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Smackdown Live

Welcome everyone to WNW's Live thread of SmackDown. We witnessed Team Blue ambush the Raw locker room last night, taking the red brand under siege. Will Team Raw pay a visit to SmackDown? Baron Borbin demands a re-match against Sin Cara. AJ Styles will also be in action against Sunil Singh in honor of WWE Champion Jinder Mahal. There's alot to look forward tonight!

BMO Harris Bank Bradley Center Milwaukee, WI.

Opening Video Package of last night's Invasion

Featuring Shane visiting RAW, Saying his team will win at Survivor Series. Then Team Blue having better ideas just before Kurt can announce his five guys. Undersiege has begun.

In-Ring Segment Shane McMahon

"What's up Milwaukee?" (Shane O Mac chants) He thanks the fan's for the love. He say's he's been rehabbing and feels good to back in charge. He mentions the fast approaching Survivor Series PPV. He say's going into an fight and it's always good to strike first. (Under Siege Chants) He say's he is ready for Survivor Series.

Sami Zayn Interupts

He starts dancing in front of Shane. Shane's doesn't look enthused. He say's Hello Shane, good to see you. No hard feeling's about HIAC. Shane say's yes, there is hard feeling's. Shane say's pulling K.O. off of the table could have been alot worse injury wise for Shane. Zayn say's if Shane was out as a competitor he would take him out in a second. Shane steps forward, Zayn say's maybe another day. Zayn say's he and K.O. have talked about it and he and K.O. will participate at Survivor Series, and Shane need's them there. He say's Shane is not a stupid man, and both he and K.O. have voluntereed their service's. Shane say's he doesn't want or need them at Survivor Series. Shane say's he is giving him an opportunity to participate in a match against Randy Orton, the outcome will determine his number 1 pick at Survivor Series.

Back Stage Segment The New Day

They are shown in the back with a table of fruit named Raw and destroyed it and threw it into the trash. (Pun from Jason Jordan and Elias I'm assuming)

The New Day VS Benjamin And Gable (Uso's on Commentary)

Gable and Woods to start off. Headlock by Gable and then a tackle. Gable tag's in Benjamin. Kofi tag's in Woods. Woods for the quick cover, then a tag to Kofi. Benjamin clotheline's Kofi over the top. Big E tries to feed Kofi Booty O's. Back in the ring, Gable has control over Kofi. Has him grounded. Kofi fights out, but Gable with an over the head suplex. Gable with the tag, Benjamin with an suplex on Kofi. Back to the ground, wearing down Kofi continues. Kofi tries once again to get out but Benjamin takes him down. Benjamin tags in Gable, cornering Kofi, another double team in the corner, and Benjamin gets back in the match. Kofi finally counters with a jumping DDT. Finally the tag to Woods, Gable with a flip kick to Benjamin and the pin attempt, 2 count. Gable tags in Benjamin, Benjamin with a spine buster and a tag to Gable. Gable whips Woods into the corner, and Benjamin with a kick to Woods back. Woods falls to the mat and Gable with the pin. 1,2,3.

Winner's by Pinfall: Gable And Benjamin

Back Stage Segment With Charlotte, Naomi, Becky Lynch, Tamina, And Lana.

They are talking about beating down the Raw Women last night, Carmella comes in the picture. Daniel Bryan comes in and say's they all will be at Survivor Series, Lana say's there's 6 of us, Bryan say's not you Lana. He announces fatal 5 way between them all except for Lana. Lana stands there with a sour look on her face.

Michael Cole say's there's security all around for a possible retaliation from the Raw roster tonight.

Fashion File's 

Tickle Me Pink's, featuring the Asension and James Ellsworth. Ellsworth tied up. Asesion say's there going to cut his chin off so he'll talk. Carmella interupts and they grab her briefcase, they open the case and pull out a pair dirty, streaky underwear. Carmella takes Ellsworth and storms out. The undies are sitting on Fandango's shoulder. They mention the Bloodgent brother's. (Stranger Things Video Vignette ends the Fashion File's)

Baron Corbin VS Sin Cara (Non Title Match)

Daniel Bryan And Shane McMahon

Bryan ask's why he wasn't aware of last night's ambush. Shane basically say's he's the boss and that's why. Bryan agrees he is the boss.

Match Continues

Baron throws Sin Cara into the corner and hits Sin Cara with a huge tackle in the corner. A beat down by Corbin so far. A boot to Sin Caras head on the mat. Another Tackle in the corner by Corbin. Sin Cara with a sling shot elbow, Corbin goes to the outside and Sin Cara with an suicide dive. Back in the ring Sin Cara goes to the top rope, missile drop kick to Corbin and Sin Cara goes for a pin. 1,2. Corbin kicks out. Corbin leaves the ring. Gathers himself together. Corbin rund back in the ring and picks up Sin Cara and starts to punch Sin Cara out. The Referee tries to get Corbin off of Sin Cara but doesn't stop. The ref counts to 5, and disqualifies Corbin.

