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Smackdown Live Detailed Streaming Results

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Smackdown Live

Hello everyone and welcome back to WNW covers Smackdown Live! We are just a few short weeks away from Hell in a Cell! The main events will see Kevin Owens taking on Shane McMahon, Shinsuke Nakamura trying to capture the WWE Championship from Jinder Mahal, and the first ever Tag Team Hell in a Cell match. What will this week do to build towards those matches? We'll find out!

(Gila River Arena) Glendale AZ.

Smackdown Results

Opening of Smackdown kicks off with a Shane Mcmahon & Kevin Owen's promo from last week. Condeming Kevin Owens to "Hell In A Cell" and Kevin Owens saying people like him go to heaven.

Opening Segment

Kevin Owens is making his way to the ring to kick off Smackdown. Microphone in hand. Kevin Owens asks, Shane McMahon where are you? Kevin continues to call out Shane.

(Crowd chanting Shane O Mac)

Sami Zayns music hits. (Crowd is into Zayn)

Sami is in the ring, telling K.O. that he needs to get a grip and stop what he's doing. K.O. says he's fine, he's cool calm and collected. K.O. is gloating on how much more he's done than Sami. Sami says his day will come and he'll do it the right way. Zayn pretty much calls K.O. a pile of trash.

They drop their mics, stare each other down. Daniel Bryan's music hits. He says Shane is not here yet, but says Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens will face each other tonight.

(Commercial) Announced before the break Rusev's celebration and a match between Tye Dillinger and Baron Corbin is next!

Baron Corbin vs Tye Dillinger

Baron Corbin is making his way to the ring 1st. (Much heat for Corbin as usual, playing to the crowd as he makes his way to the ring)

Tye Dillinger the PERFECT 10 Makes his way down to the ring. (Big POP for Tye) 10 chants are full force.

AJ Styles is also making his way down to the ring. (Guest Announcer)

With Corbins back turned Tye flips him over the top to the outside.

Match starts. Tye Dillinger has the upper hand early, countering Corbin. Finally Corbin has control. Both are on the outside, Corbin whips Dillinger into the barricade.

Back in the ring, Corbin has control over Tye. Back and forth they go. Corbin hits Tye with a choke slam backbreaker. Both are outside of the ring, Baron Corbin grabs Tye Dillinger and tosses him over the announce table into AJ Styles. There referee starts the count. (With every number the ref calls out, the crowd chants 10! 10!

Winner via Count Out: Baron Corbin

Corbin grabs a mic, he tells AJ he wants him at Hell In A Cell for the US title.

-Confirmed match at Hell In A Cell Baron Corbin vs AJ Styles US Title-

In-Ring Segment

The modern day maharajah Jinder Mahal is inside the ring, cutting another promo on Shinsuke. He did mention he may have went a little to far with last week's promo. Saying this week, he's going to compliment Shinsuke. He puts up another pic of Nakamura on the big screen. Continuing to mock Shinsuke's facial expressions. The last photo is actually A LIVE video of Shinsuke. The lights go out. Nakamura is here, live on Smackdown. The crowd chanting along Shinsuke's entrance music. Jinder is surprised and not happy. The Singh brothers and Jinder are going after Shinsuke. They are all in the ring, Nakumara goes for his finisher Kin shasah and hits one of the Singh brothers. All three get out of the ring. Shinsuke then celebrates with the crowd.

The New Day's music hits. New Day with refreshments in hand. They are coming out to scout the Usos. (Nice Pop for The New Day)

Usos are coming out 1st. They are staring down New Day on their way out. Hype Bros were already in the ring. New Day is sitting in the front row of the crowd.

Usos vs. Hype Bros

Mojo comes out firing. But the Usos come right back. A chop block to Mojo puts the Usos in control. Zack Ryder tags Mojo, Mojo not wanting or ready for the tag. Ryder is on the top rope, Mojo facing Ryder asking Why? Regards to the tag. Jimmy Uso then shoves Mojo into Ryder, Ryder falls to the floor. Jimmy with a superkick to Mojo, Jay to the top, BIG FROG SPLASH! Usos for the 1,2,3.

Winners: The Usos

Usos then get on the mic, telling the New Day they belong on the sideline. New Day has a few remarks for the Former Tag Champs. Saying for their rematch, they want it inside a Hell In A Cell! Usos shake their heads in agreement and walk away.

In-Ring Segment

Aiden English is in the ring assisting Rusev's Celebration. Along with an government official from Bulgaria.(Crowd booing English as usual)

Rusev is then introduced with Bulgaria's National Anthem. Rusev walks down to the ring with flag in hand. (Crowd starts the USA Chants) Rusev literally is standing on a pedestal.
The government official starts to speak in Bulgarian. (Crowd yelling WHAT?) Then in English he announced that September 26th is now Rusev day in his city.

