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Hello and welcome everyone to the Smackdown Live Coverage and Chat! Tonight Smackdown eminates from the Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix, Az. Over the past two weeks, SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair has been picking apart The Riott Squad as payback for the vicious attack that nearly cost her the title. After The Queen defeated Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan in singles competition, Ruby Riott issued a challenge to Flair, Becky Lynch & Naomi for a Six-Woman Tag Team throwdown. In addition to checking out the live coverage, also join us for a live chat in the comments section.

We kickoff Smackdown Live with A.J. Styles making his way to the ring. Renee Young begins her interview with Styles but is interrupted by the crowd chanting A.J. Styles loudly. Renee asks Styles if he feels as if he's still in control of his own destiny, and he looks at the Wrestlemania sign and says yes. He says he feels he can backup his statements even if they sound cocky. Styles runs down the possibilities of how he could lose his title, however states he can beat all of them individually. Corbin interrupts Styles before Styles can say how he would defeat Corbin. Owens now comes down to interrupt Corbin and says he is putting Styles through a table. Owens calls Corbin a fake tough guy and Corbin tells Owens he will punk him out. Styles attempts to make a joke about Zayn not being with Owens however Owens says Zayn let him down. Shane now comes down and makes some matches including our opener of Ziggler and Owens.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Kevin Owens:

We come back from commercial with the bell ringing and Ziggler going right at Owens. Owens rolls out the ring and Ziggler chases him down but gets kicked for his attempt. Ziggler regains control and throw Owens into the table and then back into the ring. Ziggler gets caught by Owens on the outside however it doesn't last long as Ziggler dropkicks him off the apron. Ziggler throws Owens into the corner and starts raking his face on the ropes. Owens finally takes a short cut and kicks Ziggler in the knee. He puts Ziggler down in the corner and hits the cannonball. We come back from commercial with Ziggler countering Owens with a DDT and both men are down. Owens misses Ziggler in corner and hits the ring post, Ziggler pins him for two. Owens drops an elbow on Ziggler and he gets a two count as well. Owens attempts to go up top however Ziggler catches him but Owens counters with a head butt. Ziggler runs back up again however Owens counters and misses a senton attempt. Ziggler hits the fame asser for a two count. Ziggler attempts a Zig-Zag but its countered, Owens attempts a Pop-up powerbomb but Ziggler counters into a Zig-Zag for two. Both men finally get to their feet and Ziggler hits a big splash but Zayn's music hits and runs down to the ring. He stops short and Owens superkicks Ziggler in the back of the head for the win.

Winner: Kevin Owens

We come back from commercial with Mahal's music playing and Mahal in the ring. Mahal says he has made a discovery that has shook him to his core. Mahal reveals Roode's personal top ten list and he has himself at number one. Mahal says Roode left himself and Orton off the list. Also that Roode is arrogant and fancies himself the next legend killer. Roode comes to the ring and says he knows Mahal wants a shot at his title, but he couldn't defeat Roode. Mahal tries to bait Roode into admitting he's better than Orton. Roode says this is between he and Mahal and has nothing to do with Orton. Orton makes his way to the ring and he and Roode dump Mahal over the top. Then Orton attempts a RKO on Roode but its reversed into a Glorious DDT. Mahal then comes back in and drops Roode with his finisher.

Shane and Bryan discuss backstage about how they are not on the same page.

Charlotte, Naomi and Becky Lynch vs. Riott Squad:

This match is started with Sarah Logan and Charlotte, Charlotte controls Logan with a headlock early and tags Naomi in. Naomi twerks on Logans face but Logan clotheslines Naomi down. Naomi kips up and then tags in Becky. However Logan gets the upper hand and tags in Riott. They attempts a double suplex but Naomi helps her out. The faces clear the ring and we go to commercial. We come back from break with Becky and Riott in the ring. Becky locks an armbar onto Riott and taunts the other Squad members. Both women get to the corner and tags in Morgan and Naomi. They do some shoulder tackles with neither woman falling. Naomi finally hits a kick to the midsection then sends Morgan to the ground and connects a split legged moonsault. Naomi connects with a over the top rope splash then Riott throws Naomi into the stairs. Morgan tags in Logan who locks in an Anaconda Vice on Naomi. Logan hits a couple of forearms, then Naomi uses a hurricanrana to tag in Charlotte. Charlotte starts to think about the figure eight on Logan but Morgan distracts Charlotte and Logan goes for the knee. Charlotte gets to Becky for the tag however and connects with a mosslike drop kick. Riott is tagged in and Becky connects with a Becksploder suplex then the arm bar. The women begin to clean house leaving just Riott and Becky. Becky catches a Riott kick and Riott Squad wins.

Winners: Riott Squad

Zayn finds Owens backstage and says he owes his opportunities to Kevin Owens. Sami says he will lay down for Owens and allow him to win at Fastlane.

New Day vs. Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable:

We start this match with Woods and Gable with some great back and forth wrestling until Woods drops Gable for a one count. Gable grounds Woods and then tags in Benjamin. He gets Woods down for a two count and now we are back to a commercial. We come back from commercial with Woods hitting a missile drop kick on Benjamin. Both men tag and now we have Big E and Gable in the ring. Big E belly to bellies Gable twice and then reverses a back slide attempt. Gable holds Big E up and then belly to belly suplexes him. Gable misses a moonsault and then Big E hits a belly to belly of his own. Gable and Benjamin hits their finisher but Kofi distracts the referee. Woods connects with a shining wizard on Benjamin for the win.

Winners:; New Day

After the match the Bludgeon Brothers comes down and stare at New Day.

Bludgeon Brothers vs. Local Talent

Bludgeon Brothers hit double drop kicks, then a double powerbomb. Rowan then hits a senton on the outside. Harper and Rowan do the splash in the corner and then connect with their finisher for the win.

A video package for Nakamura is shown.

A.J. Styles vs. Baron Corbin

Styles begins the match using his quickness to get the best of Corbin. He puts Corbin in the corner however he's countered with a big boot. Corbin sends Styles to the outside and we go to commercial with Styles grabbing his back. Corbin slides outside and then back into side and turns Styles inside out with a clothesline. Corbin throws Styles into the corner however Styles ducks and Corbin hits the ring post. Corbin goes to the outside and Styles connects with a sliding knee from the apron. Corbin throws Styles onto the table but Styles lands on his feet and then connects with a springboard forearm. Corbin kicks out and sends Styles to the corner and Styles ends up eating a nasty deep six. Corbin gets a two count and Styles locks in the Calf Crusher but Corbin reverses. Styles hits a Phenomenal Forearm for the win.

Winner: A.J. Styles

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