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SmackDown Live Results & Discussion

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Welcome back WNW readers. Another week of SmackDown Live is here. Tonight we look forward to the debuts of Ruby Riot, Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan in a 6- woman tag team match. WWE Champion AJ Styles collides with the Singh Brothers in a handicap match. The New Day take on Benjamin & Gable. Randy Orton also takes on Kevin Owens. The anticipation is at it's highest, as the Fashion Files returns!

Rupp Arena Lexington Kentucky.

Video Package

Survivor Series recap involving Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn. Also, last weeks recap of the lumberjack match.

In Ring Segment Shane McMahon & Daniel Bryan

He opens up by touching base on Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn having no respect for anyone. He says he was looking forward to firing them both but Daniel Bryan having other ideas. He then introduces Daniel Bryan to the ring. (Yes Chants) from the crowd.

Daniel Bryan says he understands why Shane felt the way he did about wanting to fire them. But believes in second chances. Shane mentions Kevin Owens beating his father. He then checks off a list of everything Owens has done in the past. Daniel says if they fire them, both Owens & Zayn would end up on RAW. Shane says that's fine, it'll be his sisters problem. Daniel talks about the talent that Owens & Zayn. Shane then says the match tonight between Orton & Owens is now a no DQ, and Zayn is barred from ringside.

The New Day are shown heading to the ring with a platter of gigantic pancakes.

Backstage Segment Owens, Zayn, Daniel Bryan

Zayn says to Bryan its not fair he's barred from ringside, and its on Bryan to fix it. Owens says Randy Orton is insane. Bryan then says "I need to fix this"? Hell no!

The New Day vs Benjamin & Gable

The Uso's at ringside.

The New Day took control early. High flying and in and out tags early. Benjamin & Gable eventually get back in the mix with a kick to the back of Wood's head. Beginning the turning point in the match. Gable is now keeping Xavier grounded, wearing him down. Woods attempts a tag to Kofi but Gable hits a spinning heel kick to Woods. Keeping him from tagging a fresh Kofi Kingston. Benjamin with a bevy of knees to Woods. Xavier is in desperate dire for a tag. Gable now in the ring, taking Woods to the top rope but Woods fights him off and hits a huge missile drop kick. Woods crawling towards his corner and finally tags in Kofi Kingston. Kingston hits a huge cross body on Benjamin. New Day has turned things around in the match. On the outside are Benjamin & Gable, Woods gets the tag and hits a flying moonsault over the top. Woods climbs to the top while Kofi holds down Benjamin. Xavier from the top hits Benjamin with a missile drop kick to Benjamins chest. He goes for the pin and picks up the win.

Winners: The New Day by Pinfall

After the match The New Day celebrates after the win.

Video Package of

Last week with Liv Morgan, Ruby Riot, Sarah Morgan attacking the women of SmackDown.

Backstage Segment Natalya, Charlotte, Naomi

They talk about the attack last week, and how tonight revenge will be taken to them.

The Hype Bros vs The Bludgeon Brothers

This match was over as quick as it started. The second straight week, the bludgeon brothers squash The Hype Bros.

Winners: The Bludgeon Brothers

After the match: Mojo Rawley attacks Zack Ryder as he was trying to have an interview. He yells "The Hype Bros are dead you hear me"?.

Backstage Segment Mojo Rawley

He's asked why he attacked Zack? He says the landscape has changed.

Video Package

Last weeks lumberjack match.

Backstage Interview Bobby Roode, Baron Corbin

He's asked what he thought of the accidental strike by Baron Corbin last week. He says it was no accident, and he knows that someone out there is about to take his US title away from him. Baron comes in and says he's not afraid of anyone. Roode then says if your not afraid then put the title on the line tonight. Baron hesitates and says no! And walks away.

AJ Styles vs The Singh Brothers 2 on 1 Handicap Match

Before the match Jinder Mahal attacks AJ Styles.


The match is on and continues.

AJ takes it right to the Singh Brothers but after the attack AJ is a bit softened up. The Singh Brothers are all over AJ. Styles does try to fight back but the Singh brothers are stating on him and AJ can't get an upper hand. Styles does show some offense, but gets attacked from behind and the Singh brothers once again take control. Jinder tries to interfere but AJ kicks him down to the floor. AJ from the top rope, hits a Styles clash and gets the victory.

Winner by pinfall: AJ Styles

After the match Jinder then attacks the Singh brothers, hitting the Kallass on both Singh brothers.

Backstage Interview Ruby Riot, Liv Morgan, Sarah Logan

They call themselves the Riot squad.

Ruby says they are not here to make friends. They are here to take the Womens Division by storm. Ruby says Charlotte, Naomi, and Natalya need to be ready for a riot.

Ruby Riot, Liv Morgan, Sarah Logan vs Charlotte, Naomi, Natalya 6 Woman Tag Match

Nattie starts off the match with Riot. Riot takes it to her right away. Nattie gets to her corner, tags in Charlotte but then Nattie takes off to the back and quits on her team. It's now 3 on 2. Naomi and Charlotte are keeping Ruby grounded and away from her corner. Charlotte being physical and taking her time with Riot. Tables turned Ruby and Liv take control once again. A fight on the outside with Naomi, Liv and Sarah. They set up the steps and throw Naomi into them taking out Naomi. The ref calls for help in the back for Naomi. It's now a 3 on 1 match leaving Charlotte against the Riot Squad. Charlotte tries to take it to all 3 members, but its too much for Charlotte.

Winners by pinfall: The Riot Squad

Fashion Files (Sawed)

They show Breezango and the Ascension locked in chains. Saw comes onto an IPAD with a timer of 60 seconds. They have to beat a stuffed horse to stop the timer. Breezango escapes but leaves behind the Ascension in a room of smoke. Funny segment.

Kevin Owens vs Randy Orton No DQ

Orton quickly takes it to Owens. They take the fight to the outside. Orton is all over Owens. He hits Owens with the steps, after throwing him over the announce table. Orton hits Owens with a kendo stick. He breaks the stick over Owens, but grabs another under the ring. Orton continues to beat Owens. From the outside Owens sneaks up on Orton with a shot from his own kendo stick.


Ownes is beating Orton with the kendo stick. A poke to Owens eye and it stumbles Owens for a second. But Owens once again takes control. More shots from the kendo stick to Orton. Owens swings the kendo stick and Orton ducks and Owens his Orton with a ddt. From the top rope Orton hits a super plex. Owens definitely feeling the effects from the super plex. Orton attempted his second rope ddt but Owens goes to the outside. Orton drops Owens onto the announce table. The table stays intact. Back inside Orton attempted to finish but Owens starts for the crowd and onto the ramp. The fight is now on the ramp. Sami Zayn comes out and hits Orton with multiple chair shots, the first shot was to the back of Ortons knee. A few shots to Orton before heading to the back stage area. Owens back to his feet first, he drags Orton to the ring. Orton quickly grabs Owens through the middle rope and now hits the ddt. Orton attempted the RKO but was slow with the attempt as he was slowed by the earlier shots from the Sami Zayns assault. Owens was able to hit Orton with a super kick. He then climbs to the top rope and hits the frog splash for the win.

Winner by pinfall: Kevin Owens

End of Smackdown

Thoughts & notes from tonight:

The turn on Ryder by Mojo was definitely something that was needed. The additions from the NXT women brings depth, and much needed storylines for the women's division. It'll be nice to see what comes from Shane and Bryan after the Owens win. Pretty decent show overall.

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