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Smackdown Live Coverage & Open Discussion

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The first night of the 2018 Superstar Shake-up saw major changes, as Raw gained United States Champion Jinder Mahal (who then lost the title to Jeff Hardy), Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and The Riott Squad, among others, from Team Blue. However, SmackDown LIVE also gained a Superstar in The Miz. How will the faces of Team Blue continue to change? Who will show up on SmackDown LIVE?

SmackDown starts off with a recap video of Nakamura attacking Bryan and Styles last week during their match.

The WWE Champion AJ Styles kicks us off tonight as he makes his way to the ring. Stykes says you can tell a lot about a man through his failures and that he learned a lot about Nakamura. Styles says he's not just an artist but a con artist. AJ wanted to celebrate his win last week but could only think about Nakamura. AJ calls out Shinsuke and doesn't was want to talk he wants to fight. Someone comes out but it's not Nakamura it's Aiden English and Rusev. Aiden says Shinsuke is on vacation and offers Rusev in his absence and ask the crowd what day is today. Styles accepts the challenge from English and Rusev.

WWE Champion AJ Styles vs Rusev:

Rusev takes it straight to Stykes with the power but AJ counters and immediately puts Rusev in the calf crusher until English breaks it up and they begin the beat down on Styles until Bryan makes the save. Winner: No Contest

Shane and Pagie are in the office and Pagie does her best Teddy Long impression and makes a tag team main event match tonight Styles and Bryan vs Rusev Day. Pagie leaves but comes back in the office to see Shane doing the Teddy dance.

United States Champion Jeff Hardy vs Shelton Benjamin:

We're back from break and Shelton Benjamin makes his way to the ring and it looks like Benjamin is keeping the tag team theme. Benjamin is happy for his former partner Chad and sees bigger things for Gable. It turns out that was a swerve and that his Twitter was hacked last night and didn't need Gable and is looking for the championship opportunities his deserved and talked to Pagie to give him some big competition. Randy Orton comes out to accept the challenge. As Randy is making his way to the ring Jeff Hardy comes out and interrupts Orton and heads to the ring. Looks like we're getting a match. Benjamin takes it to Jeff but Jeff counters with a neckbreaker until Shelton throws Hardy out of the ring as we go to break. During the break Benjamin hits a chopblock on the outside and drags Jeff back in the ring and stomps on Jeff. Shelton puts Hardy in the corner and hits multiple elbows and attack the knee from earlier dragging him from the corner and continues to attack the knee. Benjamin puts Jeff in a single leg Boston crab and has it on for a while until Jef counters sending Shelton into the turnbuckle. Shelton continues to attack the same knee. We're back from break and Jeff tries to fight back but Benjaim continues to thwart Hardy. Hardy fights back and hits multiple clotheslines and elbows followed by the inverted atomic drop and a basement dropkick for a two count. Hardy was looking for Whisper in the Wind but Benjaim counters. Shelton meets Hardy on the top rope but Hardy knocks Benjamin off but Shelton comes back quickly and hits Jeff with a high knee in the jaw. Hardy finally hits Whisper in the wind for a two count. Hardy goes for the twist of fate but Shelton counters and hits a kick to the side of Jeff's face for a two count. Hardy finally hits the twist of fate then the swanton bomb for the win. Winner: United States Champion Jeff Hardy

The Miz does a selfie promo and says he is in LA with his family and says he will be there next week.

We're back from break and Absolution is coming to SmackDown Live.

Jey Uso vs Harper:

The Usos are already in the ring as Jey Uso gets set for his match against Harper. The Buldegon Brothers make their way to the ring for this singles match. Harper takes it to Jey and pushes him in the corner and begins to beat him down but Uso fights back until Rowan gets involved and throws Jey back in the ring and Harpwr hits a discus clothesline for the win. Post match beat down and the Bulgedon Brothers stand tall and look to attack the Usos with the mallets until Naomi comes out for the save and begs them to stop and leave them alone. The Buldegon Brothers walk back up the ramp as we go to break.

Sin Cara vs Samoa Joe:

We're back from break and Sin Cara is already in the ring. Samoa Joe makes his way to the ring for the match. Looks like Samoa Joe is now on the blue brand. Sin Cara tries to take it to Joe but Joe hits him with the knees. Cara tires again and backs Joe up with chops but Joe counters with straight rights. Seems like Joe has had enough of Sin Cara and hits multiple knees to the head of Sin Cara and it looks like he is out cold but Joe picks him up and puts him in the Coqunia Clutch for the submission win. Post match Joe calls SmackDown the Land of Handouts and begins to run down the roster for being soft. Joe calls out Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, and AJ Styles saying he will put Bryan to sleep, defang the viper, and emasculate Styles. Joe goes on to hype The Greastest Royal Rumble saying he will bring his IC Title to Backlash and rip the Universal Title from Roman's waist if he beats Brock.