Rusev on the mic now, they cut to a last week video against Randy Orton. Rusev all smiles after the 9 second defeat against Orton. Rusev calling himself the Lion of Bulgaria, and Smackdown is now his jungle. Aiden gets on there mic, singing a song for Rusev, mentioning........ Then out of no where Randy Orton hits English with an RKO. Rusev gets to intervene and he too gets with an RKO! (Huge POP for Orton) Rusev's celebration has been cut short.

Backstage Segment

A promo with Daniel Bryan cuts to the back he's on the phone with Shane. Zayn is also in the room. He says Shane is on his way and he's coming after Kevin Owens. Zayn pleads with Bryan to call him back. He wants K.O. all to himself. Bryan agreed he's all Sami's tonight.

Backstage Segment

Orton is shown in the back, he asks Renee Young when Rusev wakes up, Orton is looking for him.

Charlotte Flair vs Carmella

Charlotte to the ring 1st. (Crowd with Woooooos for Charlotte) Carmella then comes out with Ellsworth dog collar some this neck.

Match starts with shoving back and forth Charlotte attempts a move from the top, Ellsworth the dog jumps up and holds onto Charlotte. Carmella takes advantage. Charlotte eventually takes control . The two go to the outside, Ellsworth is still trying to interfere in the match. Giving Carmella time to gather herself and take it to Charlotte. A superkick from Carmella to Charlotte with the assist from Ellsworth. Carmella has been in control during the entire split screen commercial break. Carmella with a cross body from the top to Charlotte. Reverse DDT from Carmella and the pin. A kick out at 2 from Charlotte. A few reversals and Charlotte hits Carmella with an kick to the face. 1,2,3 and the win for Charlotte.

Winner: Charlotte

After the match Natalya comes out. She tells Charlotte that she's glad Ric Flair can see her beat Charlotte at Hell In A Cell. Natalya ends the promo with the mocking of Ric's patented Woooooo.

Fashion files returns NEXT WEEK!

In-Ring Segment

Undertaker's music is playing, the crowd almost confused. As the figure walks to the ring, we realize it's none other than the show Dolph Ziggler. All smiles from Dolph with another week of shanigans. (Crowd chanting YOU SUCK) Mocking Undertaker's slim appearances. Dolph then says no one can do what he does.

Glorious, Bobby Roode comes out, (Crowd sings asking to the Glorious entrance music)

Roode takes the mic, actually praising Dolphs in ring capabilities. Then calls him a hypocrite. Saying there alike in many ways. Saying they both demand the best. Bobby Roode then challenges Ziggler to a match at Hell In A Cell. Ziggler says they're not on the same level as he is. And he's one of the problems within WWE. Dolph then accepts Bobbys challenge to Hell In A Cell. Roode says the match at Hell In A Cell will be simply, GLORIOUS!

205 Live Preview. How will Enzo respond to the roster? Be sure to check out the live feed!

Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens

Sami comes to the ring 1st. Kevin Owens is making his way to the ring. Determined look on his face.

Match begins. They start with punches to one another. Owens in complete control to begin over Zayn. A huge somersault to Zayn in the corner by Owens. To the outside, Owens continues to beat down Zayn. Zayn counters with a clothesline to Owens. As the match is going on, they cut to the back. Shane Mcmahon has entered the building and looks to be headed to the ring.


Back from commercial.

Match was on the outside back inside. Owens with a nasty Super Kick to Zayn. During commercial, Zayn hits Owens with a suplex on the outside apron. Attempted powerbomb from Owens, countered with a DDT off the top rope from Zayn. Thunder Bomb from Zayn after Owens attempted his pop up power bomb. (Crowd chanting THIS IS AWESOME!) Zayn looking for the helluva kick. Owens ducks to the outside. Zayn flips over the top rope onto Owens. Back in the ring, Owens ducks back out. Zayn looks for a running helluva kick, Owens counters with a super kick. Zayn tied up on the ropes Owens power bombs Zayn onto the apron. The referee has stopped the match.

Winner: No Contest

Medical staff comes out to help Zayn as he lays in pain. Owens still standing around Zayn, an upset look on Owens face, almost remorseful. Zayn is helped to the back. Before he does Owens attacks Zayn from behind. Owens grabs a chair, he takes Zayns head and puts it in the chair. Shane Mcmahon comes running out to help Zayn and go after Owens, Owens takes Zayn still with the chair around his head throws Zayn into Shane, hits Shane right in the face. Owens then runs away from Shane into the crowd. Smackdown ends with Shane standing in the ring.

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