Good evening, once again, wrestling world! Tonight’s Smackdown is live from Save Smart Center in Fresno, California. On tonight’s episode, we will see more fallout from the TLC event including the coronation of the new Smackdown women’s champion, Asuka. What will the new Daniel Bryan have to say about his win over AJ Styles. Also, after the McMahon’s announcement, what can we expect in the new era of programming? Tune in to find out!

The show opens to Shane MCMahon addressing the locker room backstage. He recaps the events on last night’s Raw. He tells everyone is being held accountable for stepping their game up for the WWE Universe. He says he would like to thank the former general manager, Paige.

We’re brought out to the ring and out comes Becky Lynch. She grabs a microphone to address the crowd. Lynch starts of by saying she doesn’t care who’s running the show because The Man is in charge. She says the only thing she wants is Ronda Rousey. She says she has worked way too hard to have Ronda take everything she’s worked for away, and out comes Charlotte Flair. Charlotte says that Lynch is going to have to wait for her shot at Rousey because she wants her shot first. She says if Ronda had not interfered, she would have become an eight time Women’s champion, and out emerges Asuka. Asuka proclaims to forget about Rousey because she is the champion. Charlotte and Lynch have an exchange of words and Vince McMahon’s music hits, and he walks through the curtains to a huge ovation from the crowd. Mr. McMahon asks the two women why they are so angry and why are they making excuses for themselves. He says they were in a match where anything goes, therefore they should have expected anything. Vince then asks Asuka if she would like to defend her championship tonight, to which she agrees, and out comes the two time women’s champion, Naomi. Vince announces that they will have a match, and it is next! (Commercial)

Women's Championship Match: Asuka vs. Naomi

The bell rings and the two lock up in the middle. The two fight out of each other’s wrist locks with some impressive cartwheels, but Asuka is able to take Naomi down. The two stand up at a stalemate. Both women attempt to hit each other with dropkicks, bu they both miss. They recieve an applause from the crowd. Naomi hits Asuka with a couple of hard kicks, but Asuka catches one of them and applies an ankle lock. Naomi is able to reverse it and counter with the pin. The two women trade quick pinfalls, with neither of them gaining an advantage. The match has been contested evenly at this point, until Naomi connects with a side russian leg sweep from the top rope, leaving both women down. (Commercial)

We come back and Asuka delivers a drop kick from the top rope to the back of Naomi, causing he to roll to the outside. There, Asukalooks to take control, but after a brief exchange, Naomi delivers a big kick to Asuka, coming from the barricade. Both woman struggle to make it to the ring before the ten count, making it at nine. In the ring, the two women go blow for blow, until Asuka isable to down Naomi with a big knee to the chest. In the corner, naomi is able to get Asuka down, where she gets for a split legged moonsault, but Asuka counters with an Asuka Lock. Naomi is able to escape briefly, but Asuka locks it back in. Naomi is able to escape again and hits Asuka with a Rear View. Asuka is able to kick out of a pin at two. Naomi attempts to attack Asuka with a springboard, but Asuka counters with a codebreaker, and then she locks in the Asuka Lock, causing Naomi to tap. Asuke retains

We are brought backstage, to find The Miz going to the McMahon Family office. Vince answers the door and Miz tells him that him and Shane could be the best tag team in the world. Vince says that he should prove himself if he wants to convince Shane. He tells Miz to find a partner to help prove himself. (Commercial)

Kayla Braxton is backstage interviewing Rusev and Lana. Rusev says that he is hooping that the McMahon family is paying attention. He says that he is the definition of a WWE superstar. He says that he will get his hands on the United States Championship on the greatest day of them all… Rusev Day.

Back to the ring, Jeff Hardy makes his way out. Hardy has heard that Samoa Joe wants to apologize for what he’s said in the last couple of weeks. Hardy says he worships the fact that he’s been able to overcome his demons and that he is alive and well. Out comes Samoa Joe. Joe says he is sorry. He says that this is no apology, he says that it’s an intervention. He says he and the WWE Universe is worried for Hardy’s well being. Hardy says he sees right through Joe. Hardy brings the up the fact that Joe has been in the WWE for two years and has one championship, which strikes a cord in Joe. Joe attacks Hardy, but it hit with a Twist of Fate and rolls under the ring. (Commercial)

The Miz and Mandy Rose vs. R Truth and Carmella

Rose and Carmella start the match off. The two exchange blows and Carmela delivers a Mella Go Round. Miz makes the tag and goes after Truth, but Truth is able to send Miz to the outside of the ring. This starts a dance break. Mandy Rose enters the ring and attempts a bicycle knee to Carmella. Carmella avoids and delivers a superkick. The distraction cause Miz to come in the ring and deliver a Skull Crushing Finale. Mandy Rose and The Miz wins

We see the recap of what happened during last week's Smackdown in the Daniel Bryan vs. Mustafa Ali match. (Commercial)

We are reminded of the new changes that we are going to expect in the coming in the next couple of weeks. We are shown a video package featuring Lars Sullivan, Lacey Evans, War Machine, Nikki Cross, and EC3.

