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Smackdown Live Results (3/21/17) - Fake Apologies and Title Changes

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SMACKDOWN! LIVE (03.21.17)
UNCASVILLE, CT (Mohegan Sun Arena)
Commentators: Tom Phillips, John "Bradshaw" Layfield, David Otunga
Written by Brendan Wahl

The show opened with a video package of AJ Styles' nasty assault on Shane McMahon and subsequent Wrestlemania challenge from last week.

AJ Styles approached Daniel Bryan and was looking for Shane McMahon. Bryan explained that he would have rather had AJ stay fired but Shane wants to approach this like a man. AJ then learned that Shane was on his way so he went out to the ring to talk about what it felt like to beat up Shane McMahon.

Mauro Ranallo is "out sick" this week.

AJ Styles then came down to the ring to properly open the show and, as promised, he bragged about his attack on Shane McMahon. AJ promised to wait for Shane's arrival and attack and hurt him even worse this week.

Baron Corbin asked Daniel Bryan if Dean Ambrose accepted his Intercontinental Championship challenge for Wrestlemania. Ambrose isn't here so Corbin wanted the night off but Bryan said he would instead face Randy Orton tonight!

1) The Usos def. Tag Team Champions American Alpha by pinfall to win the Tag Team Titles in 13:42. Very close match that saw Gable kick out of the Usos' finish (superkick/top-rope splash combo) and then the Usos later escaped a top-rope bulldog. The finish came when one Uso crotched Jordan on the ropes and the other Uso superkicked him for the victory.

Luke Harper cut a promo about a new evil lurking the earth and promised to take out Bray Wyatt next week.

Miz and Maryse appear in a parody of Total Bellas under the guise of a "long-lost episode." In this segment, "Cena" (Miz) 'popped the question' by poking a balloon with a pin. Nikki and Brie (both played by Maryse) also argued about who was which twin.

2) Randy Orton def. Baron Corbin by pinfall in 12:47. Unique match between two men who have never faced each other, it featured some interesting counters to both men's signature moves. Randy was able score the victory after an RKO following a distraction by Dean Ambrose, who stood on a forklift on the entrance stage.

Dean Ambrose accepted Baron Corbin's championship challenge for Wrestlemania and then laid him out with Dirty Deeds afterwards.

Randy Orton told Renee Young that he doesn't know how to get rid of Bray Wyatt and he didn't expect Bray to bathe himself in Sister Abigail's ashes. The lights flicker, causing Renee to bolt from the scene. They go completely out and when they return, Randy is assaulted by a number of men wearing sheep masks. They hold Orton down as Bray performs some sort of ritual on him using an object with a big red X on it. Bray thanked Randy for purging his one fatal flaw and then began singing "He's Got the Whole World in his Hands."

3) John Cena [w /Nikki Bella] def. Fandango [w /"Breezy Bella" (Tyler Breeze)] by submission in 1:28. During the entrances, Breeze came out dressed as Nikki Bella. This was pretty much a squash with Nikki even getting her hands on Breezy Bella. The twosome then laid out both members of Breezango and had them both tap out to stereo STFs.

Natalya joined the announce table for color commentary.

4) Becky Lynch def. Carmella [w /James Ellsworth] by DQ in 45 seconds. The match came to a quick end when Nattie attacked Carmella in retaliation for her attack last week. After the match, Ellsworth got nailed by Becky and then Alexa Bliss was standing tall at the end of the brawl.

More "footage" of Total Bellas was shown as the power couple took everyone on a tour of Cena's house and then "Cena" kept disappointing "Nikki" by faking out on a proposal.

AJ Styles continued to wait for Shane McMahon but he was met with the arrivals of Heath Slater and Rhyno instead. Suddenly, Shane McMahon's music played in the arena and Shane made his way to the ring somehow even though Styles had been waiting for him in the parking lot. Renee Young went to tell AJ about Shane's presence in the ring as the show went to a commercial break.

Shane McMahon was still in the ring when the show returned from a break with Shane calling AJ out to the ring. After a long backstage walk, Styles made his way out to the ring and explained the reasons for why he snapped and attacked him. He even apologized for doing it and promised to shake his hand. However, Shane attacked AJ with right hands and they brawled to the outside where Styles was able to suplex him into the guardrail. However, the segment came to an end when Shane gave AJ an elbowdrop from the top rope and through the announce table.


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