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Good evening wrestling world! We continue the road to WrestleMania on this edition of Smackdown Live! Tonight, we continue to build to the Elimination Chamber event, at the participants in the WWE Championship collide. We see Daniel Bryan take on Jeff Hardy and Mustafa Ali take on Randy Orton. Plus, we see the unlikely team of Shinsuke Nakamura and Rusev take on The Good Brothers. All this and more in the coming moments!

We kick off the night with “The Queen” Charlotte Flair, making her way to the ring. Once in the ring, Flair recaps what occurred during last night’s Raw, highlighting the suspension of Becky Lynch. Flair says that she would love to face Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania if Lynch is unable to compete. Emerging from the crowd, Becky Lynch makes her way towards the ring. She hops the barricade and grabs a microphone. Officials and referees make their way to the ring to make sure that nothing ensues between the two women.

Then, HHH makes his entrance. He tells Lynch to go home and see a doctor. He tells her if she wants her match and her suspension lifted, she needs to get cleared. As HHH leaves the ring, Lynch asks him how his wife is doing. HHH smiles and tells Lynch that she is not “The Man” and that she is afraid of failure. He says that she is constantly looking for a way of situations, bringing up how she used the injury suffered from Nia Jax as an excuse to not face Rousey at Survivor Series. He says that she is once again looking for a way out and that she’s scared, scared that a doctor will tell her that she is able to compete, and that on the biggest stage of them all, Rousey will expose her. As a response, Lynch slaps HHH across the face. The two have an intense staredown in the ring, but it ends when Lynch smiles and exits the arena through the crowd. (Commercial)

Shinsuke Nakamura & Rusev vs The Good Brothers

Gallows and Nakamura starts the match off. Gallows is quickly able to land a back elbow and tag Anderson in. However, Nakamura is able to down Anderson quickly, and Rusev makes a surprise tag. This causes an argument between the two, and the Good Brothers are able to capitalize by throwing the duo out of the ring. (Commercial)

We come back as Rusev and Nakamura have taken control. The two have been able to isolate Anderson from his corner. Nakamura has shown his striking ability, but Anderson has delivered a couple of big strikes of his own. Nakamura is able to dwon Anderson with a reverse exploder. He goes for a Kinshasa, but Anderson counters with a big spinebuster. Both men are able to make a tag, and it is Gallows who is able to take control of the tempo. However, his momentum is halted when Rusev and Gallows deliver a clothesline to each other. Some quick exchanges lead to Rusev landing a Machka Kick to Anderson, gaining the pinfall victory. Shinsuke Nakamura and Rusev win

Backstage, Ali says no one expects him to survive the Elimination Chamber. He says that he will defy the expectations of everyone and win the WWE Championship. (Commercial)

We come back as the Usos are backstage. They say that McMahon and Miz are trying to be what they are, and that is the best tag team in the world. They say that when they appear on “McMiz TV” next week, they will welcome them to the Uso Penitentiary

Randy Orton vs. Mustafa Ali

The match starts as the two lock up in the middle of the ring. Orton is quickly able to push Ali into the corner. They break the hold and proceed to trade quick blows. Orton is able to down Ali with a big clothesline. A couple more blows send Ali to the outside of the ring. On the outside, Orton drives Ali onto the announce table with a big back body drop. Orton brings Ali back into the ring and locks in a headlock. Ali fights out, but he is floored again when Orton is able to land a quick scoop slam. Orton perches Ali onto the top turnbuckle and goes to the top with him. He pays homage to his father, as he delivers a huge superplex. He goes for a pinfall, but Ali kicks out at two. (Commercial)

As we come back, Orton is still in control, as he drives Ali head first into the turnbuckle. Orton goes for a pin, but Ali kicks out at two. Orton puts Ali into another side headlock, but Ali fights his way out. He’s able to deliver a dropkick that sends Orton to the outside of the ring. Ali follows Orton outside and is met with a kick to the midsection. Orton attempts to deliver another back body drop onto the announce table, but Ali counters and lands a dropkick that sends Orton over the table. Ali is then able to land a flying cross body across the table onto Orton.

The action goes back to the ring, as Ali is able to keep his momentum going. He’s able to deliver a facebuster into the canvas and goes for the pinfall, but Orton kicks out at two. Ali is able to land a huge tornado ddt from the middle turnbuckle, which allows him to set up for the 054. However, Orton is able to pull him down and deliver a monstrous RKO. He’s able to pin Ali and gain the pinfall victory. Randy Orton wins

After the match, Samoa Joe comes from out of nowhere and puts Randy Orton in the Coquina Clutch.He releases it and then sends Ali out of the ring. Joe taunts and then begins to make his way to the back locker room, when Daniel Bryan makes his entrance. Joe prepares to do battle with Bryan, until Rowan comes to the aid of Bryan. Joe decides to just walk to the locker room. (Commercial)

Backstage, Joe says that he has taught a lesson. He says that for every action, there's an equal reaction and Orton learned that lesson tonight. He says that Elimination Chamber will end with him raising the WWE Championship.