We're back from break and Sanity is announced to be coming to SmackDown Live.

Renee asks Daniel Bryan why he helped AJ Styles and Bryan says because he respects him. Bryan said he made a list of people he wanted to face and AJ was on the top of the list. Big Cass returns and interrupts the interview calling Brayn a little man.


Carmella makes her way to the ring for her Mellabration. Carmella does appreciate that everyone is jumping on the Carmella bandwagon now that she is champion. Carmella says she waited 287 long days to seize the right moment to become champion and rubs in the fact that she beat Charolette. She said that she waited for Charolette to be blinded by her own ego and says she is the woman now since she beat the woman. She says her moment isthe biggest moment in women's wrestling history. A video package is played about her route to become Ms. Money in the Bank then cashing in to become champion. She misses Frankie her briefcase and names her title Cleopatra and claims she will hold it longer than Frankie but Charolette interrupts her. Charolette says Carmella's regin is going to be as long as her memory short. She goes on to say that she had the briefcase cause of Ellsworth and that she cashed in successfully cause of The IIconics. Charolette is looking to get her title back. The IIconics come out and mock Charolette calling her a baby. They said Charolette asked for magic and they gave it to her and made her title disappear from her waist. They also state the future is iconic. The IIconics beat down Charolette but Becky makes the save.

Charlotte Flair vs Billie Kay:

We're back from break and Charolette is in control of Billie Kay hitting chops on the outside and throws her back in the ring. Kay eventually hits Flair face first in the turnbuckle. Charolette fights but gets caught with a forearm coming ove the top rope for a two count. Billie wears down Flair with armhold. Kay hits a clothesline as Flair was breaking free from the hold for a two count and goes right back to the hold. Chatolette tries to fight back but Kay grabs her hair and brings her down to the mat and with the ref dealing with Kay Peyton Royce hits Flair with a cheapshot. Kay procees to put the boots to Charolette in the corner. Billie Kay continues to dominate and puts Charolette in the corner and follows that up with putting Flair back in the armhold. Flair fights back as we come back from break but Kay counters only for a two count. Flair fights back with chops and aknocks Kay down and drops a knee on her. Kay counters and hits a big boot on the jaw of Flair for a two count. Charolette fights back and hits a big boot followed by the figure eight for the submission victory. Post match Carmella leaps from commentary and hits Charolette with the title from behind. Becky tries to make the save to no avail. Asuka comes out for the save and takes out the IIconics. Charolette Becky and Asuka take out Billie Kay. Winner: Charolette Flair

Gallows and Anderson are announced to be coming to SmackDown Live.

The Bar is coming to Smackdown Live.

R-Truth is on SmackDown Live who does an awesome handshake with Tye Fillinger and thinks he is on Monday Night RAW.

Zelina Vega announces her and Andrade Cien Almas is coming to takeover Smackdown Live.

WWE Champion AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan vs Aiden English and Rusev:

AJ Styles makes his way to the ring as we go to break. We're back from break and Rusev Day is in the ring. Daniel Bryan makes his way to the ring for the tag match. English and Bryan start the match. Collar and elbow tie up as Rnglish pushes Bryan back into the corner but Bryan counters and lays in some right on Aiden then knocks him down and tags in Styles and he puts Aiden in the surfboard and Styles drops on his chest. Styles is in control of English and Rusev tries to save English but Daniel tries to put Rusev in the YES Lock and at the same time Styles tries to lock in the calf crusher on English but they escape as we go to break. Were backfrom break and English is in control of AJ and gets a two count. Aiden puts AJ in a side headlock but fights out and gets a back body drop for his trouble and English gets a two count. Rusev is tagged in and kicks Styles while he's down. Rusev then puts Styles in a bear hug and stays in control. AJ fights back and tries to tag Daniel but Rusev blocks the attempt and pushes him back in the corner and tag in Aiden. English knocks down Styles for a two count. English stays on Styles. Styles fights back and tries to tag in Bryan but Aiden stops him and Styles rolls up English for a two count. AJ eventually tags in Daniel and English tags in Rusev. Daniel takes the fight to Rusev and looks for the YES Lock butAiden breaks it up. Bryan gets rid of English and hits a dragonscrew then the YES Kicks on Rusev. Daniel hits the knee on Rusev but Nakamura comesfrom behindand hits Styles with a low blow then Big Cass hitsthe ring and delivers a big boot to Daniel Bryan. Winner: No Contest

Renee tries to get some answers from Shinsuke but Nakamura says he doesn't speak English. Big Cass stands tall to close the show.

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