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Once again, good evening wrestling world! Tonight’s Smackdown Live is brought to us live from Jacksonville, Florida. Tonight's episode will be highlighted by a women's triple threat match between Carmella, "The Man" Becky Lynch, and Charlotte Flair to determine who will be the number one contender that faces Asuka at the Royal Rumble. Also, we will see The Usos take on The Bar to determine if the Usos will be the next in line for a shot at the tag team titles. All this, plus more coming in the moments to come!

We kick off the show with the “New” Daniel Bryan backstage in the concession. He says he is here to take AJ Styles on a new journey. He continues to tell the people that they are ruining the planet by their consumption. He says they are trying to fill a void by cheering for AJ Styles. He compares cheering for AJ Styles with people ruining the planet. He continues to say that he has killed the Yes Movement. He starts to make his way to the ring from the crowd. He proclaims that he is changing the world and making it a better place. Bryan belittles the audience as he makes his way down. When he finally gets past the barricade, R Truth comes from out of nowhere and attacks Bryan, leaving him downed on the mat ringside. (Commercial)

R Truth vs. Daniel Bryan

We come back and R Truth is in control of the matchup. Truth is able to hit Bryan with a spinning kick to the face, Bryan kicks out at two. Bryan is able to gain position, as he delivers a couple of kicks to the chest of Truth in the corner. Bryan continues his momentum, but it is halted when Truth is able to hit Bryan with a jawbreaker. Bryan kicks out at two. Truth goes for a splash in the corner, but he misses and Bryan is able to capitalize with a running knee, pinning Truth. Daniel Bryan wins.

After the match, AJ styles meets Bryan at the top of the entrance ramp on unloads on Daniel Bryan. He gets him down and delivers a couple of big strikes before security separates the two. Styles grabs a chair, but Bryan is able to escape backstage before he is able to do any damage. (Commercial)

Rey Mysterio & Mustafa Ali vs. Andrade Almas & Samoa Joe

Ali and Joe start the match off and we see Joe has an obvious power advantage. However, Ali is able to use his quickness t bring the fight to Joe. Joe quickly stops him with a big uppercut, folding Ali. A little back and forth, and Ali is able to tag in Mysterio. The two are able to down Joe, but Joe makes it to his corner and tags in Almas. The two go at it, but Almas is able to drop Mysterio with a big forearm. He’s able to tag Joe back into the match, who tosses Rey into the turnbuckle and begins to deliver blows to the body. Anothertag and Almas is back in the match. A quick exchange leaves the two on the ground, and Mysterio is able to tag in Ali. Ali comes in hot, delivering a couple of big blows to Almas, capping it off with big facebuster. Almas is able to kick out the pin. After an irish whip to the rope, Joe is able to sneak a tag in, unbeknownst to Ali. Ali is able to down Almas. He turns his attention to Joe and attempts to connect with a crossbody to the outside of the ring, but Joe is able to catch him and send him crashing into the announce table. (Commercial)

As we come back, Ali and Almas are downed in the ring, Ali hung up on the top rope and Almas downed in the middle. Ali makes the tag and Mysterio comes in hot, bringing the action to Almas. Joe attempts to interrupt, but is met with a flying senton. Mysterio hits Almas with an amazing sunset flip powerbomb and goes for the pin. Joe breaks it up. After some action, Mysterio hits Joe and Almas with a 619, which is followed up by an 054 by Ali. Mysterio then attempts a second 619 on Almas, but Almas is able to escape ad hit a hammerlock ddt on Mysterio earning the pinfall victory. Andrade Almas and Samoa Joe win

Backstage we are brought to Carmella, who says no one thinks that she is going to win this match tonight. She feels as if she’s an underdog in the match. She acknowledges that she is a former champion and that she has beaten bot Charlotte and Asuka in the past. She says she will win tonight. (Commercial)

We come back and Shane McMahon and the Miz are backstage. The Miz says no one is more deserving of a title shot than them. Miz says that having the name “McMahon”, he should just be able to give them a title match. Shane declines and says they need to be able to challenge themselves before a title match.

We are brought back to the ring and Rusev is in the ring. Rusev recaps how Lana was injured last week attempting to fight for her husband. Rusev says that he is a grieving husband and that Nakamura crossed a line injuring Lana. He tells him to come out so that he can crush him. Nakamura is in the tv truck and says that he is there to prove that it is Rusev’s fault that Lana got injured. Nakamura says that Rusev crush Lana. Rusev proceeds to make his way to the tv truck. Backstage, he is ambushed by Nakamura. He’s met with a production crate to the stomach and a big boot right to the jaw. Nakamura finishes him off with a Kinshasa.

