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Smackdown Live Coverage & Open Discussion

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The WWE Championship Match at the Greatest Royal Rumble event ended in shocking fashion when both competitors were counted out by the official while brawling around the ringside area. That didn’t stop The Phenomenal One from unleashing his rage on The Artist, pummeling him with a steel chair and a Phenomenal Forearm on the arena floor. Though they’re facing off again for the title this Sunday at WWE Backlash, Nakamura is demanding a public apology from the champion for his actions in Saudi Arabia. Will The Artist get his wish?

Smackdown Live opens with the recap of Shane McMahon going through the announcers table at the Greatest Royal Rumble. Pagie announced that Nakmaura vs Styles at Backlash will be No DQ.


Miz is in the ring set for MizTV.

Miz says that Daniel pulling a no show was disrespectful to him and the WWE Universe so until further notice he is banned from MizTV.

Miz says that Seth has something of his and that they will fight for the title that he made prestigious and will reclaim his title.

Miz announces Jeff Hardy as his guest this week on MizTV. Jeff Hardy makes his way to the ring.

Miz hypes up Jeff and says he would shake his hand but he high fived the crowd so he won't. Miz asks him if he is better at Seth and Jeff calls him annoying. Jeff says if Miz is better than he would've won at The Greatest Royal Rumble like he did. Miz says last week Jeff disrespected a future hall of Famer TWICE and plays the video footage. Miz wonders what Randy thinks about it so he welcomes Randy and he makes his way to the ring.

Miz says that Randy interrupted his introduction of him and Randy doesn't seem to care. Miz tries to play up the tension of Randy and Jef but Randy says they are cool cause he did the same last week. Miz brings up the top ten list where Randy was ranked 9th overall. Randy says he doesn't care about the list. Miz brings up the fact that Jeff ruined Randy's match but Jeff says he is wrong cause Snuil Singh got involved. Miz says there should be an RKO with Jeff's name on it but Randy tells him to shut up.

Randy says he will take the title from Jeff. Shelton Benjamin comes out and says Randy doesn't deserve to try cause he beat him last week and says he wants a title opportunity. Randy then jumps on Shelton followed by Miz jumping on Randy then Jeff attacks Miz and hits the whisper in the wind and Orton and Hardy stand tall as we go to break.

United States Champion Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton vs The Miz and Shelton Benjamin:

Back from break and Shelton is in control of Orton.

Randy fights back and puts Benjamin in the corner and puts the boots to Shelton. Randy rags in Jeff who attacks the arm from the middle rope. Hardy then hits a dropckick ro the neck then gets a one count. Hardy then tags in Orton who clotheslines Benjamin and gets a one count. Shelton fights back and looks to be in control but Randy regains control and looks to hit the RKO but Sheloton counters and knocks down Orton and gets a two count. Benjamin drags Randy to his corner and tags in Miz. The ref is distracted by Miz and Shelton gets a cheap shot which allows Miz to get a two count. Miz wears down Orton for a bit but randy gets free and tags in Jeff. Hardy goes on a tear and ends with a low dropkick for a two count. Miz fights back and gets a near fall on Miz. Down the stretch Benjamin tags in and eats a twist of fate. As we go to break Shelton hits a high knee then Miz knocks him off the top.

During the break Shelton waits in the ring for a countout victory. Jeff gets back in the ring and Benjamin goes on the attack with the ground and pound. Miz tags in and knocks down Jeff then hits a big boot and procees ro wear him down with a chinlock. Miz then tags in Shelton who throws Hardy into the corner. Jeff tries to escape and tag Randy but Shelton stops him and drags him back to his corner to tag in the Miz. Miz hits multiple knees to the spine of Hardy and locks in a chinlock. Hardy tries to tag in Randy again but Miz holds him back and bring him down to the mat. Back from break Miz is in control of Hardy with a chinlock. Hardy fights back but Miz hits a DDT for a two count. Miz drags Hardy to his corner and tags in Benjamin. Shelton stays on Jeff but Jeff hits a jawbreaker for some separation. Shelton tags in Miz who stops Jeff from making the tag. With Jeff in the corner Miz hits Hardy with running dropkicks. Miz then floats which allows Hardy to attack Miz and both men down. Both Miz and Orton are tagged in and Orton goes on a tear and takes out everyone.

