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We're at the home stretch right before No Mercy takes place this Sunday! Be sure to join us at 8pm/ET RIGHT HERE to find out what happens in the final build for the big card. Perhaps we'll even get an additional match or two set up for the show!

SMACKDOWN! LIVE (10.04.16)
SAN DIEGO, CA (Valley View Casino Center)
Commentators: Mauro Ranallo, John "Bradshaw" Layfield, David Otunga
Written by Brendan Wahl

Kane vs. Bray Wyatt

Bray starts off aggressively by hammering away and kicking Kane down in the corner but the Big Red Machine quickly recovers and pummels him back. Bray comes back with a flying forearm and a splash in the corner followed by a throat thrust. Bray chinlocks Kane to slow things down but he escapes with a jawbreaker. Bray recovers first but misses a senton and then gets clotheslined in the corner several times. Kane hits a big sidewalk slam and jumping DDT before setting up for the Chokeslam. However, Bray counters with a uranage and hits the senton this time. Wyatt does his spider-walk but notices Randy Orton on the big screen upside-down. Orton says he's just looking at the world the way Bray sees it: upside-down. He spins around until he's right side-up. Meanwhile, Kane recovers and goes for the Chokeslam but bray counters with a shot to the head and then bails to the outside. He fakes Kane out though and gets himself coutned out so he can pursue Orton in the back.

WINNER via COUNTOUT: Kane (4:20)

Baron Corbin says he always has everyone's attention and he doesn't care why Jack Swagger was signed to Smackdown! If he's dumb enough to mess with him though, he'll have to drop Swagger where he stands. Swagger then shows up and challenges him to throw down right now but Corbin says he does his talking in the ring. Jack says he'll find Bryan to see if they can continue this "conversation" in the ring.

Bray searches for Orton in the back.

Carmella joins the announce table for color commentary.

Nikki Bella vs. Alexa Bliss

Alexa starts off strong but Nikki kicks her legs out from under her for a quick one count. Bella grabs another pinfall attempt and then hits a Cena-like shoulderblock followed by a dropkick that sends Alexa to the outside. She throws Alexa right into Carmella by the announce table and then tosses her opponent back in the ring. Nikki goes for the TKO but Carmella jumps her for the DQ!

WINNER via DQ: Nikki Bella (1:50)

Becky Lynch runs out to make the save and the heels are tossed out of the ring.

Becky Lynch (Smackdown Women's Champion)/Nikki Bella vs. Alexa Bliss/Carmella

During the break, this match was made, of course. Nikki has an armbar on Bliss and flips her around the ring a couple of times. She nails Bliss with a couple of elbows but a cheapshot from Carmella turns the tide and gets Alexa a two count. Carmella is tagged in and grabs a one count on Nikki so he resorts to rapid-fire right hands. Carm does some moonwalking and gets the Bronco Buster for a two count. Bliss is tagged back in and she immediately grabs a chinlock. Back to Carmella, who also applies a chinlock. She misses a second Bronco Buster though and Becky is tagged in. She nailes Carm with a couple of lariats and a dropkick... and now Bliss is tagged in. Lynch hits her PPV opponent with a pair of Bex-plexes but Bliss manages to avoid a corner charge. Becky DOES hit Alexa with a forearm smash off the apron to the outside though and then follows her in but Carmella cuts her off with a superkick. Nikki goes after Carmella while Alexa hits Becky with Twisted Bliss for the win.

WINNERS via PINFALL (Bliss over Lynch): Alexa Bliss/Carmella (4:02)

Bray continues his search for Randy Orton and finds an empty rocking chair. He approaches it but then Randy shuts a garage door, thus locking Bray Wyatt inside an enclosure. Randy says the hunter is now the hunted ("Lord... have mercy. Or not.") Inside the structure, Bray pounds on the walls and loses his mind.

Daniel Bryan does some Susan G. Komen charity thing in the ring. The survivors are given title belts.

Hype Bros vs. The Vaudevillains

Mojo starts off with Gotch and drops him with a huge bodyslam. He announces that it's "Hammer Time" and then drops a... hammer, I guess? Ryder is tagged in but Gotch avoids a wristlock. The Ascension stand on the ramp for some reason. Ryder grabs an armbaron Gotch and then knees him in the face and dropkicks English off the apron. Gotch fires back though and then takes Ryder down with an exploder suplex. Aiden covers for a two count and poses followed by choking him on the ropes. English grabs a two count before tagging in Gotch for some double chops and right hands. Back to English now as he grabs a modified chinlock and then slams his opponent down. Kneedrop misses and Gotch is tagged in but Ryder gets out of an Alabama Slam and hot tags Mojo. He's a house of fire on both heels and shoulderblocks English down followed by a big press slam. Gotch is sent to the outside and they hit the Hype Ryder on English for the victory.

