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WWE Smackdown Live Results & Discussion (04/10/18)

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Smackdown Live

After WrestleMania made an earth-shattering impact on SmackDown Superstars such as WWE Champion AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, Daniel Bryan, SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair and more, Team Blue’s top competitors look forward to new challenges, opportunities and conflicts.

Shane O' Mac kicks us off tonight and makes his way to the ring. Shane welcomes us to Smackdown and thanks the WWE Universe for bringing apart of Wrestlemania and making it a huge success. The crowd thanks Shane. Shane says seeing Daniel Bryan compete again in a WWE ring was magical and that he is now a full time superstar and that Daniel has resigned as the GM. The new GM of SmackDown Live is none other than Pagie. Pagie says Shane was the first person waiting for her in the back after she gave her retirement speech. Pagie wants to make this night special and says Daniel Brayn will be in action tonight against the WWE Champion AJ Styles.

The Usos vs The New Day(#1 Contender's Match):

The Usos make their way to the ring first. The New Day make their way to ring tossing pancakes into the WWE Universe. Xavier and Big E are wrestling for The New Day. The Usos are in control of Woods. Big E tags his way into the match and hits a overhead belly to belly on Jey Uso. Big E on top of Wood's shoulders hits a splash and Woods gets a near fall this leads into a Unicorn Stampede and they are fully in control as we head to break. During the break the match spills outside but Woods brings Jey back into the ring for a near fall. Usos begins to fight back but Woods pushes him into the corner for a shoulder block and Big E tags in and knocks him down. E then outs Uso in the abdominal stretch and gets a two count. E then hits his patent splash for another two count. Woods is tagged in a gets a near fall and idmmentialy goea for a wristlock and backs him into his corner so Big E can tag in. Big E goes for his patent ring apron splash but misses and this allows for Woods and Jimmy Uso to be tagged in. Jimmy knocks Big E off the apron and launches over the ropes to take out Woods then hits a samoan drop on Woods and tags in Jey who drops Woods. New Day gains control as Big E hits a spear on Jimmy and Woods hits a leg drop on Jey. Woods continues to attack Jey Usos' midsection but Jey fights back until Woods hits low but Jimmy is able to tag in but doesn't see Big E tag himself in and hits back body drop for a near fall. E calls for the Midnight Hour but E gets hit with two superkicks and with the Uso Splash the Usos win and will challenge The Buldgeon Brothers in Saudi Arabia. Winners: The Usos. After the match The Bulgedon Brothers come out and have a staredown with their challengers The Usos.

We're back from break and apparently earlier today Naomi was celebrating her win from Sunday but was interrupted by Natayla and hopes Naomi gets shipped to RAW which leads Naomi to challenge her to a match.

Naomi vs Natayla:

Naomi makes her way to the ring first. Natayla makes her way to the ring next for the match. Collar and elbow tie up which leads to a stalemate and a game of one upsmanship. Natayla tries to go for her step up then dropkick but Naomi stops her and hits a hurricanrana and puts Natayla in the corner and hits a leg drop. We're back from break and Natayla has Naomi in an abdominal stretch but Naomi breaks free only to be dropped by Natayla and hits a snap suplex and puts Naomi in the abdominal stretch again. Naomi breaks free and counters Natayla with a neckbreaker to gain some space and time to recover and then procees to hit her with a flurry of kicks but Natalya gains control and hits a springboard powerbomb for a two count. Natayla goes for the sharpshooter but Naomi fights her off but Natayla hits her with the discus clothesline for a two count. Naomi hits a split legged moonsault for the win. Winner: Naomi 

Renee gets a word with Shinsuke about his attack on Styles at Wrestlemania. Nakamura doesn't know what came over him and says maybe he was too emotional. Renee callas him out on his bluff but Nakmaura says he doesn't speak english.

We're back from break and Charolette is making her way to the ring. Charlotte says Asuka was her toughest challenge in her career and thanks her. The Iconic Duo interrupts Charolette. They said they are wizards and they could make her title disappear from around her waist and said her match at Wrestlemania wasn't iconic. They proved to mock Charolette and say it's out with old and in with the Iconic and attack Charolette.