Winner By DQ: Sin Cara 

After the match Corbin takes Sin Cara and hits him with the End Of Days on the outside. Referees are pulling Corbin off of Sin Cara, he finally does. And Corbin puts his US Title in Sin Cara's face.

Video Package of once again the SmackDown Roster taking out the Monday Night Raw roster.

Singh Brothers introduce Jinder Mahal. 

Jinder is in the ring, he is given a microphone. He say's Paul Heyman is a liar. They show the comments from Paul Heyman last night on RAW. Saying Jinder is not even a pretender to Brock Lesnar. He say's Jinder is going to suplex city. Back to Jinder. Jinder calls Heyman a used car salesman, he also say's he has earned everything he's gotten in WWE. He say's the WWE Universe doesn't show him the respect like the 1.3 billion in India. He say's he is Brock Lesnar's nightmare. AJ Styles interupts Jinder.

Sunil Singh VS AJ Styles 

Singh is still dressed, the only difference is he has tape on his wrists. The referee ejects Jinder Mahal. AJ with an forearm then an headbutt to Singh. He rolls Singh into the calf crusher. Singh tap's out. A squash match.

Winner By Submission: AJ Styles

Sami Zayn and K.O. Back Stage Segment

K.O says he talked to Shane and next week he will face Shinsuke next week for a Survivor Series qualifier match.

Fatal 5 Way Match (Captain Qualifier)

Becky Lynch VS Charlotte VS Naomi VS Carmella VS Tamina (Natalya on Commentary)

All 5 women are going at it. Carmella tries to shake hands with Tamina, Tamina then clothelines Carmella. Charlotte and Becky drop kick Tamina out of the ring. Charlotte and Becky are going at it, Carmella off the top rope onto Becky and Charlotte with a cross body. She then goes for the quick pin on both women. Naomi and Carmella are in the ring alone. Naomi clotheslines Carmella then throws Carmella into Becky on the outside. Charlotte on the apron, Carmella punches her off the apron. Tamina drags Naomi under the ropes. Carmella jumps on Tamina, Tamina goes into the apron with Carmella driving her into the ring on the outside. Charlotte with a kick to Carmella. Charlotte whips Naomi into the barricade. Charlotte grabs Lana after she tries to interfere. She pushes Lana down. Carmella throws Naomi into the ring post and Naomi takes a bump to the outside. Becky and Carmella are left in the ring, Becky takes down Carmella and puts her into the arm bar. Carmella taps out.

Winner By Submission: Becky Lynch

Video Package of the Bloodgent Brothers Erick Rowan And Luke Harper

Back Stage Interview Renee Young And Dolph Ziggler 

He say's Bobby Roode is nothing but an entrance. He say's he told us so. He say's last week he beat Bobby Roode. Bobby Roode comes in. He say's Ziggler likes to run his mouth, but he likes to fight. He wants one more match seeing they are even at one a piece. Roode suggests next week a 2 out of 3 match on next week's SmackDown. Ziggler accepts. Roode say's to Renee that next week it will be simply Glorious.

Sami Zayn VS Randy Orton

Tie up, in the corner and Zayn backs away from Orton. Orton with a headlock to Zayn. Zayn gets out and puts Orton in an arm bar. In the corner they break up the tie up and cocky Zayn pats Orton the chest. Another corner tie up, this time Zayn chops Orton twice, Orton then uppercuts Zayn to the mat. Orton then with the patent stomp to Zayn. Zayn runs to to the outside after another chop. Orton goes to follow, Zayn then gets in the ring and baseball slides into Orton on the outside. Zayn gets on the barricade and moonsaults onto Orton.

(Commercial Break)

Back from commercial Zayn has Orton in a chin lock. Zayn with a heel kick to Orton, Orton dazed. Zayn tries to suplex Orton but Orton picks him up and front suplex's him on to the top rope. Orton with a powerslam. On the outside Zayn attempted another moonsault, Orton caught him and slams him onto the announce table. In the ring Orton hits Zayn with a samoan drop. Zayn to the tope rope, Orton with a right hand, Orton with a superplex and Orton goes for the pin. 1,2. Zayn kicks out. Zayn rolls to the outside, he pushes Orton into the ring post, he then dives through the bottom rope and hits his DDT to Orton on the outside. Back in the ring Orton is being set up for the Helluvah kick, Orton counters, and hits Zayn with the bottom rope DDT. K.O. comes out to distract Orton, Zayn goes for the pin, Orton kicks out. Orton counters and hits Zayn with a low blow. Orton hits Zayn with an RKO. He goes for the 1,2,3.

Winner By Pinfall: Randy Orton

Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon Back Stage Segment

Bryan say's it was a good show. No Raw interference. But Bryan tells Shane he needs to prepare for the consequences if they do come, because it's in his job description.

SmackDown Live Ends

Next week's show is featuring Shinsuke Nakamura VS Kevin Owens. Also a 2 out of 3 falls match between Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler. Be sure to follow next week!

205LIVE is next!

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