sheamus grabs the ropes, forcing E to drop him. And it's Sheamus out of nowhere with the Brogue Kick for the victory!

Winner by pinfall: Sheamus

With this victory, The Bar have the upper hand so far in this rivalry.

The WWE Champion AJ Styles is backstage with Paige and seems pretty focused, fired up and determined! 

Rusev is on his way to the ring and he wants answers from Aiden English as to why he attacked him last week.

In-Ring Segment

As some can recall, Aiden English distracted Rusev during his match with Shinsuke Nakamura, seeming to be in Rusev's corner. Nakamura rolled him up for the win and after the match, English beat the Bulgarian Brute down pretty badly.

English came out after Rusev demanded him to. English laid it all on the table and explained that it wasn't his fault, it was because Rusev, somewhat, "declined." He feels like it was because Lana came into the mix. He said things were better when it was just Rusev and Aiden, not all three of them. Lana says that she's been by his side all this time. English says that she may have been by his side, being truthful at times but then brought up "that time in Milwaukee." And elaborated on nothing else. *Drops mic* Everyone went crazy after that and even Rusev and Lana were left confused.

Tonight, the contract signing between AJ Styles and Samoa Joe for the WWE Title at Super Showdown takes place. What can happen? We will find out.

Up next, Asuka is finally back in action! I'm sure I speak for a lot of us when I say that we can't wait!

The Rusev family are backstage and Lana hopes Rusev believes her. Becky Lynch pops up and kind of instigates which left Rusev to think a bit more about "Milwaukee."

The IIconics are in the ring ready to cut a quick mic promo. But were interrupted by their opponents at Super Showdown in their home environment, Australia. The IIconics sat at the announce table to watch the match up close and personal.

Asuka & Naomi vs. Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville

Asuka and Mandy start off with Asuka displaying that brilliant technique. Rose snuck a tag to Deville, which Asuka didn't even see. As Asuka attempted to lay her out, Deville came in and speared The Empress. The two are wearing Asuka down! Asuka finally gets some breathing room by taking Deville down and both sides get the hot tag going in Naomi's way.

She brings the glow to Rose and immediately gets laid out off the distraction. Naomi actually kneed Rose in the face pretty badly which seemed to leave her on spaghetti legs for a second. Deville tags back in and goes back to work on Naomi. Naomi gets some room to fire up and Asuka tags in off the springboard kick to Deville. She sets up for the finish and wins it for her team!

Winners by pinfall: Asuka & Naomi

Asuka & Naomi will take on The IIconics at WWE Super Showdown!

"The Perfect 10" Tye Dillinger is in action against the POTUN, Shinsuke Nakamura! That match is next.

Tye Dillinger vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Shinsuke Nakamura started off pretty champion-like against The Perfect 10. It wasn't looking pretty good for Dillinger to start things off. Dillinger got a sudden spark of energy and is going off! He delivered the frog splash for the nearfall. Dillinger gets Nakamura in the corner and goes up for the Perfect 10 punches. Out of nowhere, Randy Orton attacks him!

Winner by DQ: Tye Dillinger

He's laying Dillinger out, leaving him helpless. He's using every square inch of the ring area to make an example and a victim out of the man. Orton throws him back into the ring....Randal....Keith....Orton....I'd say you've done ENOUGH. I, obviously, spoke too soon! He pulls Dillinger to the ring apron and delivers the Apron DDT with Dillinger dangling towards the floor mats! My goodness that was vicious! He mocks The Perfect 10 with his own signature "10" pose. Nakamura goes to get his title and stops himself, looking at a helpless Dillinger. He delivers the Kinshasa, with Dillinger's head bouncing off the ring apron display.

Rusev and Lana are still a bit anxious backstage about what Aiden English said earlier pertaining to a mysterious event that supposedly happened in Milwaukee. She's not understanding why Rusev is feeding into what English is saying. Lana is in action against the Smackdown Women's Champion, NEXT.

Orton is walking backstage and was asked if Tye Dillinger is his next victim. Orton said he's's just that the "Perfect 10" stuff pisses him off.

Lana vs. Becky Lynch

Ever since Aiden English brought anything up about "Milwaukee," the WWE Universe has been mocking her by chanting the city. Lynch starts off toying with Lana, making a fool of her. Lana takes out the frustration on the champ, leaving Lynch at ringside.

Lynch turns it over by using that barricade to her advantage. They get back into the ring and Lana quickly flips it back into her own direction once again. They're trading the match back and forth! Neither woman can leave the other down. Lana heads to the top rope but Becky stops her and brings her down to the canvas. Lana struggles to fight off the Bexploder suplex, Lynch still lands it and goes for the Dis-Arm-Her to make Lana tap.

Winner by submission: Becky Lynch

Backstage, Aiden English is being interviewed and Kayla Braxton wants to know what happened in Milwaukee. English turns down the opportunity to talk tabout if, leaving everyone's minds wondering until next Tuesday when he shows his proof on Smackdown Live.

In-Ring Segment

Paige is in the ring and she's ready to get the contract signing going between AJ Styles. Styles demands that Joe comes out but know he only does things on his own terms. Joe popped up on the screen and revealed that he's not at Smackdown tonight, but he's in Gainesville, Georgia at Styles' house.

Joe is really egging the champ on and is basically threatening to go into the family's house. With every word, he's taking another step closer to the front door of the Styles family house. Joe is making a statement about the fact that his chance of becoming champion was stolen, so now it's his turn to take something from Styles. He rang the doorbell and ended the show by saying.... "Daddy's home...."

Wow! What an interesting episode tonight. I'm sure a lot of the wrestling world can't wait to see what'll happen in this feud between AJ Styles and Samoa Joe next. Have an awesome rest of your week everybody! Come back on Monday for another Live Coverage of Monday Night Raw! Good night!

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