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Smackdown Live Coverage 05/07/19

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Welcome to live coverage of Smackdown Live!! I hope you have the wine ready. We open up with the Man that runs the house, AJ  Styles. Yes, and no this isn't RAW. Sami Zayn survived his accident from RAW last night and is on Smackdown following AJ. Then the New Day, sans Big E, comes out. New Day confronts AJ, until Sami interrupts them thinking a title match would happen tonight.

Sami says the fans don't really care, and if anyone deserves a title match it's him. Kofi says he smells. Then proceeds to say he is a fighter champ. So it doesn't matter who, the results will remain the same, and he will remain our WWE Champion.

Later tonight, crowing of new Tag Champs. A 6 women's tag match. Kevin door a promo, he says he is taking the night off because it's his birthday. Ali's music hits.  We go to commercial break. 

 Opening back up, an Ali promo before his match against Cien Almas. If you enjoyed old-school Ali promo, this one is for you. Andrade and Zelina comes out,  Zelina cuts a great promo. We get quick action..... until commercial break. 

We open back up. The match great, the VIPER Orton gets the match stopped, and though Ali fights him. He gets the RKO on both competitors. Great great start to tonight. 

We great a great Roman Reigns package. Before Shane's music hits. And we go to commercial.

A Make A Wish package. And now it's time for the best in the world Shane McMahon. He crowns Daniel and Rowan the New tag champions. Best decision. USOS music hits. Say everyone has earned a title shot, including Shane. Shane agrees and a match ensues USOS vs Rowan and Bryan.

Balor promo package from Ireland. 

The match is great action. Great storytelling in the ring. Rowan looks great. New champs though..... Daniel and Rowan!

Oh they just announced they cancelled the women's tag. It's now Ember & Carmella vs Rose & Seville. This was changed during the show, as I typed this. 

Shane is back in the ring with both Money in the Bank briefcases. Cuts a small promo, until Miz attacks. B Team attacks the Miz, great throwback. Remember when they got rid of Mia. Shane attacks with the steel chair.

The women's division tag match is next. For momentum. Quick match. Mandy beats Ember Moon for the win. Paige comes out and announces a match with Kairi & Asuka vs Mandy & Sonya.

Matt and Truth cut a promo on Lars, before he shows up and fights both men. Slamming Truth through a table.

Finally the triple threat match for Kofi Kingstons WWE Championship.

During the match, Kofi hits a flying splash off the top rope. And it was onto AJ's back. A nasty hit, Sami gets the upper hand later, and we head to a commercial break. 

After the break.  AJ was taken out, and left Sami vs Kofi. Sami applied 3 finishers,  and also Kevin Owens interfered. After reversing the Haloova kick, trouble in paradise for the win. 

After a horrible RAW, Smackdown gave me 2 years of my life back. Hope everyone enjoyed my review. Until next time. 

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