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Be sure to join us here at 8pm ET for live coverage of tonight's Smackdown! What will be the fallout from No Mercy and what can we expect from Orton & Kane vs. The Wyatt Family, which is set to take place tonight. What role will Luke Harper now play in this feud?

Make sure to join us and follow along as we cover the show and discuss your... discussion... stuff. Yep.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What did you think of No Mercy? Highs? Lows? In-betweens?

SMACKDOWN! LIVE (10.11.16)
Commentators: Mauro Ranallo, John "Bradshaw" Layfield, David Otunga
Written by Brendan Wahl

The new Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler comes down to the ring to open the show! He talks about letting his emotions getting the best of him to make him put his career on the line and he didn't know if he was even going to be here for Smackdown! Live, mentioning that the "preview" button on the TV Guide even said that he would be gone at this point. He says that THIS IS HIS HOME and there was NO way he was ever walking out of No Mercy without the Intercontinental Title. Of course, this draws out the former champion in the Miz, who has Maryse alongside him as well. Miz declares that he is there to mourn the death of the title at 188 days. He says that he was the one who brought prestige to that title and says that this is only Act II because Miz is now the hero who has to overcome insurmountable odds and re-capture his gold. Ziggler shows footage of his winning pinfall over the Miz along with Miz's upset facial expression following the match at No Mercy. Ziggler questions if Miz was crying and has a good laugh but Miz says that his face was seeing everything he worked for and sacrificed getting ripped away from him. The fans get a "you were crying" chant started up but Miz tells them that they wouldn't know what passion, pain or sacrifice even is... and Miz tells Dolph to just imagine what he will do to get his belt back. Miz says that he's not done with Dolph and neither are the Spirit Squad. This draws out Kenny and Mikey, who do a cheer about facing Dolph in a handicap match.

Dolph Ziggler (Intercontinental Champion) vs. The Spirit Squad

Dolph avoids Mikey quickly and clotheslines Kenny over the top rope as we take a quick commercial break.

When we come back, Kenny has Ziggler trapped in a reverse chinlock. Dolph fights out but Kenny catches a superkick attemot and clotheslines him down. The tag is made to Mikey, who drops a few knees and locks in a sleeper hold. After a series of reversals though, Dolph gets a sleeper of his own. Mikey backs him into the corner to escape but then Dolph slides to the outside and trips Kenny to make him land on the floor. Mikey gets the tag to Kenny and Dolph catches them both with a double DDT. Dolph hits a pair of clotheslines on Kenny but a cheapshot from Mikey allows Kenny to get a 'line of his own for a near fall. Dolph then slides out of a Canadian Backbreaker attempt, superkicks Kenny and gets the victory.

WINNER via PINFALL (over Kenny): Dolph Ziggler (6:42)

Miz cheapshots and gives Dolph the Skull-Crushing Finale but Heath Slater & Rhyno run down to save Dolph from further damage. The heels bail.

Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon announce that they are proposing three elimination matches at Survivor Series: the five best males from each brand in a match, the five best females from each brand in a match and the five best tag teams from each brand in a match.

Nikki Bella is interviewed by Renee Young earlier today to promote Total Bellas and then says she'll continue to live a fearless life after going through Carmella. However, Carmella attacks her from behind and throws her into a big crate before she is ushered away.

Naomi vs. Carmella

We take an immediate commercial break right after Carmella attacks her before the bell.

We're back with Carmella trapping Naomi in a chinlock. The girl with the glow makes her way to her feet but Carmella takes her back down and gets a two count. She continues to work over her back with some elbow shots but Naomi comes back with a split-legged jawbreaker. She gets her rapid-fire kicks and bulldogs Carmella into the corner before heading up top with a cross-body for a near fall. Carm makes her comeback but the distraction of Nikki Bella (as well as a swarm of referees) distracts Carmella long enough for Naomi to roll her up and get the win.

WINNER via PINFALL: Naomi (2:56)

Nikki gives chase to Carmella, who ends up bailing through the crowd.

Charly Caruso asks Alexa Bliss for her thoughts and she says that Naomi is just a rave girl that she could beat any day of the week. Daniel Bryan interrupts and books a match with Naomi against Bliss next week.

Chad Gable [w /Jason Jordan] vs. Jimmy Uso [w /Jey Uso]

Gable takes Jimmy down quickly and goes after his left arm before trapping it in a killer armbar. However, Jimmy fights out and gets a superkick followed by a Samoan drop for a two count. Uso goes to a chinlock but Gable fights out and then flips his opponent to the outside. Jimmy runs back in where Gable backdrops him and gets a big clothesline from the top rope. A big Alphaplex is next from Gable and then he traps the arm with the use of the ropes. He misses something off the top rope, allowing Jimmy to roll him up with Jey providing some illegal leverage to get him the victory.

WINNER via PINFALL: Jimmy Uso (2:50)

Hype Bros have some discussion about the big elimination match with Mojo poking fun at Ryder's nerdiness. They talk about getting focused and then the Ascension make their way in. Mojo asks why they're there because they were just changing. The Ascension simply walk away.

