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Smackdown Live Results (9/5/17) - Nakamura Defeats Another Legend


SMACKDOWN! LIVE (09.05.17)
SIOUX FALLS, SD (Denny Sanford Premier Center)
Commentators: Tom Phillips, Corey Graves, Byron Saxton
Written by Brendan Wahl

Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura each cut a pre-recorded promo about their match tonight.

Carmella [w /James Ellsworth] appeared in the ring but for some reason, Kevin Owens decided to interrupt them. He declared himself the guest referee for the upcomong women's match but the ref fought that off. Shane McMahon then came down and said that he would not allow Owens to just make himself a referee. Shane told KO to stop blaming him for his recent losses so Owens retaliated by mocking his career achievements. KO said that the entire McMahon family would've been better off if Shane had NOT survived the helicopter crash he was in and that set Shane off to attack him and knock him over the announce table with right hands. Daniel Bryan came down to yell at Shane and ask what he was doing while officials separated the young McMahon from the scene.

When Kevin got to the back, he told Bryan to enjoy his job while he has it because he planned on suing every member of the McMahon family and WWE itself. Bryan suggested a different route so Owens said he would press criminal charges on Shane.

1) Women's Champion Natalya def. Carmella [w /James Ellsworth] by pinfall in 6:19 when Carmella was distracted by Ellsworth dropping the briefcase in the ring and didn't want to cash in. After the match, Carmella got on the microphone and referred to Ellsworth as "the sorriest excuse for a human being" she's ever met. She called Ellsworth a "charity case" and declared their partnership over.

Dolph Ziggler came out for his "re-debut" but then decided that the people didn't deserve him. He then returned to the ring with John Cena's music and did a little bit of his entrance but decided it didn't work so he left and came back again to Macho Man's theme song and did HIS entrance alongside a female doing the Elizabeth role. He decided that didn't work either so he got everyone to hit the lights and he came back out to Naomi's music complete with her outfit and glow entrance. Ziggler said that ANYONE could do what he just did but no one can do what he does in the ring. He declared that the fans don't care what he does in the ring though and don't deserve him. He finally took his leave.

2) Aiden English def. Sami Zayn by pinfall in 1:05 when Sami missed a top-rope move and Aiden cradled him for the win. After the match, Aiden continued to sing but Sami chased him away.

New Day lifted up Daniel Bryan's spirits for a while until The Usos interrupted by announcing the gimmick for next week's tag team title match will be a Street Fight. Bryan then received a phone call from some authoritative figure who wanted him to do something in the ring... which he would do next.

Daniel Bryan called Shane McMahon down to the ring and reminded him of the time when The Miz taunted him on Talking Smack over and over again and Shane was the one to tell Bryan not to get physical with him because he had to put the WWE, the fans and their employees first. Shane apologized for putting Bryan in a tough spot but said that Kevin talking about his family put him into a blind rage. Bryan said that Kevin is going to sue every member of the McMahon family and people's jobs may be at risk. Shane vowed to smooth things over but Bryan cut in and said he just got a call from Vince McMahon himself, who has told Bryan to tell Shane that he is FIRED.

US Champion AJ Styles joins the announce table for color commentary.

3) Baron Corbin def. Tye Dillinger by pinfall in 7:38 with the End of Days following a cheapshot in the corner.

AJ Styles found Tye Dillinger in the hallway and said that next week he would defend the US Championship against him and they can give the people one hell of a match.

James Ellsworth tried to make up with Carmella... so she kissed him! And then slapped him. She declared that from now on, she will dictate what happens with them.

4) Shinsuke Nakamura def. Randy Orton by pinfall in 13:27 when he hit him with the Kinshasa to earn a WWE Title shot at Hell in a Cell.

Daniel Bryan told Kevin Owens that Shane has been suspended so this whole thing is over but Owens plans on making it the Kevin Owens Show. Bryan then announced that Mr. McMahon would return to TV next week to comment on the situation.


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