Becky Lynch is backstage and says that she has to earn an opportunity for a title that she never lost. She says tonight, she can do whatever that she wants. She says that Asuka knows that she is on borrowed time. (Commercial)

The Bar vs. The Usos

The bell rings and Sheamus and Jey start the match. Sheamus is quickly able to bring him down to the mat, but he recovers quickly. A quick clothesline sends Sheamus out of the ring. When he comes back in, Jey is able to attempt a quick pinfall, but Sheamus kicks out. Both men tag in their partners. Cesaro and Jimmy exchange quick blows, but Jimmy is able to get Cesaro to the corner. Jimmy goes for a quick splash, but Sheamus moves his partner out of the way and out at ringside. When back in the ring, Jimmy makes a quick tag to his brother, as does Cesaro to Sheamus. After multiple chops to the chest of Sheamus, Jey is able to down Sheamus with a mean clothesline. Sheamus is able to escape a pin at two. A distraction from Cesaro allows Sheamus to down Jey as we cut to commercial. (Commercial)

The Bar is still in control when we come back, as Sheamus has Jey in a side headlock. Jey attempts to fight out, but his attempt is thwarted with a backdrop from Sheamus and a diving elbow from Cesaro. Sheamus continues to punish Jey, but he is able to down Sheamus with an enziguri. Jimmy and Cesaro are both able to make the tag into the ring, where Jimmy is able to able to land some big blows followed by a samoan drop to Cesaro. After a hip attack in the corner, he attempts a pin on Cesaro, but Cesaro kicks out at two. The Bar head to the outside of the ring, where the are both met with flying attacks from the Usos. Back in the ring, Jimmy hits Cesaro with a cross body from the top rope and Cesaro is able to kick out of a pinfall at two. When he gets up, Cesaro tags in Sheamus. Sheamus misses a big Brogue kick, which allows the Usos to deliver a double superkick. Sheamus is able to kick out of a pin at two. (Commercial)

We come back and Cesaro has Jey in the Cesaro Swing, and follows it up with a Sharpshooter. Jey is able to reach the bottom rope. Sheamus tags in and yells in the face of Jey, but Jey is able to escape and send sheamus to the ground with headbutts. He goes to the top rope, but Sheamus is able to stun him at the top rope with a big blow. There, Sheamus attempts an iris curse, but Jey fights out of it. Cesaro makes the tag and attempts to hit Jey from the top rope, but is met with a superkick. As Jey attempts to make the tag, Mandy Rose’s music hits. She asks Jimmy if she left her attire in her hotel room. Because of the distraction, Sheamus is able to knock Jimmy off of the rope, which allows Cesaro to hit a Neutralizer and pick up the win. The Bar win

The Miz comes out and congratulates The Bar on their victory. He says that he is there to challenge the Bar for a title match at the Royal Rumble. Sheamus delivers a big Brogue Kick on the Miz and The bar accepts the challenge.

Backstage, Naomi attacks Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville, but the two women are able to jump Naomi. Jey Uso is ultimately able to stop the women from attacking his wife.

Backstage, Charlotte says Becky Lynch and Carmella are the “hot things” of the past. She says that she has been at the top for the last four years. She says she will be the one to face Asuka at the Royal Rumble. She warns the two that they will be humbled by the Queen. (Commercial)

Daniel Bryan is backstage on his way to leave the arena. He says Styles attacked him unprovoked because he is the WWE Champion and he is not. He says what Styles did tonight was not vicious at all. He says that Styles will see what the “New” Daniel Bryan is capable of at the Royal Rumble, also stating that Styles will never take the title away from him. He states the he will be champion for forever.

The Miz and Shane McMahon, backstage, talk about their future title shot. Miz says that the plan worked and that believes in the team. McMahon says although he doesn’t like how it happened, he’s ready for the match at the Royal Rumble.

Charlotte Flair vs. Becky Lynch vs. Carmella

The bell rings and the three women take in the energy from the crowd. Flair and Lynch finally exchange blows. All three women exchange blows, but Lynch is the last women left standing in the ring as the other two are sent outside. She delivers an elbow from the apron to Carmella on the outside of the ring. (Commercial)

We come back from commercial and Lynch is on the attack. Lynch and Flair go face to face in the ring. Becky lands a couple of forearms, while Flair delivers chops to the chest. Flair looks to have won the exchange, but Lynch is able to land a thesz press. Carmella breaks up the action and delivers a flatliner to Lynch. Flair attempts a figure four onto Carmella, but Carmella is able to reverse it into the Code of Silence submission. Flair escapes and goes on the attack on the other two women. Flair positions the two women on the mat as she goes to the top turnbuckle. She lands a double moonsault on both women. She attempts a quick pinfall on both women, but they both kick out at two. (Commercial)

Lynch and Flair are battling on the top rope. Lynch attempts a superplex, but Carmella is able to pull the leg of Lynch. Carmella gets herself in a precarious situation, but fights out by sending Charlotte to the mat. Being the only woman in the ring, Carmella delivers a suicide dive to Lynch. As Lynch and Carmella trade blows, Charlotte goes to the top rope and attempts to land a moonsault, but both women move out of the way. Lynch is then able to land an exploder suplex onto Carmella. The action spills back into the ring, as Lynch attempts to lock in a Dis-arm-her onto Carmella. However, Charlotte is able to land Natural Selection on to Lynch, breaking up the attempt. Carmella and Flair trade blows in the ring, but this results in Flair locking in a Figure Eight submission. Lynch breaks it up with a leg drop from the top rope, and proceeds to lock in a Dis-arm-her onto Flair, but Carmella breaks that attempt with a superkick to Lynch. The action continues, and eventually Lynch is able to put Carmella into the Dis-arm-her and gets the submission victory. Becky Lynch wins

After the match, the Smackdown Women’s champion makes her way to the ring and faces off with her challenger. We end the night with an intense standoff between “The Man” Becky Lynch and the champion Asuka.

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