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Smackdown Live

During last week’s Superstar Shake-up, it was revealed that The Miz was being acquired by SmackDown LIVE at the request of Daniel Bryan. There is no love lost between the two Superstars, who have a tense history going back to Season 1 of NXT in 2010. The rivals will come face-to-face on SmackDown LIVE, as The A-Lister makes his Team Blue premiere by hosting the leader of The “Yes!” Movement on “Miz TV.” What will happen when these longtime rivals meet?


Miz kicks us off tonight with MizTV and makes his way to the ring and Smackdown just became must see again.

The crowd showers The Miz with boos. The Miz tells the crowd they will welcome him back to Smackdown Live and that it's now the A show and must see again. The Miz says a title is missing that he and his guest have both held and says he will beat Rollins, Balor, and Joe at The Greatest Royal Rumble in three days.

The Miz says that he has become a better man since he became a father and doesn't hate Daniel anymore and wonders why Daniel isn't the same since Birdie was born. Miz welcomes Daniel to the show and offers to allow him to punch him in the face.

Instead of Daniel Bryan coming out Big Cass comes out. Miz with a puzzle look on his face wonders why Big Cass is out here.

Big Cass seems to have a chip on his shoulders because people were talking about Daniel being cleared instead of him. Miz says he doesn't need Cass' help when it comes to Bryan. Cass tells Miz it's not all about you which angers The Miz and he gets all in his face and runs down his resume. Miz and Cass come nose to nose with each other. Cass then says Bryan is an average Joe and should be fixing up his house. Cass says he was bullied when he was a kid until he became seven feet tall and return the beating to his former bullies.

Cass doesn't like being in the shadow of Daniel Bryan and announces he will put him back on the shelf where he belongs.

A contract signing between Charolette and Carmella will happen tonight.

Becky Lynch and Asuka are making their way to the ring and they see Daniel Bryan on the ground beaten down and come to his aid as we go to break.

Becky Lynch and Asuka vs IIconics:

We're back from break and the IIconics are already in the ring. They admire themselves in the ring. Peyton Royce mocks Becky Lynch. They then mock Asuka and Charolette and say they are better than Charolette since they helped end her title reign.

Becky Lynch interrupts them followed by Asuka and they make their way to the ring for the tag match.

During the break the match begins and its Asuka and Billie Kay starting off the match. Collar and elbow tie up and Asuka transitions into a wristlock. Asula maintains the hold but Kay breaks free and Asuka fakes out Billie with a superkick. Asuka then pulls Kay into her corner and tags in Becky who maintains control of the match and drives Kay out of the ring. Royce tries to get involved and gets slammed face first on the ring apron for her troubles. Back in the ring Becky stays in control of Kay and tags in Asuka. She tries to go on the offensive but Billie stops her and tags in Royce. Back from break Royce is in trouble and bounces off the turnbuckle and tags in Becky. Royce gets the advantage for a second and gets a one count on Becky. Lynch counters and rolls up Royce for a one count. Kay tags herself in the match and goes on the attack. While the ref's back is turn Royce gets a cheap shot on Becky. Multiple tags between the IIconics and they stay on Lynch. Kay wears down Becky with a knee in the back and arms stretched. Becky fights her way out and both women go down with a double clothesline.

Lynch tags in Asuka and Kay tags in Royce. Asuka goes on a tear taking out both women. Asuka tags back in Becky. Becky goes on the attack but Peyton side steps and Becky knocks Asuka off the apron. Down the stretch Kay distracts Becky and Peyton stacks her up and put her feet on the bottom ropes for the pinfall victory.

Winners: The IIconics via pinfall

Renee is at Shane McMahon's office looking to get a word with him later tonight. Styles comes out of the office and says that he has the opportunity to soften up Nakamura tonight but Shinsuke brought back up in the form of Rusev Day. Young ask if AJ has back up and he says it's in the form of two sweet.

A vignette of Andrade Cien Almas and Zelina Vega airs

The Usos are in the locker room and Jey says he will have Jimmy's back tonight. Naomi comes in and say that she has a bad feeling tonight. Naomi still has a worry look on her face as Jimmy leaves to head to the ring.