Bryan and Rowan have entered the ring. Bryan is greeted with a huge ovation from the Washington crowd. He says that the WWE Universe outside of Washington, don’t think about how their actions affect their planet. He says that is why he has created the new WWE Championship belt. He reiterates how the old WWE Championship, although a symbol of excellence, was also a symbol of excess. He says the new belt is a symbol of change.

Rowan says that people like he and Daniel Bryan are feared by everyone.

Daniel Bryan proclaims that he is the “Planet's Champion.” However, he says that the”suits” in the back do not like it and are trying to stop him. He says that that is why he has been forced to defend his title in an unfair match. We are shown the barbaric nature of the Elimination Chamber match.

Bryan says that the people need him as the WWE Champion. Not only do the people need him, but the planet needs him as the WWE Champion.

Backstage, Jeff Hardy says that Daniel Bryan is making him sick. He says that no one has disrespected the WWE title like Bryan has. Before he can give his prediction for the Elimination Chamber event, AJ Styles interrupts him. AJ Styles questions if Jeff Hardy is really the person that can stop Bryan. Hardy asks Styles the same thing. Hardy says that the two will finish their business in the chamber. (Commercial)

Carmella & Naomi vs. Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville vs. The IIconics

Carmella and Deville start the match. Deville is able to deliver quick knees to Carmella and make that tag to Rose. Rose attempts to keep control, but Carmella is able to halt her momentum. She makes a quick tag to Naomi. Naomi goes after Rose, but Rose tags in Billie Kay as we go to commercial. (Commercial)

We come back as The IIconics have control over Carmella. Royce is able to stomp the midsection of Carmella in the corner. However, Carmella is able to rollup Royce into a pinfall, Royce kicks out at two. Rose is able to tag herself in and stop Carmella from making a tag by bringing her into her corner next to Deville. Carmella is able to eventually makes the tag to Naomi, as Rose makes the tag to Deville. Naomi comes in red hot as she brings the action to all of the other women. She’s able to get her rival onto the ring and delvers multiple slaps to the face. A distraction from Peyton Royce allows Rose to hit Naomi with a double hook facebuster. Rose is able to pin Naomi for the pinfall victory. Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose win

Backstage, Andrade and Zelina Vega recap what they did to Rey Mysterio last week. They say that the legend of Andrade begins with Rey Mysterio’s end. (Commercial)

Jeff Hardy vs. Daniel Bryan

The bell rings and the two men lock up in the middle of the ring. Bryan, with the obvious greater technical abilities, is able to out wrestle Hardy. He’s able to down Jeff with a knee to the stomach. He gets Hardy to the corner and delivers multiple kicks. He attempts a running knee, but Hardy counters with a sling blade. Hardy is able to shortly gain the advantage, but Daniel is able to get Hardy into the corner and deliver multiple knees to the head of Hardy. Daniel keeps his attack going with kicks to the midsection of a downed Hardy. However, Hardy is able to regain the momentum and send the action to the outside of the ring. Hardy for a running splash from the steel steps, but Rowan steps on the way of Bryan, causing Hardy to freeze on thee steps. The quick distraction allows Bryan to knock Hardy off of the steps. (Commercial)

We come back as Bryan maintains control. He has isolated and attacked different parts of his opponents body throughout the commercial break. Hardy is able to finally deliver some offense, as he delivers an atomic drop. He pins the champion, but Bryan kicks out at two. The two men stand and trade blows to one another. Bryan is eventually sent to the outside of the ring, where he is met with a clothesline from the apron. He gets the “Planet’s Champion” back into the ring, and goes to the top to attempt a Swanton Bomb. Bryan is able to roll away, baiting Hardy into coming down. Bryan is able to send Hardy face first into the middle turnbuckle. From there, he is able to go on the attack, delivering what used to be known as the” Yes Kicks.” Before he can deliver the last kick, Hardy is able to counter. Hardy downs Bryan and is able to land a Swanton Bomb. Hardy goes for the pin, but the count is interrupted by Rowan. Jeff Hardy wins

After a brief attack, Bryan is able to lock in the Lebelle Lock onto Hardy

Samoa Joe comes from out of nowhere and puts Bryan in the Coquina Clutch. A massive brawl breaks out as all of the participants in the Elimination Chamber match make their way to the ring. AJ Styles is able to land his signature moves onto all of the men, except Daniel Bryan, who has retreated to the top of the entrance ramp.

We end the night with a stare down between Bryan from the entrance ramp and Styles in the ring. AJ Styles is left the last man standing

Backstage, Daniel Bryan proclaims that he is the best and the greatest, and that is why he is the WWE Champion. He says that he is going to be the WWE Champion for forever!

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