Welcome to live coverage of Smackdown Live. Where we open right up with the New Day. The champ with his title still looks amazing. The crowd still loves him. We are starting the night off with a celebration. Big E hit his world famous split again. Big E and Xaveir in so many words, congratulated him during the celebration. 

Kofi finally speaks, and says how all of this wasn't in the script. How it wasn't supposed to happen. Him winning. Great to hear him talk for once. This is beetle he is interuppted by the Bar. Who comes out with a pop of boos . And they tell Kofi How he almost lost the title. Because Kofi didn't have his team mates. And The Bar reveals they have a six man tag against the New Day. They then reveal their tag partner is none other than DREW MCINTYRE. Sadly no pop. The announcers, announce that theirs a tag match also between the USOS and Hardy Boys. We then get the entrance of Aleister Black. Heading to commercial break with the announcers ando announced Black, Ricochet, and Ali vs Nakamura, Rusev, And ANDRADE.

We open back up with the six man tag. And the crowd performing Nakamuras entrance music. After some quick back and forth. We head to a commercial break, with the team of Aleister all doing his signature sitting pose.

Back after the break some more back and forth, until Rusev gets the advantage over Ali. They give Andrade and Black the hot tag. Smart decision. Though it ends with a 450 sphlash from Ali. Great showing,  until the VIPER strikes Ali. Oh, but we aren't done. KO gives Rusev the stunner. 

Backstage with Charlie, she interviews the USOS. Who says winning is about proving who are the best tag team, and best BROTHERS in the company. 

We open back up with Carmella & R-Truth. Who says that she had big things planned for the future. Beefier she is interrupted by Samoa Joe, who puts Truth to sleep. Grabs the Mic, and brags about beating Rey Mysterio in record time, before he is interrupted by Braun Strauman.... yeah... you read that correctly. Anyways. Joe almost puts him to sleep, before it is broken up. Joe makes a b-line for the exit. Straun stays string. 

Then we get the IICONICS, who tries to shake hands with Braun, who rudely ignores them. We go to commercial,  right after the announcers, announce a tag match up next!! #IICONICSqueal 

We open back up with that strange preview of the puppet.  Then the IIConics, say they defied all odds, and emerged the tag champions. They announce the Brooklyn Bells. Who is apparently 45 and 0. The ladies make quick work, to an on looking Paige. 

Backstage Paige is interviewed, who says she will bring an impressive tag team of her own. Next we get Shane Mcmahon. Before a commercial break

After the break, Shane is in the ring, with his Best in the World trophy. Cocky, rightfully so. After going through all the winners of Wrestlemania, he proceeds, to says everyone paid to see him that night. True. The crowd chants you deserve it, after he points out Mr Miz, the father, clocked him in the eye. But says, they found out why he is the best in the world. He calls the announcer in the ring, and ask him why did he not announce him as the best in the world? The announcer says, some of the fans threaten him. Shane says, he shouldn't have to worry about anyone else, but him. In this Mafia type style voice. The Announcer doesnt do it right to his pleasing,  more threats from Shane, each time he messes up, Shane drags him further away from the ring, taughting him more and more. The announcer tears a bit, Shane tells him dig deep. He let's out the best announcement of the best in the world, that only one could. Shane tells him good job and please continue, as he dances away backstage. I. Loved. That. Whole. Thing. Next a recap of Elias being interrupted by the Deadman. Chockslammed. Tombstone Pile Driver. We go to commercial break, with the Hardy Boyz coming to the ring. 

We come back with some great back and forth, from The Hardys and the USOS. They are showing why they are two of the best in the business. 

After another quick break, we get a false finish, after Jay hits the superkick and splash off the top rope. They try again, but this time a double splash, still fails. The Hardy Boyz get the win after the swan time bomb from Jeff. We have 8 time champs!!

Lars Sullivan interrupts the celebration though, who lays waste to them, then gives them the diving headbump off the top rope. Great use of Lars.

And from the Freak to the Man, see what I did there? Agar commercial break we have Becky Lynch. She brings up, and they show the clip of her fighting Lacey. She then says she knows there are a tsunami of women coming for her. But she is a redheaded devil, who is ready to fight. Lacey attacks again. Becky struggles to get to her feet, as Lacey fixes up herself, and walks backstage.

And we open back up with a 6 man tag. But before that let's have Sami Zayn who was going to complain, but decided they weren't worth it. Loved it. Six man starts of fast between The New Day vs The Bar & McIntyre. A sick throw to the announcers table from Drew to Xavier (with love). Which takes us to our final commercial break of the evening. After commercial break, we get a quick victory from Kofi, after he gets the Trouble in Paradise on Shaemus.

Big celebration to end the night. 

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