WINNERS via PINFALL (Mojo over English): Hype Bros (3:52)

MIZTV w/Intercontinental Champion The Miz [w /Maryse]
- Guest: Dolph Ziggler

This edition of MIZTV is set to feature a "Dolphumentary" so Miz immediately brings Ziggler out to the ring. He says that Dolph's career could be over this Sunday but will not be forgotten. He shows the "Dolphumentary" in the style of a WWE Network special called "The Success of a Failure," which focuses on his career lowlights and makes him look like a fool. As it ends, Miz sarcastically applauds but Ziggler calls Miz an "assface" and says he'll slap the hell out of him if he pushes him anymore. Dolph says that for every ten stupid things he's done, he's gotten maybe one kid saying that he looks up to him and Dolph says you can't take that away from someone. Dolph talks about cashing in the briefcase and winning the World Heavyweight Title the night after Wrestlemania and all of these reasons are why he can't walk away from this business. He knows he has to put his career on the line though because if he can't deliver then he doesn't belong here. He promises that he WILL deliver and beat Miz to become the Intercontinental Champion and adds that Miz will NOT take his career from him EVER. Miz disagrees and says that Dolph's career WILL end because of HIM. Miz has just the thing to raise Dolph's spirit though and he brings out two members of the Spirit Squad! Kenny and Mikey run through a cheer for Dolph and then talk about him being in the unemployment line. Miz makes a crack about the other two Spirit Squad members got stuck in transit when they got sent to OVW. Ziggler gets enraged and yells in Miz's face but Kenny and Mikey jump Dolph from behind. They even hit their old finisher on him and dance around in celebration. Miz orders them to do more but Dolph superkicks BOTH of them. Miz comes back in and goes for the Skull-Crushing Finale but Dolph escapes. Miz bails before he can eat a superkick though and we get a big staredown.

Bray is still stuck in that compartment talking to himself.

Jason Jordan [w /Chad Gable] vs. Jey Uso [w /Jimmy Uso]

Jason is quick to go after Uso and dropkicks him to the apron but Jey gets a necksnap for an early one count before going to a chinlock. Jordan fights out with shots to the gut and then reverses an irish whip and quickly sits down with a cradle for a very quick victory.

WINNER via PINFALL: Jason Jordan (1:19)

The Usos go after Chad Gable and then chopblock Jordan's knee as well. Before they can take out Jordan in a more permanent way though, Slater and Rhyno hit the ring and send them retreating to the back.

Bray Wyatt rocks back and forth and sings "Down in the River to Pray" when suddenly he sees (but we don't) Sister Abigail and thanks her for some reason.

Randy Orton opens the door to the compartment and Bray is nowhere to be found. He angrily throws the rocking chair down and then yells "Where are you, Bray?"

We get more Curt Hawkins facts. He announces that he will return at No Mercy. Well, it's about time.

Jack Swagger vs. Baron Corbin

Lockup goes nowhere so Jack tries to go to the amateur stuff but Baron grabs the ropes. Jack does get a go-behind though so Baron elbows him and then shoulderblocks him down. Swagger fires back though and gets a shoulderblock of his own but Baron cheapshots him and does some ground & pound. We take a commercial break.

When we come back, Corbin is arguing about the cadence of the referee's count. Apparently, Baron has taken out Swagger's knee. He goes to a half-nelson chinlock but Swagger fights out and then makes a comeback with some stiff clotheslines. He gets a big back suplex and the Swagger Bomb is countered... but Jack grabs the feet and applies the Ankle Lock! Baron crawls for the ropes and paws away, which the ref somehow interprets as a tap-out and rings the bell. What the hell?

WINNER via "SUBMISSION": Jack Swagger (8:21)

WWE World Champion AJ Styles comes down and talks about beating John Cena to become the Face that Runs the Place at SummerSlam. He also mentions beating Ambrose to become the champion and then says that he has the chance to beat BOTH of them at the same time at No Mercy. Dean Ambrose interrupts and makes fun of his nickname before talking about how AJ took the low road at Backlash to win that title. Dean is mad about having had AJ pinned for like 30 seconds last week but then John Cena just HAD to interfere and get involved. Dean says that Cena should be thanking him for bringing the title to Smackdown in the first place so Cena can even have a chance at breaking that Ric Flair record. That's enough to draw Cena out for the next interruption. AJ cuts him off though and says that Cena will NEVER be in the same conversation as Ric Flair even if he breaks the record or not and tells him to worry about AJ and not that record. He says Cena will just mae a fool out of himself like he did at SummerSlam but Ambrose takes his turn to cut Cena off this time. He predicts what Cena will say about him and calls him the master of the political spin and says that's why he's managed to stay on top for 15 years. Dean says that Cena has cut everyone's legs out from under them but he's not a harder worker than him because he's in the ring every single night while Cena is off on private jets going to award shows. He says that Cena's got no respect for him because Dean won't kiss John's ass or ask him for advice. He says that if it takes being a bona fide suck-ass to become a superstar then he'll be over here being Dean Ambrose. Cena says talk is cheap and we get a brawl that ends with Cena hitting the AA on Ambrose and clearing AJ out of the ring. He poses with the title but then AJ comes back in and nails the leader of the Cenation with the Phenomenal Forearm. Now AJ poses with the belt and leaves the ring with both of his PPV opponents laid out. Oh, wait! Ambrose wipes out AJ and nails him with Dirty Deeds on the ramp before HE poses with the title.

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