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Good evening wrestling world! Tonight’s Smackdown is the last stop before we reach the Elimination Chamber event. Tonight, we will see all participants of the Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship compete in a gauntlet match, which will determine who will be the last man to enter the match. Also, after last night’s Raw, what will the fallout be from the announcement that Charlotte Flair will be taking Becky Lynch’s spot in the Raw Women’s Championship match against Ronda Rousey? We will find out in the coming moments!

We start the show with a recap from Mr. McMahon’s announcement of the the suspension of Becky Lynch, and him replacing her with Charlotte Flair in the WrestleMania match. Charlotte Flair then makes her way to the ring as she is met with thunderous boos from the crowd. Once in the ring, Flair reiterated how main eventing WrestleMania has been her destiny. She says that she thought that she had taught her former friend better. She says that no one wants to admit it, but she is the backbone of the women’s division.

She goes on to say the Mr. McMahon choose her because it was a smart business decision. She says that he choose a future hall of famer instead of someone who has just been hot for a couple of months. She says people may not be happy, but WrestleMania is going to be like every other pay per view that she has main evented; people left and right will be chanting “this is awesome.” She says that she wants to dedicate the victory that she is going to have to Becky Lynch.

Flair the directs her attention to Ronda Rousey. She says that she will have a front row to her title match against Ruby Riott and she will be paying close attention. (Commercial)

Carmella & Naomi vs. Sonya Deville & Mandy Rose vs. The IIconics

We come back as this match kicks off. The team that gets pinned in this match will be the other team to start in the Elimination Chamber match. Carmella and Mandy Rose start this match off. They lock up in the middle of the ring, but it's quickly broken up by a huge slap from Rose. Rose drags Carmella into the corner and tags Deville in. She goes for a pin, but Mella kicks out at two. Mella is able to get the upper hand on Deville and tag in Naomi. Naomi easily shows off her athleticism as she delivers a multitude of high flying moves. She tags Carmella back into the match, and Carmella delivers a “Mella-go-round.” Deville tags in Rose, and Carmella tags in Naomi. The recent history between the two causes Rose to run outside of the ring, away from her foe. However, Naomi meets her on the outside with a splash from the inside of the ring. (Commercial)

The match continues as Deville continues to dominate Carmella, as she has done throughout the commercial break. She has the former women’s champion in a rear naked choke hold, but Carmella is able to battle out. Both women stand up and deliver blows to each other. Each woman then deliver flying cross bodies to each other, and this downs both women. This allows Naomi and Rose to make tags, and Naomi goes on the attack. She delivers a couple of huge blows to the former Absolution members. Deville eats a huge superkick from Carmella, and Mandy Rose gets hit with a split legged moonsault. Naomi is able to deliver the pin to Mandy Rose. Naomi and Carmella win

After the match as Naomi and Carmella celebrate, they are blindsided from the IIconics. The assault on the two leave them downed on the outside of the ring, as the IIconics celebrate and hope to carry on that momentum going to their WWE Women’s Championship match.

The Smackdown Live Tag Team Champion, The Miz and Shane McMahon, make their way to the ring to host “McMiz TV.” (Commercial)

We come back as The Miz welcomes the WWE Universe to McMiz tv. Miz says that the received the message they got from the Usos last week. Shane McMahon then welcomes their opponents at the Elimination Chamber.

In the ring, the Usos mock the title of “the best tag team in the world” by the team of the Miz and McMahon. The Usos say that the Miz and McMahon are trying to be them because they are the best tag team in the world. A comment made from the Miz about Mandy Rose gets a reaction out of the Usos. Jey says that they feel disrespected by their opponents calling themselves the best tag team in the world. They say that they are a true tag team, and they will prove it when they win the tag titles for a sixth time. The Usos end the confrontation with two huge superkicks to the tag team champions. (Commercial)

Gauntlet Match: Randy Orton vs. Jeff Hardy vs Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Kofi Kingston

Daniel Bryan comes to the ring first. In the ring, he says that he knows that there are a lot of people that want him to lose his WWE title. However, he says these people are lying to themselves because they know that they need him as WWE Champion. He says that he does not want to participate in the Elimination Chamber match because he knows it could potentially shorten his career. He says that he, however, is willing to sacrifice his health because it is necessary for him to stay WWE Champion. The WWE Champion is then interrupted by The New Day. They still have to decide who it is that will be replacing Mustafa Ali in the Elimination Chamber match. (Commercial)

We come back to see that Kofi Kingston has started the match against Daniel Bryan. The two lock up in the middle of the ring. Bryan is able to whip Kofi into the rope, but Kofi is able to deliver a shoulder that sends the champion to the mat. The two lock up again, and Bryan is able to show the superior technical skills. Kingston is able to fight out of a submission hold by the champion, but Bryan scurries to the outside of the ring. Once back in, the two lock up again, but Kingston is able to get the upper hand this time. However, Bryan is able to push Kingston into the corner, breaking the hold. The momentary release of the hold allows Kingston to deliver some quick high flying offense. Bryan is able to slow the pace down once again, and begins to take control of the match with a series of knees to the midsection of Kingston. Bryan has begun to target the midsection of Kingston. Kingston is able to regain some momentum when he delivers a flying back elbow to the champion. He’s then able to send Bryan to the outside of the ring. There, he hits Bryan with a huge splash from the inside of the ring. (Commercial)