The Usos make their way to the ring. They come to the ring and claim that they still run Smackdown Live. They say they didn’t win, but they weren’t the team that got pinned. They are interrupted by Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. The Good Brother says they are tired of seeing the same couple of teams on Smackdown and that they want their opportunity. The Usos say that they aren’t the reason that the Good Brothers are irrelevant and that if they want to prove themselves, come to the ring. The McMahon’s make the match official. (Commercial)

We come from the commercial, and Anderson has Jimmy in a headlock. Uso tries to fight out and make the tag, but is sent to the Brother’s corner. Gallows makes the tag and they attack Uso. Gallows continues the attack on Uso with multiple elbows to the chest, and puts him in a chokehold. Uso is able to fight back and send Gallows to the corner. Both men make the tag, and Jey goes on the attack. Anderson is able to gain the upper hand and tag in Gallows. The two go for the Magic Killer, but Jey kicks out and sends Anderson outside. The Usos begin an attack on Gallows, and send him outside the ring but they are unaware Anderson has made a tag. With Anderson on the apron and Gallows on the outside, Uso goes for a dive over the rope, but is met with an enziguri to the face by Anderson. (Commercial)

We come back to Gallows kicking out of a pin that was followed by a superkick from Jimmy. Gallows and Anderson begin to brutalize Jimmy Uso. Jimmy looks to have lost momentum, but unleashes two huge superkicks to the Good Brothers. Out comes the Bar. As the Bar make their way to the ring, Sanity emerges from the crowd and takes out both The Bar and the Usos. The match ends in a no contest. Sanity leaves the ring, which allows the Bar to attack both of the downed teams.

We are brought to the back to Shinsuke Nakamura. He asks the WWE universe if he really needs to be afraid of Rusev, and he plays a video package of Rusev from the show Total Divas. He says Rusev is no contender. He says Rusev is a total diva. (Commercial)

Bryan enters the ring and grabs a microphone. He says that he killed the yes movement and Sunday, he destroyed the house that AJ Styles built. He says he is here to bring change. Bryan continues to berate the WWE Universe. (Commercial)

Mustafa Ali and AJ Styles vs. Daniel Byran and Andrade Almas

We come back from the commercial as Daniel makes a quick tag to Almas. Almas and Styles lock up in the ring, but the lock up is short lived when Almas starts to deal strikes Almas. Almas delivers big knees to the head of Styles, but Styles fights back, delivering a big dropkick that leaves both men down. Styles makes the tag to Ali. Ali is able to deliver a quick arm drag, but Almas is able to back him into the corner, allowing Bryan to tag in. There, he delivers a couple of kicks to the chest and sends him to a different corner. Bryan hits Ali with a viscous slap. Bryan and Almas continue to keep Ali away from his corner, taking away the path to his tag partner. Back and forth tags between Bryan and Almas as they punish Ali. Ali is able to fight back, and send Bryan to the outside of thee ring. AJ Styles comes in the ring and allows Ali to leapfrog over him over the top rope, delivering a crossbody to Bryan. (Commercial)

Bryan and Almas continue to punish Ali, tagging in and out and keeping him from tagging in AJ. With Almas in the ring, Ali begins to fight back. He’s able to counter Almas’ double moonsault with a knee. Both men are able to make the tag, and AJ begins the attack on Bryan. Styles goes for a suplex, but Bryant counters with a neckbreaker. Styles is able to kick out at two. Styles goes for the Phenomenal Forearm, but Bryan moves. AJ then locks in the Calf Crusher, but Almas interferes. AJ sends Almas to the outside, where he is hit with a hurracarrana by Ali. Inside, Bryan and Styles trade blows. Bryan goes for the running knee, but Styles is able to avoid with a moonsault ad an inverted ddt. Ali tags in and downs Daniel Bryan and sets up for the 054. Almas interferes but is hit with a Phenomenal Forearm and Ali hits the 054 and pins Bryan. AJ Styles and Mustafa Ali win

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