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Tonight’s Smackdown Live! Comes live from North Birmingham, Alabama. We continue the path to the Royal Rumble on another action-packed episode. Tonight, we see a bout between a Smackdown legend in Rey Mysterio and the future of Smackdown, Andrade “Cien” Almas. Also, we will see “the Best Birthday Bash in the World” hosted by The Miz for his tag team partner Shane McMahon. All this and more in the coming moments.

We begin tonight with the arrival of “The Man” Becky Lynch. She’s stopped by Kayla Braxton and is asked if she really believes if she is ready for Asuka. She says that she will answer that question in the ring. We also see that Heavy Machinery is backstage with the New Day.

Lynch finally makes her way out to the ring. Once in the ring, she says that she will get her title back in two weeks; a title that she says that she got the whole entire world to talk about. She brings up the fact that Asuka hasn’t been able to overcome Charlotte Flair, the same omen that she has beaten for the last couple of months. She is then interrupted by Asuka. Asuka makes her way to the ring and says that Becky’s words are all talk. She says that after the Rumble, Becky will be in her shadow. The women are interrupted by the IIconics. They will eventually go on to say that they are going to win the Royal Rumble match, become the first women’s tag team champions, and make WrestleMania “Iconic.” Lynch challenges both women to a match. (Commercial)

Becky Lynch vs. Peyton Royce

Becky Lynch starts the match with a huge right hand that sends Royce outside of the ring. Once back in the ring, Becky attempt a Dis-arm-her but Royce escapes. Lynch keeps the pressure on Royce, not allowing her to have any type of offense. After a missed baseball slide to Royce on the outside of the ring, Royce is able to gain the upper hand on Lynch, but it is shortly lived when Lynch is able to hit Royce with a shoulder bloc from the top turnbuckle. The action falls to the outside of the ring, where Royce lands a clothesline due to the distraction from her partner, Billie Kay. (Commercial)

We come back and Royce has control of the match. We see the Lacey Evans is in the backstage area watching the match. Meanwhile, Lynch is able to fight out of a sleeper hold held by Royce and deliver a thesz press. Becky Lynch is ultimately able to lock in a Dis-arm-her and gain the submission victory. Becky Lynch wins

Immediately after the match, Asuka enters the ring and is visibly upset, screaming at the Iconics. She challenges Billie Kay to a match.

Asuka vs. Billie Kay

Asuka is able to easily dominate the match, locking in an Asuka lock in quick fashion and gain the victory. Asuka wins

Lynch enters the ring and the two women have a staredown that is interrupted by the music of AJ Styles. The former champion makes his way to the ring, but takes a turn and enters the crowd. He makes his way upward into the crowd towards the exit. (Commercial)

AJ Styles has made his way to the concession stand, like Daniel Bryan was last week. Styles says the people should be able to do whatever they want. He says the are just like the people that are going to see him beat Daniel Bryan at the Royal Rumble. Bryan ambushes Styles From behind and the two are brawling in the concession stands. The two men have to be pulled apart by security.

The Usos are backstage doing a photo shoot and Jimmy is brought a gift from someone backstage. It turns out to be a love note from Mandy Rose, with a key to a hotel room. (Commercial)

Backstage, Andrade Almas says that Mysterio was his idol and he showed him last week that times are changing. Vega says that Almas will beat Mysterio and go on to win the Royal rumble, thus being the main event at WrestleMania.

Samoa Joe vs. Mustafa Ali

Joe attacks Ali before the match starts, hitting him with a vicious kick that sends him to the outside of the ring. Once outside, Joe sends Ali flying into the ring post, knocking Ali out cold. Joe picks Ali up and continues to punish him with brutal headbutts. He sends him flying in to another post, leaving Ali out on the mat. Joe picks Ali up, yet again, and sends him in to the barricade. No Contest

Backstage, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville are discussing the actions of Rose. She says her goal is to break up the marriage of Jimmy and Naomi. (Commercial)

Backstage, Joe says that his actions was a declaration of his dominance. He says that he will be competing in his first Royal Rumble and he will win it.