Randy then hits a double hangman's DDT and begins to hear voices then hits an RKO on Benjamin followed by a swanton bomb from Jeff for the win.

During the post match celebration Randy hits Jeff with an RKO to get the last laugh and stand tall.

Winners: United States Champion Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton via pinfall

Renee Young interviews the IIconics and Carmella. Renee wonders where Carmella is and the IIconics mock Renee. They then say they are better than Asuka since they beat her last week. The IIconics then introduce Carmella. She says last week the IIconics beat Asuka and Becky and two weeks ago she bear Charolette for the title. Carmella is out to show them why Mella is Money and the IIconics say the future is iconic.

The medical staff say that Daniel is unable to compete because of his chest and what they think is a chest infection.

The Bar are shown backstage hyping that they are now officially apart of Smackdown and they run into The New Day.

They asked them what happened at The Greatest Royal Rumble. Ceasro sayst they are happy to be on Smackdown and The Bar say they will flatten New Day like pancakes. New Day hands them a plate of pancakes as a welcome gift. The Bar tosses the pancakes and challenge one member of The New Day to a match and gets in the face of Xavier Woods who agrees to the match.

Rusev Day is backstage working on a new song but Lana walks in and wants to speak to Rusev alone. Lana says Rusev is bigger than ever and talks about him coming up short against The UnderTaker and says something is holding him back as Aiden comes back to get his jacket.

Big Cass makes his way to the ring as we go to break.

Back from break Big Cass is in the ring with a mic. Cass says that he is from New York City and says that people from New York carry bac stigmas and agrees with them. He also says he knows he is better than Daniel Bryan. He says that a real WWE star looks like him and not Daniel who is small and weak. Cass goes on to say his match at Backlash with Daniel will be a five second match instead of a five star match.

Cass doesn't want to wait till Backlash and calls out Daniel Bryan. Bryan's music hits and out comes a midget dressed like Daniel who makes his way to the ring doing Daniel's entrance.

Cass says he looks different and taller. The mini Daniel kicks Cass multiple times but it doesn't faze Cass. Cass introduces the guy and let's him take a bow on each side of the ring then hits him with a big boot as he turns around.

Cass then attacks the guy and stands on him.

Many referees come out to check on the guy.

Back from break and Renee Young is in the ring and she introduces the WWE Champion AJ Styles who makes his way to the ring.

Renee reminds Styles that his title match is a NO DQ match and ask him if it will help or hinder him on Sunday. AJ says he's out here to entertain and defend the gold. Renee says that Nakamura is demanding an apology for viciously attacking him at The Greatest Royal Rumble. Styles says that after the attacks over the weeks Shinsuke is a coward.

Styles also says it's an eye for eye and tooth for tooth and will tear him piece by piece. Samoa Joe comes out and stands on the stage with a mic.

Joe says Styles is making a spectacle of himself with all his rage and anger. Joe says the match Styles should be focused on is his match against Regins this Sunday. Joe says AJ needs to make peace with the destiny of him coming for the WWE Championship after Backlash.

Nakamura's music hits and Joe looks ready for him but Shinsuke comes from behind AJ and hits him with a low blow.

Nakamura then looks to be loading up the Kinshasa from the back but doesn't hit it after all but then hits in it from the front to Styles' face. Shinsuke stands over Styles with the title to stand tall.

Becky is in the locker hating herself for losing the match last week. Asuka tells her to forget about last weeks and hit back three times harder. Charolette sayst she will win her title at Backlash and teach Carmella a lesson of respect tonight. Asuka says Avengers assemble.