The gauntlet continues as Bryan has gained control during the commercial break. He continues this dominance as he delivers a huge dropkick to the back of Kingston who is tangled up in the ropes. Kofi is momentarily able to fight back, but Bryan is able to perch Kingston across the top rope and deliver a huge knee to the back of Kingston’s head. After a failed pin attempt, Bryan goes to the top rope and attempts a flying headbutt, but he misses. When both men stand, Kofi is able to go on the attack. He continues to the attack with a boom drop. He attempts a pin, but the champion kicks out. Both men stand and after some quick action, Bryan is able to deliver a drop toe hold to Kingston, sending him face first onto the middle turnbuckle. Bryan is then able to set Kingston up in the tree of woe and deliver multiple kicks. He then hits Kingston with a huge running dropkick. Bryan goes for the pin, but Kingston kicks out at two. Bryan then positions Kingston on the top turnbuckle and goes for a back superplex. However, Kingston is able to reverse midair and deliver a splash onto Kingston. This leaves both men down as we go to commercial. (Commercial)

We return as the two men trade chops and uppercuts to each other. Bryan is able to down Kingston with headbutts and delivers multiple No Kicks to the New Day member. The two men do battle and then they trade quick pinfalls back and forth on one another. In a flash, Bryan is able to lock in the Lebelle Lock onto Kingston. Kingston is able to eventually break the hold by reaching the bottom rope. Bryan sends Kingston to the outside of the ring. On the outside, Bryan hits Kingston with a big running knee from the apron. The champion gets Kingston and attempts a splash onto Kingston, but Kingston is able to counter with a dropkick to the champion. A quick distraction from Rowan causes a brawl on the outside of the ring between Big E, Xavier Woods, and Rowan. At the end, the referee sends the New Day members to the locker room. Because of this, Rowan is able to send Kingston into the announcers area. The referee then sends Rowan to the locker room. Kingston gets back into the ring and looks to be in the path of a running knee from the champion, but he is able to deliver Trouble in Paradise and pin the champion. Jeff Hardy is the next man to make his way to the ring after the elimination of Daniel Bryan. (Commercial)

We return to the action as Hardy and Kingston continue the match. Kofi is able to send Hardy to the outside of the ring with a huge dropkick. Kingston goes for a running splash from the steel steps o n the outside, but misses. Hardy, however, is able to deliver a splash onto him. He gets Kingston back into the ring and attempts to deliver a Swanton Bomb, but he lands right on his back as Kingston avoids it. The two men stand and Kingston attempts to deliver a quick pin, but Hardy kicks out. Hardy is able to send Kingston into the turnbuckle. He positions him in the top and appears to attempt a superplex, but Kingston fights out of it, sending Hardy to the mat. Kingston delviers a flying cross body, but Hardy is able to counter into a pinfall attempt. Kingston kicks out and the two men stand. Kofi is then able to deliver an SOS and pin Jeff Hardy. Samoa Joe is the next man that will join the gauntlet. (Commercial)

The match continues as Samoa Joe unloads onto Kingston. However, Kingston is able to counter the strikes of Joe with strikes of his own. However, Joe is able to send Kingston into the corner as he delivers a huge back elbow, followed by a huge kick to the jaw of Kinston. Kofi is able to kick out of a pin at a two count. Joe stands Kofi up, only to down him again with a powerful clothesline. Joe begins to isolate the right arm of Kofi. He locks Kingston into a chokehold, but Kingston is able to battle out and send Joe to the outside. Kofi is able to land a big crossbody slash onto Joe on the outside of the ring. The two get back into the ring, but Joe hits Kingston with another viscous clothesline. Kingston is able to kick out of a pinfall at two. Kofi begins to fight back, but Joe stops him when he delivers an inverted atomic drop. Kofi continues to show fight, even after a huge senton to the back from Joe. Joe positions Kingston on the ring apron, and the two trade strikes back and forth. Kingston goes for a springboard splash, but Joe stops him on the top rope and pushes him to the outside of the ring. Kingston is able to beat the ten count and get back into the ring, but Joe continues the pressure. Kingston is able to fight out of a side headlock, but he finds himself on the receiving end of the Coquina Clutch. Kingston is able to reverse into a pinfall and to the surprise of many, eliminate Joe from the match. An angry Joe attacks Kingston and locks in the Coquina Clutch on the outside of the ring. AJ Styles makes his way to the ring and breaks the hold, attacking Joe. This causes Joe to run away to the locker room as we go to commercial. (Commercial)

We come back as a beaten and battered Kingston is able to make his way back into the ring and continue the match. Styles tells Kingston that he doesn’t have to continue the match, which angers Kingston. Kingston says he has waited too long for this moment, but Styles is still hesitant, until Kofi gets in the face of Styles. A couple of shoves from Kingston causes Styles to lash out and bring the attack to Kofi. He sends him face first into the turnbuckle a couple of times and then goes on to attack the left leg of Kingston. Styles appears to go for a leg drag, but Kingston stops it. Styles is able to get the better of the exchange after he delivers a quick snap suplex. Styles goes for another suplex, but Kingston reverses and attempts a couple of quick rollup pinfall attempts. Styles tops Kingston with a huge backbreaker. Kingston is slow to get up, but eventually does with the help of the ropes. Styles positions himself to deliver a Phenomenal Forearm, but Kingston is able to takeout the leg of Styles. The two trade blows on the ring apron. Kingston gains the advantage, but his momentum is stopped when Stiles is able to avoid an attack, which sends Kingston knee first into the pole. After some quick action, Styles is able to lock in the Calf Crusher onto Kingston. Kingston taps out and ends his hour long performance in the match. Randy Orton is the next man to enter the match. Styles waits for Orton to come down the entrance ramp, but Orton comes from out of nowhere and hits Styles with an RKO. Randy Orton is able then able to pin AJ Styles. Randy Orton wins

Randy Orton has won the gauntlet match, therefore he will be the last man to enter the Elimination Chamber Match. We end the night with Orton celebrating his huge win in the middle of the ring.

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