Rey Mysterio vs. Andrade Almas

The bell rings and the two men lock up in the middle of the ring. Almas’ size gives him a clear advantage in strength. However, Mysterio is able to get the better of him in a quick exchange of holds. The two continues to trade holds and quick pin attempts. Rey gainss a slight advantage when he is able to get Almas into a side headlock. Andrade tries to fight out numerous times it is unsuccessful. He finally fights out and hits Rey in the ribs with a kick. Andrade begins to attack the left arm of his opponent, sending him shoulder first into the turnbuckle. After a brief struggle, Mysterio is able to deliver a quick hurricanrana that positions Andrade for a 619. After a failed attempt, Almas locks in a quick pin on Mysterio, but he kicks out at two. The two men trade blows, and Mysterio is able to land a hurricanrana, sending both men out of the ring. However, Andrade is able to hold onto Mysterio, and he is able to land a big powerbomb on the outside of the ring. (Commercial)

We come back as Almas misses a double knee to the corner. This allows Mysterio to gain the advantage, landing a big tornado ddt. Andrade is able to kick out of a pin at two. Both men get up and Andrade is able to send Mysterio into the turnbuckle and land the double knee strike. Mysterio is able to kick out of a pin at two. Andrade stands Mysterio up and sens him into the turnbuckle. He attempts to do so again, but Mysterio sends him head first into the middle turnbuckle. Mysterio goes to the top turnbuckle, but Almas knocks him down onto the second turnbuckle. Almas attempts to dive on to Mysterio, but misses. When he stands, he is met with a hurricanrana that sends Almas to the outside of the ring. When almas is able to recover, he is met with a senton from the top turnbuckle that leaves him down on the mat. (Commercial)

We come back and both men are downed on the mat. They stand up and Mysterio is met with a big back elbow from Almas. Almas goes to the top turnbuckle and delivers a double moonsault. Mysterio is able to kick out of a pin fall at two. When the two men stand up, Rey Mysterio is able to deliver a big Canadian Destroyer and cover Andrade for the pin. Andrade kicks out at two. Mysterio then positions him for a 619, but Almas counters. Rey is able to counter into a crucifix pin, but Almas kicks out. Mysterio is then able to deliver a 619. However, after a distraction from Zelina Vega, Mysterio gets hung up at the top turnbuckle, which allows Almas to deliver a hammerlock ddt from the top turnbuckle. He is able to get the pinfall victory on Mysterio. Andrade Almas wins.

We see Jimmy Uso arriving to the hotel that Mandy Rose is at. (Commercial)

We come back Jimmy has made it to the hotel room. He enters the room and Mandy Rose is there in a robe. She takes off the robe and asks Jimmy what he thinks. He tells her that they can not do what they are doing. A cameraman comes and takes picture of the two in the hotel room. Mandy Rose says that all of this was about Naomi, and her hatred towards her. She says that the pictures of the two will destroy her life. Jimmy goes to the hotel and gets his wife. The two women do battle in the hotel room. The brawl ends with Mandy running out of the hotel room.

Tom Phillips recounts the unveiling of the new WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships. We are informed of the match that will be happening at Elimination Chamber to crown new champions.

The Miz makes his way to the ring for the “Bestie Birthday Bash” for Shane McMahon. (Commercial)

In the ring, The Miz has a huge setup for Shane McMahon’s birthday. Shane McMahon makes his way to the ring after an introduction from his partner. The Miz wishes Shane a happy birthday on behalf of the WWE Universe. The Miz gifts McMahon with a new pair of shoes and a video package highlighting McMahon’s career in WWE. The video package ended with Shane McMahon winning the Best in the World Tournament and becoming tag team partners with the Miz. McMahon admits that he is happy to be teaming with Miz at the Rumble. The Bar interrupts the Miz singing Happy Birthday to Shane.

The Bar say that they are going to destroy the Miz ad McMahon at the Royal Rumble. McMahon issues a challenge to Sheamus to fight the Miz. Sheamus accepts and the Bar make their way to the ring. (Commercial)

The Miz vs. Sheamus

The bell rings and the two men exchange blows. McMahon sends Sheamus flying outside the ring and Sheamus almost runs into a cake that the Miz has brought for McMahon’s birthday. The action goes back into the ring, and Sheamus is able to take control. After some punishment from Sheamus, the Miz is able to battle out of a side headlock and fight back into the match. He delivers multiple strikes that send Sheamus into the corner. He’s able to deliver multiple running dropkicks, but Sheamus delivers a big clothesline on the third dropkick attempt. Cesaro attempts to interfere in the match, but he is sent flying into one of the cakes that the Miz brought out. The Miz is able to gain a pinfall victory off of the distraction. The Miz wins

After the match, Miz delivers a Skull Crushing Finale to Sheamus. The Miz sets Sheamus up in the corner, and McMahon delivers a Coast to Coast from the opposing turnbuckle. The Night ends with the two hoisting the Best in the World trophy in the middle of the ring.

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