Smackdown Live Coverage And Results (8/28/18)

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Welcome back everyone to WNW! This week's episode of Smackdown Live will be featuring Charlotte Flair defend her Smackdown Live Women's Championship against Carmella, along with a Triple Threat Tag Team Match. Join us tonight for live coverage of Smackdown and make sure to stay connected down in the comment section!


The show opened without any introduction, and the five time tag team championships, The New Day, made their way to the ring. Xavier Woods said they did what they did best and that was to win the tag team championships. Kofi then said they had the Bludgeon Brothers out like a like. Big E then grabbed a mic, saying they are a FIVE TIME- Cue King Booker T too come out and make his way to the ring! Booker T said he rules the Smackdown World. The New Day bowed down to Booker and granted them to be in the five timers champion club. He asked if they could dig that, sucka. Booker went to leave but the New Day stopped and wanted him to the spin-a-roonie. He took his crown and robe off and did it. He then wanted all three members to do it as well, and they followed suite. 

The Bar then made their way to the ring as they will face off against The Colons and Gallows and Anderson next in a triple threat tag team match. (c)

Coming back from break, everyone was in the ring, with the New Day ringside at their own announce table.

The Bar vs The Colons vs Gallows and Anderson

Anderson and Sheamus started the match, and a quick tag was made to Cesaro. Anderson hit him with a nice drop kick, and then tagged in Gallows. He took down Cesaro with a suplex and a two count. They worked Cesaro for a moment, with Karl making a tag in. Moments later the Colons made their way into the match, with Epico trying to take Anderson down. Anderson kept up with the fast pace offense before Primo distracted and Epico took control. Primo tagged in and worked over him heading into break. (c)

Anderson was still in the ring being beaten down by Sheamus and Cesaro. Anderson then made a tag to Gallows, and so was Cesaro. Anderson followed up with power moves. Primo tagged in and was hit with a super-kick. Action broke out and Cesaro took advantage on Gallows after a double back breaker by the Colons. Cesaro threw Primo out of the ring and covered Gallows for the win.

The Bar defeated The Colons and Gallows and Anderson

Backstage was Paige and then Rusev Day, with her saying they deserve a tag team championship opportunity. Next week on Smackdown Live, it will be Rusev and Aiden English vs SAnitY vs The Usos, with the winners going on to face The Bar to determine who will be the next number one contender for the New Day's Tag Team Championship.

A video recapped of SummerSlam and Becky Lynch's reasoning for attacking Charlotte Flair. 

Later tonight, Carmella will revoke her rematch clause to face Charlotte Flair for the Smackdown Live Women's Championship.

Up next, Jeff Hardy is in action. (c)

Jeff Hardy made his way to the ring, and grabbed a microphone. He said since he returned to Smackdown Live, Randy Orton has come after him and getting in his head. He then said that Orton made him fly like he did last week. He said he felt alive after he put Orton threw the table. He told him to come out so he could finish what Randy started. Orton made his way out and stood on the entrance ramp. Orton said he is not finished working on Jeff Hardy and will end his career, and will leave him just bones in the ring. He said would do things on his term. He said he can call him R-K-NOOO! Hardy said no, and then said Orton will face him at Hell in a Cell, inside the structure itself. Orton dropped his mic and walked off, without any words. 

Backstage, Renee Young interviewed Carmella. Carmella said the buzz will about her winning her championship again, while Charlotte and Becky can fight over their friendship. She walked off, and then R Truth came into the picture, and asked which way she went. Dillanger then came and said she has a big match tonight. Truth said timing is everything, and the truth will set her free.

Naomi made her way to the ring, as she is in action next! (c)

The IIconics came out and said they see that Toronto Raptors will have a terrible season, and Naomi will lose again tonight. 

Naomi vs Billie Kay

Naomi hit Kay with a dropkick and a leg-drop. Kay quickly took advantage and beat her down with punches. She toyed at Naomi and told her she will never be IIconic. Naomi then came back, firing up with kicks before a distraction by Peyton Royce, and Kay rolled up Naomi for the pinfall. 

Billie Kay defeated Naomi

Later tonight, AJ Styles Live!