Rowan vs Jimmy Uso:

The Bludgeon Brothers make their way to the ring as we go to break. Back from break and The Usos make their way to the ring.

Rowan hits a big dropkick on Jimmy and begins the all out assault. Rowan draps him on the ropes and with the ref's back turn Harper hits Jimmy with a big right hand. Jimmy fights back and drives Rown out of the ring then follows him to the outside. Uso sends Rown into the post then puts him back in the ring and tries to dive off the top rope but Rowan knocks hI'm off sending him into the barricade.

Rowan gains control of the match and knocks down Jimmy. Back in the ring Rowan looks to finish off Jimmy until Naomi comes out and distracts the Bludgeon Brothers and Jey takes out Harper which allows Jimny to roll up Rowan for the win.

Winner: Jimmy Uso via pinfall

SmackDown Women's Championship Contract Sigining:

Back from break and were all set for the contract signing as Renee is in the ring and she introduces the Women's Champion Carmella. Carmella makes her way to the ring and as Renee is about to introduce Charolette Carmella grabs the mic and say she is being disrespectful since she introduce the champion first.

Carmella says he is not only Renee's champion but she is our champion. She goes on to say that no one gave her a standing ovation for her Mellabration highlight reel. She says he will play it again and wants the crowd to cheer for her when it's done. The highlight reel from the Mellabration plays again.

The crowd boos her and Carmella says it's not good enough and she says he will play it again and again until they get it right. Charolette interrupts the highlight reel and makes her way to the ring. Carmella procees to mock Charolette and Rene asks her to be professional and take a sit.

Charolette signs the dotted line and attacks Carmella and dumps the table on her.

Dasha tries to interview Nakamura but Aiden answers the door and says no interviews.

United States Champion Jeff Hardy vs Shelton Benjamin:

We're back from break Tom Phillips says that Carmella signed the contract during the break. Shelton Benjamin is already in the ring for the match and Jeff Hardy makes his way to the ring but on his way down Randy Orton comes out just like Hardy did last week.

Looks like its Orton vs Benjamin now.

Collar and elbow tie up and Shelton pushes Orton into the corner. Benjamin looks to be going for the lower body of Orton. Side headlock from Randy but Shelton breaks free and hits a shoulderblock after coming of the ropes. Orton looks for the RKO but Benjaimin avoided it.

Shelton suckers Randy in a hangs Orton up on the middle rope and hits multiple kicks on him and knocks him to the ground. During the break Shelton follows him to the outside and knocks in on top of the announce table. Benjamin rolls back in the ring and as Randy tries to get back in Shelton knocks him down with a big running knee. Both guys back in the ring and Benjamin wears down Orton with a headlock. Back from break Shelton is still in control of Randy. Benjamin hits a spinning heel kick on the jaw of Orton for a two count. Shelton stays on Randy but Orton hits a belly to back suplex to get separation. Orton begins his comeback finishes with the hangman's DDT. Randy calls for the RKO but Benjaim slides out of the ring. Randy looked to throw Shelton into Jeff but Hardy moves and orton hits a backbody drop on Shelton on top of the announce table. Snuil Singh comes from the crowd and hits a chopblock on Jeff while wearing a mask.

He rolls in the ring and eats an RKO which allows for Shelton to hit his finisher for the win.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin via pinfall

The New Day are backstage celebrating their book of booty but get interrupted by The Bar who claim they will get back their RAW tag team titles and go back to RAW.

The club reforms as we go to break.

A vignette of Sanity airs as we come back from break.

Renee is outside of the trainer's room and interviews Daniel Bryan. Bryan says he will be good to go for The Greatest Royal Rumble and that he talked to Pagie and will face Big Cass at Backlash.

Joe does a backstage promo and says he will leave a trail of broken bodies and that everyone in the ladder match should watch out. He also says if Regins wins the title then he will take that too at Backlash.

AJ Styles, Luke Gallows, and Karl Anderson vs Shinsuke Nakamura and Rusev Day:

Gallows and Anderson and AJ Styles make their way to the ring for the main event as we go to break.

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