Smackdown Live Results (06/20/17) - Nakamura & Ziggler Steal The Show

Dolph - Nakamura

SMACKDOWN! LIVE (06.20.17)
DAYTON, OH (Nutter Center)
Commentators: Tom Phillips, John "Bradshaw" Layfield, Byron Saxton
Written by Brendan Wahl

Miss Money in the BankCarmella[w /James Ellsworth] came down to the ring to open the show amidst the controversy surrounding the finish of the Miss MITB Ladder Match. Carmella said she didn't care about how she won the match and she didn't do it for 'girl power.' She talked about being overlooked for too long and using her intelligence to get the one-up on everyone else in the match. Carm also mentioned that there were no rules in the match so she didn't do anything illegal. She told them to stop with the "Daniel Bryan" chants and added that Bryan better just reinforce the decision that was made on Sunday.

Charlotte Flair made her case to Daniel that the 'no disqualifications' rule should have only applied to the people legally in the match.

The New Day came down to the ring to talk about Tag Team Champions The Usos decided to walk out on their match at Money in the Bank and get themselves counted out. After some more promo work, the champs came down so Jimmy could compete in singles action...

1) Big E [w /New Day] def. Jimmy Uso [w /Jey Uso] (Tag Team Champions) by pinfall in 3:19 after he executed the Big Ending.

Natalya and Tamina made their case to Bryan after welcoming him back in a slightly more-than-disingenuous way.

Lana interrupted an interview with Women's Champion Naomi to say that Carmella is the only reason that she is still the champion. Lana asked for a rematch but Naomi said that she won fair and square. However, she said that she is a fighting champion so it will happen next week.

Tom Philips interviewed Randy Orton about the loss at Money in the Bank. Orton said he lost his head when the Singh Brothers went after his father and that crossed the line. He will do whatever he can to hurt Jinder bad and he doesn't care about the title anymore.

2) Shinsuke Nakamura def. Dolph Ziggler by pinfall in 16:50 with the Kinshasa.

After Daniel Bryan told Sami Zayn that he would get a match with Baron Corbin next week, Becky Lynch showed up to make her case about Money in the Bank. Becky asked what she can do because everyone always cuts in front of her while she continues to do the right thing.

United States Champion Kevin Owens came down to the ring to give a title shot to any wrestler from Dayton, Ohio. AJ Styles seemed ready to answer the challenge and got in the ring but Owens shuts him down because he said that it would have to be a guy from Ohio. Thus, American Alpha came down and Chad Gable said that he qualified because he "just moved to Dayton... this morning." AJ then announced that it would take place right now...

3) United States Champion Kevin Owens def. Chad Gable by pinfall in 5:58 when he executed the Pop-Up Powerbomb. AJ Styles provided color commentary during the match.

The Hype Bros made their case for being the #1 contenders after winning the battle royale prior to Ryder's injury. Daniel Bryan says that the tag division has changed a lot since then but gives them an opportunity if they can beat The Usos in a non-title match next week.

Daniel Bryan gathered all the women (and James Ellsworth) to make a decision on the ladder match winner and mentioned that no one has ever climbed the ladder and grabbed the briefcase for someone else. The women kept fighting and bickering with each other and Bryan even threatened to punch Ellsworth in the face over a comment he made about his new daughter. Bryan said that next week on Smackdown, they will have a Money in the Bank rematch and that the briefcase is now declared vacant. The women brawled with each other and Becky and Charlotte made Carmella tap out to end the show.

4) WWE Champion Jinder Mahal [w /Singh Brothers] def. Luke Harper by pinfall in 9:40 when he executed the Khallas. During the match, Baron Corbin came out with the briefcase but it was all part of his mind games with the champion. After the match, Randy Orton ran down to the ring and took out the Singh Brothers but Mahal was able to escape relatively unscathed.


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