Carmella vs Charolette(SmackDown Women's Championship):

After the beatdown Carmella successfully cash in her contract and becomes the NEW SmackDown Women's Champion and rubs it in Charolette's face.

We're back from break and Jinder is sitting ringside for this #1 Contender's match to determine his first challenger.

Bobby Roode vs Randy Orton vs Rusev(#1 Contender's Match):

Bobby Roode makes his way to the ring first then Randy comes out to the ring and stares a hole into Jinder Mahal. Aiden English comes out next and says today is Rusev Day then Rusev makes his way to the ring for the match. During the break the match starts and Roode and Orton team up on Rusev in the corner with stomps but their egos get the better of them and they clash. Orton gets knocked to the outside but gets back in the ring and unloads on Roode and locks he a headlock. Roode pushes Orton in the corner and hits a couple of shoulderblocks but Randy gets free and almost hits an RKO but Roode counters and Orton eats a clothesline from Rusev. Roode gains control and gets a two count on Randy but Orton turns around and tosses Roode out of the ring and its Randy and Rusev left in the ring. Rusev hits a huge kick on Randy and sends him to the outside and continues the beatdown and tries to send his head into the announcers table but Orton counters and sends Rusev into the table back first. Roode gets back in the match and puts Orton back in the ring and is in control or Randy going for the Glorious DDT but Randy counters and hits a powerslam on Roode. Randy hits the draping DDT on Roode but goes to the outside to continue but gets caught by Rusev and sends him back first on the table. Rusev gets back in the ring and goes on a tear and hits the Macka kick on Roode then puts him in The Accolade but Randy gets back in the ring and breaks the hold and hits the RKO on Roode for the win and will challenge Mahal at Backlash for the United States Title. Winner: Randy Orton

Carmella is interviewed backstage and said when a Queen overstays her welcome a Princess is always there to knock her off her throne. Carmella gets emotional but it was a ruse and thanks herself.

AJ is interviewed on his way to the ring and Renee says Shinsuke apologized but Styles doesn't want to hear it. Styles says Nakamura is great but not phenomenal.

Daniel Bryan vs WWE Champion AJ Styles:

Daniel Bryan makes his way to the ring first then AJ makes his way to the ring. Collar and elbow tie up back and fourth and ends in a stalemate. Another collar and elbow tie up but Styles puts Bryan into a headlock but Bryan breaks free but Styles knocks him down for a two count. Daniel bridges out of a hold and begins to hit Styles with some kicks and hits am armbreaker on Styles and puts him in a wristlock. Styles breaks free with a back elbow shot but Daniel hits a european uppercut and hits the ropes and comes off them running into a dropkick from Styles then Styles follows it up with a forearm on Bryan outside of the ring going into the commercial break. We're back from break and Styles was going for a suplex but Bryan counter but ends up running into a knee from AJ. Daniel fights back and hits the YES kicks on Styles but counters with a dragon screw on Daniel. Styles irishwhips Daniel in the corner but he goes up and over but lands on his bad knee and hits a neckbreaker for a two count. Styles realizes the bad knee and goes forit then locks in an armbar but Bryan breaks free and Styles counters into the calf crusher. Bryan then tries to go for the YES lock but AJ escapesand hits a pele kick an a lariat for a two count. Styles goes for the phenomenal forearm but Daniel counters with a knee. Daniel goes for the knee but Styles catches him and goes for the Styles Clash but Daniel counters into the YES lock but AJ gets to the ropes for a break. Daniel puts Styles in the cornerand unloads with some kicks. Daniel puts Styles on the top rope and goes for a suplex but AJ shifts his weight to counter. Both men are down but Nakamura comes out and hits the Kinshasa on Bryan to the back of his head then hits two low blows on Styles and followed up with a Kinshasa. Winner: Daniel Bryan via DQ 

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