WWE World Champion AJ Styles comes down to the ring to bask in his successful No Mercy title defense and quickly declares that "THE CHAMP... IS... HERE!" He talks about beating Ambrose, Cena AND both of them at the same time. AJ says that everyone cheering him is a loser because they have to vicariously live their lives through him. He brings up Cena and Ambrose but they both get mixed reactions. AJ says that the fans are pathetic for cheering for either of those guys and then says that it doesn't matter how he won because "winners find a way to win." AJ asks for his next opponent to come down... and he gets Dean Ambrose. AJ tells Dean to leave because he wasn't talking about him as his next opponent so Dean says that AJ just wants the easy way out because he doesn't want none of Dean. He says that he's taking AJ out and no one on the roster is jumping him in line. AJ says that's fine because his opponent's not even on the roster. IT'S JAMES ELLSWORTH. AJ says that Ellsworth was supposed to be his tag team partner over a month ago but then Miz beat him up so AJ's gonna give James an opportunity against... HIM in a non-title match. Styles tells Ambrose to beat it and he actually does because he wants to see this match. Dean goes to get a ringside seat but AJ tells him to fully leave and go to the back. This prompts the arrival of Daniel Bryan who says that he is a HUGE James Ellsworth fan... so the match is gonna happen RIGHT NOW. Dean will not be at ringside but that's because he's going to be the special guest referee. Dean empties his pockets and rings the bell.

Non-Title Match
- Guest Referee: Dean Ambrose
James Ellsworth vs. AJ Styles (WWE World Champion)

Ambrose checks Styles for a possible weapon and we head to a commercial break.

When we come back from the break, AJ is hammering away in the corner and then pounds him in the other corner. Dean stops AJ from using a closed fist and they argue before James hits AJ with a right hand of his own. AJ gives chase and on his way back in, Ambrose trips the champion. Ellsworth gets a quick rollup for a two count so AJ knocks him back down with a suplex. He nails the young man with a backbreaker and then quickly gets the Calf Crusher. James clearly taps out but Ambrose takes a phone call and "can't hear" it. AJ tosses James to the outside and then tosses him into the barricade followed by slamming him on the floor. AJ quickly gets James back into the ring... and then tosses in again. Dean then rolls James back in and then decides to sign an autograph and take a picture with a female fan. However, AJ gets him to come back in and then hits James with the Styles Clash. Dean counts to two but then hits AJ with Dirty Deeds... and then puts James on top... for a TWO COUNT. Dean then goes to the outside to grab a drink and hits AJ with a second Dirty Deeds to give JAMES ELLSWORTH THE WIN.

WINNER via PINFALL: James Ellsworth (10:25)

Randy Orton asks Kane to come along for the ride to which Kane says he's in but adds that Randy has issues.

AJ Styles freaks out at Shane and Daniel for how Ambrose screwed him over in his match. Shane tells AJ to calm down and says that it's official - he lost to James Ellsworth tonight. AJ says he'll have to take things into his own hands. Bryan says "speaking of Ellsworth..." he has an idea for next week.

Luke Harper has a microphone and talks about having seen the light after being put to sleep by the world. Bray says that this world is a black hole but out of that comes the Gods. He tells Orton to bring his monster because he brought his monster in the form of Luke Harper.

Randy Orton/Kane vs. The Wyatt Family

Kane starts off with Harper, who blocks a slam and jabs him. He quickly tags in Bray, who also hammers away on Kane but the Big Red Machine fires back. Bray runs right into a big boot and powders to the outside where Randy rams him into the apron and rolls him back in. Bray escapes a chokeslam attempt and rolls to the outside as we take a break.

We come back with Orton nailing Harper with a superplex and then tags in Kane. The monster nails Harper with a couple of clotheslines and hits a sidewalk slam for a two count. He boots Harper and then grabs both Wyatts by the throat. That allows Harper to dropkick Kane down though and then Bray takes over the tempo of the contest. Running senton grabs Bray a two count. Harper is tagged back in and delivers a superkick to the gut. He stomps on Kane in the corner and then we get some double-teaming. Kane is finally able to come back with a big DDT and we get tags on both sides. Orton delivers a pair of clotheslines and a powerslam on Bray. He goes for the draping DDT but Bray pulls him to the outside. However, Orton throws Harper over the announce table and then clotheslines Bray. Bray is thrown into the barricade and the ring steps and then Orton gets him back in where Bray begs off and asks for mercy. Orton doesn't fall for it though and hits the draping DDT. Randy gets set for the RKO but Harper comes in with a superkick. However, Bray misses a senton splash and Orton reaches for the tag. The lights go out though and suddenly Harper is standing there. Randy walks right into Sister Abigail for the victory for the Wyatts.

WINNERS via PINFALL (Bray over Orton): The Wyatt Family (10:46)

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