Sheamus vs Xavier Woods:

Back from break and The Bar is in the ring already for the match. The New Day make their way to the ring for the match. Collar and elbow tie up as Sheamus knocks down Woods. Sheamus then grabs Woods and puts him in the corner. Woods fights back and uses his speed to his advantage and takes down Sheamus. Woods then hits sheamus then with a dropkick ro drive sheamus out of the ring. Woods then flys over the ropes to knock him down.

Sheamus gets back in the ring and hits a high knee for a two count. As we go to break Shsamus throws Woods into the bottom rope. During the break sheamus is incontrol and stands on Wood's head. Sheamus still using his power advantage to stay in control of Woods but Woods breaka free. Sheamus regains control and hits the ten beats then puts Woods into an armbar as we come back from break. Woods tries to muster some offense but Sheamus is having nothing of it and knocks down Woods. Xavier begins to fight back with punches and chops then a few superkicks to chop down Sheamus. Sheamus then fights back and puts Xavier in the corner and runs at him but Woods side steps and Sheamus goes shoulder first into the post. Woods then hits leg drop for a two count. Down the stretch Cesaro gets involved and takes out Big E, Kofi tries to take out Cesro but he moves out of the way and Sheamus takes him out this allows Woods to pick up the win.

Winner: Xavier Woods via pinfall.

A video is played of Absolution mocking Becky's lost last week. Absolution come into the office and are happy for Pagie to be GM. Absolution thinks they are going to get special treatment and ask who's ot going to be as Pagie picks Mandy. Mandy thinks she is getting a title match but Pagie tells them no and she will face Becky Lynch next week. They say their all Absolution though and Pagie says that Absolution is now dead.

Zelina Vega does a selfie promo and says they still have to wait for Almas but very soon Smackdown will change forever.

Charolette Flair, Becky Lynch, Asuka vs The IIconics and SmackDown Women's Champion Carmella:

Charolette makes her way to the ring for the match. Becky Lynch makes her way to the ring. Asuka makes her way to the ring for the match.

Back from break The IIconics make their way to the ring for the match.

Smackdown Women's Champion Carmella makes her way to the ring. Charolette and Carmella start the the match but tags in Peyton Royce instead. Charolette tags in Becky then a collar and elbow tie up with Royce getting the advantage. Royce tags in Kay and they hit a double move on lynch. Kay is still in control for a bit but Bdcky fights back and tags in Asuka. Kay slaps Asuka who goes on a tear a little then tags in Charolette who get Kay in the Charolette's web for a two count.

Billie tags in Royce who gets the advantage and knocks down Charolette. Carmella then wants the tag and tags in.

The IIconics get involved so Charolette leaps over the ropes and takes them both out and procees to chase Carmella as we go to break.

Back from the break and Peyton Royce is in control of Becky then Royce tags in Carmella who knocks down Becky but Lynch fights back and looks to tag one of her partners but Carmella tsgs out Charolette. Becky thebreaks free and looks to tag in Asuka but the IIconics take out Asuka. Becky eventually tags in Charolette who goes on a tear but Carmella gains control and tosses Charolette into the turnbuckles face first then tags in Royce who stays on Charolette then tags in Kay who stays on the attack then tags in Carmella. She stays on Charolette and gets multiple nearfalls. Royce now tags in and wears down Charolette me with a voice like grip but Charolette breaks free and Asuka comes back up on the apron and tags herself in and goes on a tear on Royce. Carmella and Kay look to save her but Asuka takes them out. Royce takes advantage and hits a big knee for a two count. The match begins to break down as all the women take each other out. Charolette hits a moonsault on the outside taking out both Kay and Carmella.

Back in the ring Asuka locks in the Asuka Lock for the submission victory.

Winners: Charolette, Becky Lynch, and Asuka via Submission 

My Opinion:

This was a very solid show for the blue brand. Lots of build for the Bscklash ppv this Sunday and the women were in the main event tonight. Overall it was a great show.

My Score: 8/10

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