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WWE Smackdown Live Results (05/08/18)

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Smackdown Live

In the wake of a volatile WWE Backlash pay-per-view, WWE Champion AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura remain embroiled in a bitter rivalry and SmackDown LIVE braces for WWE Money in the Bank with three explosive Qualifying Matches.

Smackdown Live GM Paige coming out, addressing what all happened at Bashlash. Later on, we will hear from both AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura of what happened on Sunday. Starting right off we have a qualifying match, United States champion, Jeff Hardy against the Miz.

Jeff whips Miz into one of the corners of the ring, right off the batt. Holding onto his leg, Jeff shakes him off to the outside. Hardy already going up to the top rope getting ready for a Swanton bomb, Miz noticing moving across the ring and pleading for him to not.

Coming back from break, the Miz taking control. Going for a pin attempted. Jeff kicks out. Neckbreaker to Jeff, Miz huffing about not getting the win. Miz stretching Jeff's arms out, knee to his back. Jeff gets out of it. Rolling to the outside, Miz tagging along. Attempting to hit Jeff once getting him up on the barricade, ducking out of it. Jeff flies off the barricade. Getting back into the ring, both men trying for their finishers, neither succeeding. After a successful twist of fate, Jeff tries for a Swanton Bomb. Miz noticing again, rolling out to the apron. During the break, Miz hit Jeff with a neckbreaker on the apron. Once getting side, Miz locking in a sleeper-hold. Hardy breaking free. Going to the top rope, landing a twist of fate. Laying it all on the line, both superstars going up to the top rope again. Jeff taking it over. Landing a sunset flip, pinning but Miz kicking out. Twist of fate by Jeff after mule kicking Miz in a corner. Hardy going to the top rope again, landing a Swanton Bomb. About to land a spot in the Money In The Bank, but Miz flipping them both over and pinning the United States champion. Miz is going to Money In The Bank.

Backstage, Sheamus is eating Lucky Charms bumming out from his loss to Xavier Woods last week. Cesaro there asking and cheering him up or at least trying too. Cesaro saying something right, saying nobody can win over the bar two weeks in a row.

Santy is coming to Smackdown Live..soon. So awesome. Backstage, Renee Young is outside the locker room of Shinsuke Nakamura. After telling him that we know he can speak English, him saying that he has 'forgotten' to speak it. Renee asking him before he forgets more what does he have to say. Saying he is not over with AJ Styles. Carmella popping up in a video saying that she is going to London and having a Royal Mellabration.

Coming out first in her qualifying match, Charlotte Flair.

Tye Dillinger popping up saying things are adding up to a perfect ten for him to be the one to get the case. Naomi also popping up saying its glow time for her to win.

Billie Kay and Peyton Royce coming out with mics in their hands, Billie talks about her uncle and that he was laughing for an hour straight with tears coming down. After then laughing at that, Peyton was going for a taught of her mimicking Charlotte but Billie said Flair does it better. Peyton saying she will make her do it again once she wins.

During the break, Peyton slammed Charlotte into the ring post. Dragging Charlotte back into the ring, Peyton chin locking Charlotte. Peyton slapping and screaming her opponent. Charlotte neck-breaking Peyton to the mat. Charlotte now getting the upper hand, chopping and kicking every so often to Peyton. Charlotte about to do the figure-four, Billie taking her friend out. Charlotte flying over the top rope, landing on Billie. Peyton now taking control and doing a pin attempt every time she or Billie doing something. Charlotte coming back trying to get recovered from the match, Landing a moonsault, Peyton getting the knees up. Charlotte submitting a figure-four into a bridge, Peyton tapping out. Charlotte going to Money In The Bank.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan talking about his win over Cass. Also saying he will attempt to win in the Money In The Bank.

New day coming out first and followed by Cesaro and Sheamus The Bar. Xavier Woods and Cesaro in a singles match. Cesaro in control at the start of this match, meanwhile the rest of the New Day members flinging pancakes and laughing. Sheamus having his phone out, Cesaro holding Woods in the corner taking pictures. Xavier powering up, flipping Cesaro over pinning him. Cesaro kicking out. Cesaro laying on the mat, Xavier going to the top rope, Sheamus running up on the apron. With all of the commotion outside Cesaro uppercutted Xavier, winning the match.

Backstage, Renee talking to the champion AJ Styles what happen on Sunday at Backlash. Him saying he would finish him if Nakamura has the guts. This is the House that AJ Styles built.

Coming back from break, broken toys with parts and their heads mismatched on the floor come up. The Bludgeon brothers saying we have our own toys so come play with us.

Out to the ring, Becky Lynch is ready for her match against Mandy Rose. Backstage, Mandy and Sonya talking about the match. Paige coming up saying that Sonya is banned from ringside. Once walking out, Becky having control. after slipping up Mandy coming up and starts slamming and flipping Becky around the ring. Becky not having it, about ready to do disarmor. Mandy going to the ringside, Becky going for disarmor but Mandy slipped out and rolled up Becky for the win.

Daniel Bryan coming out for his qualifying match against Rusev.

Thanks to GM Paige, next week we have a qualifying match for the tag-teams case. New Day versus the Bar. Also coming up next week is the Carmella celebration.

English coming out singing about Rusev day and taking a bash at the city Baltimore. Daniel Bryan and Rusev locking up, Rusev taking down Daniel to the mat. Bryan doing high risk flying over the top rope, Rusev moving and then tossing Daniel over the announcer's desk.

Back in the ring during the break, Rusev in control. stepping on and hitting Daniel. Daniel having enough. He uses the energy from the universe. Kicking Rusev, after a while. Rusev is in the middle of the ring, Daniel doing his famous yes kicks. Rusev grabbing a leg, almost setting in his submission. Daniel moving around and not allowing it. Doing for another submission for Rusev, he not locking it in the cause of his wrist. Daniel taking advantage locking in the yes lock, Rusev knowing it, holding on the bottom rope. Mission dropkick from Daniel, right to the injured ribs of Daniel. Rusev kicked Daniel and then pinned Daniel earning a spot in the Money In The Bank match.

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