Smackdown Live Results (4/4/17) - I Give This One A... TEN!


SMACKDOWN! LIVE (04.04.17)
ORLANDO, FL (Amway Center)
Commentators: Tom Phillips, John "Bradshaw" Layfield, David Otunga
Written by Brendan Wahl

The new WWE Champion Randy Orton started off the show by heading to the ring with belt in hand and talking about how he is now the master of the world. Bray Wyatt interrupted on the big screen and talked about his impending rematch before announcing that he wanted to fight him and drive him to "a new level of insanity." Wyatt called it the House of Horrors match and despite not knowing what it is, Orton accepted the challenge and called him down for a fight. However, the lights went out and when they returned, Wyatt appeared behind Orton and jumped him. Orton managed a powerslam but then Erick Rowan made his return to the company and helped to beat down the champion! Suddenly, Luke Harper then ran down and managed to take both Rowan and Wyatt down.


Miz and Maryse talked about backing John Cena into a corner so much that he had to save face and propose to Nikki at Wrestlemania. Miz said that they are going to call both of them out and it would be the last time we see either babyface for a very long time.

1) Smackdown Women's Champion Naomi def. Alexa Bliss by submission to retain the title in 10:07. The crowd seemed pretty split between both competitors despite the show taking place in Naomi's hometown. The match covered the span of a commercial break and much of it was Bliss working over Naomi's previous injury. A big kick to the head from Naomi gave her a very dramatic two count as did the Rear View. The finish came when Naomi made Bliss tap out to some kind of koji clutch variation.


Curt Hawkins made an open challenge and gave anyone in the locker room TEN SECONDS to come out and face him...

2) Tye Dillinger def. Curt Hawkins by pinfall in 1:56. The crowd went insane for the appearance of Tye Dillinger and chanted "Ten!" at everything he did. Tye got the win with the Tyebreaker in a rather quick victory.


Mojo Rawley talked about winning the battle royale at Wrestlemania and said that it's only the beginning of his accomplishments on the show.

The Miz and Maryse came down to the ring dressed as John Cena and Nikki Bella, respectively. After sharing a forced 'romantic' moment, Miz reported that Cena and Bella were leaving forever. Suddenly, a violin player appeared in the aisle playing a very familiar theme song... and who should come out but Shinsuke Nakamura! He played to the crowd for a bit and then the show went to commercial.


3) Baron Corbin def. Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose by pinfall in a non-title Street Fight in 10:55. There was one fairly vicious spot with Ambrose going absolutely nuts on Corbin with a leather strap. He also managed to elbowdrop Corbin through a table on the floor by launching himself from the top rope. The end came when Corbin caught Ambrose with the End of Days for the victory.


Shane McMahon made his way to the ring to discuss the superstar shake-up to take place on RAW. Before he could get very far though, AJ Styles made the interruption while sporting a nasty-looking shiner but he did shake Shane's hand for giving him the fight of his life at Wrestlemania. AJ also stated that he would like to stay on the blue brand if he could choose.


4) WWE Champion Randy Orton and Luke Harper def. The Wyatt Family by pinfall in 11:52. The lights went out just as Orton was about to hit Bray with the RKO but Orton then RKO'ed Rowan and picked up the win. Bray Wyatt then laughed on the ramp for some reason while Orton and Harper reveled in the victory.



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