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Smackdown Live Results (8/22/17) - The Blue Brand's Glorious Makeover

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SD Roode

SMACKDOWN! LIVE (08.22.17)
BROOKLYN, NY (Barclays Center)
Commentators: Tom Phillips, John "Bradshaw" Layfield, Byron Saxton
Written by Brendan Wahl

AJ Styles came out with his US Title and re-instated the United States Open Challenge starting tonight but that brought out Kevin Owens instead of any surprise challenger. AJ said that they wouldn't do this again but KO made his claim that a McMahon screwed another Canadian out of their title match. Before he could go much further, Shane McMahon himself came down and said that he called the match right down the middle and then AJ won fair and square. Owens referenced Shane surviving a "helicopter crash" (complete with air quotes) but somehow being knocked loopy by being grazed with a 450 splash from AJ. Owens showed footage of Shane counting to three while AJ's foot was on the ropes and then continuing the match even though his hand counted the three count. Owens demanded a rematch and AJ was fine with it but Owens wanted to pick his own referee because he's been screwed by numerous officials and Shane himself as well. Shane said that this would be Kevin's very last shot at the US Title as long as AJ held the title. It was scheduled for later tonight.

The Singh Brothers interrupted Daniel Bryan's phone call to bring in WWE Champion Jinder Mahal. Bryan accused Mahal of always needing his buddies to help him win his title defenses so he scheduled a match tonight where Shinsuke Nakamura will be facing both Singhs.

Kevin Owens approached Sami Zayn to be the referee for his US Title match tonight. Sami didn't seem too sure but Kevin told him to think about it as he walked away.

1) Bobby Roode def. Aiden English by pinfall in 6:26 when he executed the Glorious DDT.

Chad Gable confided in Daniel Bryan that all everyone ever wants to talk about is Jason Jordan because of him being Kurt Angle's son. However, Bryan found Chad another partner in a trade-off for Jordan leaving for RAW - Shelton Benjamin! He booked them for a match next week.

Sami Zayn officially turned down Kevin's offer to be the referee for his match.

2) Tag Team Champions The Usos def. The Hype Bros in a non-title match by pinfall in 3:14 when they score the pin over Ryder following a superkick. After the contest, the Usos decided that Smackdown was now the Uso Penitentiary and said that any tag team in the locker room had better watch out for them.

3) Shinsuke Nakamura def. The Singh Brothers [w /WWE Champion Jinder Mahal] by submission in2:37 when he made one of them tap out to a triangle choke. After the match, Shinsuke hit Jinder with the Kinshasa.

Breezango offered to be co-referees for Kevin's US Title match but Kevin yelled at them and told them to leave. Baron Corbin then offered to do it but only if he gets first dibs on the title shot if Kevin wins the title. Kevin reluctantly agreed and gave him the ref shirt.

The new Smackdown Women's Champion Natalya came down to the ring to cut a promo about how SummerSlam will always be known as "the day the glow was unplugged." She held up the championship (complete with its original design) and declared that this would be her time to shine. This brought about the interruption of Miss Money in the Bank Carmella [w /James Ellsworth] who congratulated her but reminded the new champ that she could still cash in at any given moment. Carm said that they were about to have a tag match tonight and said that it might be Nattie's time but she would still be on her watch. Ellsworth babbled on a bit too much, revealing a possible plan that Carmella could cash in on Nattie tonight and she subtly told him to hush up.

4) Becky Lynch & Naomi def. Women's Champion Natalya & Carmella [w /James Ellsworth] by pinfall in 7:24 when Naomi hit a split-legged moonsault on Carmella following some miscommunication between the heel team.

Dolph Ziggler made his return and sarcastically talked about how he was coming back in a backstage interview. He mocked other stars and then said he would make an impact next week.

Lana told Nia Jax that her ravishing change would begin next week. She told her to concentrate and get angry to crush every one of her opponents to begin her ravishing reign of terror en route to becoming the Women's Champion.

Baron Corbin stopped AJ Styles in the hallway and AJ said that he could get a title shot anytime because he would be doing the Open Challenge every week when he retains his title.

5) AJ Styles def. Kevin Owens by pinfall to retain the United States Title in 12:55. Baron Corbin served as the special guest referee. During the match, Shane McMahon protested the way that Corbin was reffing the match and even pulled him out of the ring while he was counting the fall after Owens hit a low blow. Corbin then gave up on the job and gave the ref shirt to Shane since he was giving him so much grief.


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