Up next, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella will appear next! (c)

Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan made their way to the ring. 'Daniel Bryan' chants rang throughout the arena as Bryan said it was good to be back in Toronto. He said last week that Miz and Maryse mocked his retirement speech, but he was just acting, but he was a very poor actor. He called him a coward, and when Brie made her way to the ring, she punched him in the face. Bryan said that Brie was hot while doing it, and they said neither of them were gonna hide behind each other. Andrade Almas and Zelina Vega made their way to the ring. Vega said it is in a honor to stand in the ring with two legends, Bella and Andrade. She introduced themselves to Bryan and Brie, said that Almas put Sin Cara on the shelf, took AJ Styles to the limit, and destroyed Rusev Day. She told Bryan that Almas will out wrestle him. Bryan said he wants to make this official and asked for someone to make it happen. Paige then came out and asked the fans if they wanted to see the match, in which the fans chanted yes. She made the match official and called out a referee. (c)

Daniel Bryan vs Andrade 'Cien' Almas

The two started off with a test of strengths, in ended in a stand-off. Almas entered a headlock, then a shoulder bump. Almas ended up in between the ropes, but Bryan kicked him out of the ring. Moments later, Almas took control with a cool submission, but Bryan escaped. Both men took turns giving out chops, and then running strikes. It ended where Almas was outside of the ring, and Bryan jumped off the apron with a knee to the face. Back in the ring, Bryan was hit with an elbow by Almas, heading into the break. (c)

Coming back, the two were on the top rope, and Bryan delivered a suplex on Almas. Miz interrupted and made a distraction on Bryan. Bryan dived out on Miz and delivered punches. Almas took control with a flip on Bryan. He went for a moonsault but was reversed into a YESlock. Maryse and Miz came in and attacked Bryan and Brie, causing the DQ

Daniel Bryan defeated Andrade Almas by Disqualification

After the match, Miz had Bryan in the YESlock while Maryse delivered a DDT on Brie as Bryan was locked in, watching. 

Backstage, Charlotte said she will not apologize to Becky Lynch because she cannot win the big one. She said after she defeats Carmella tonight, she will give Becky the spotlight.

AJ Styles made his way on out to the ring. (c)

Styles said Joe was good with the mind games, and has him where he wants him. He said he isn't man enough to take his championship away from him and that he wasn't a man. AJ said he makes the rules, and will end the mind games tonight. He called out Joe and told him to come out to the ring. He told him it wasn't a threat, it was a demand. Joe appeared on the screen and said he wasn't done playing daddy yet. He grabbed his phone and told Wendy that he would stop by next Tuesday for a BBQ, and to save him a plate. Styles then ran to the back.

Carmella made her way out to the ring for her match against Charlotte for the Smackdown Live Women's Championship. (c)

Styles was shown in the back running, yelling for Samao Joe...

Charlotte Flair made her way out to the ring.

Introductions were made for the championship match. 

Charlotte Flair vs Carmella for the Smackdown Live Women's Championship

The two locked up and Charlotte used her strength advantage to take over before a headlock was placed on her as Carmella took control for a moment. 'We Want Becky' chants echoed throughout as the pace slowed down. Carmella went to each corner and hit Charlotte's head on the top turnbuckle. Flair tried to come back, trying perform her own moonsault. Carmella pushed her off the top rope, and then followed up with a suicide dive on Flair. (c)

Carmella stayed in control of Charlotte, using her headlock until Flair hit a backdrop. Chops were given to Carmella, but then was hit with a drop kick. The momentum stayed on Carmella. Moments later, the two ended up on the top rope, with Carmella hitting Flair with a Frankensteiner and two count. After a minute, Charlotte ended up getting the Figure Eight hooked in and made Carmella tap out. 

Immediately, Becky Lynch came out and attacked Charlotte, beating her down with punches. She grabbed a mic and then the women's championship, "At Hell in a Cell, I'm taking my title back, you bitch." Lynch left the ring and walked to the back as the crowd erupted into cheers for her. The show ended at cornered Charlotte, looking up towards the ramp. (e)

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