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SMACKDOWN! LIVE (11.01.16)
NEWARK, NJ (Prudential Center)
Commentators: Mauro Ranallo, John "Bradshaw" Layfield, David Otunga
Written by Brendan Wahl

Hey, we start the show off with James Ellsworth complete with music and everything! However,he looks somewhat upset and nervous after screwing up in Dean Ambrose's match last week. He thanks Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan for letting him come down to the ring tonight so he can say goodbye. The crowd isn't on-board with that idea but James says he's not gonna be able to leave until he can explain to Dean how TRULY sorry he is. He invites Dean down to the ring and the Lunatic Fringe doesn't look too ecstatic about this situation. He says that James doesn't owe him an apology because it was his own fault for bringing James down to the ring... but James stresses what he did to him and makes the situation sound a lot worse. James adds that "any man with two hands can make a mistake" but Dean says it's water under the bridge and begs him to just never get in his way again. James says he wishes he could go back in time and change everything and says "I'm sorry" but Dean clearly just wants to drop the whole thing and move on. Cue WWE World Champion AJ Styles, who questions why James would even bother apologizing to Dean Ambrose. He says that he respects James more than Dean does because he was gonna make the victory quick and painless while Dean kept egging on AJ so it made the punishment last longer and caused James to suffer for a long time. AJ says that because of HIM though, people are wearing shirts with Ellsworth's face on them. Dean says that James doesn't take the cheap way out like AJ... and then AJ shoves James into Ambrose and tosses him out of the ring. AJ winds up and nails Ambrose with the Phenomenal Forearm

Daniel Bryan tries to calm down the Ellsworth/Ambrose argument backstage. Daniel gives Dean another shot at AJ Styles here tonight and if he wins he will become the #1 contender to the WWE World Title. Daniel also tells James to stay in the back and NOT go out there no matter what happens.

No DQ Match
Kane vs. Randy Orton

Randy starts off on the outside with right hands on the outside and grabs a chair but Kane takes it from him and smacks him in the back with it. He heads back in but Randy kicks him in the head... and gets whipped into the corner. Sidewalk slam is delivered by Kane and he sets up for the Chokeslam but the Wyatts video plays and the lights go out. When they come back on, Bray and Harper are at ringside. Kane counters an RKO with a big boot before being pulled to the outside. He knocks down both Wyatts though before throat thrusting Randy. The Wyatts come back in and Kane goes after them, allowing Randy to RKO Kane for the victory.

WINNER via PINFALL: Randy Orton (2:08)

Luke Harper gives Kane a discus lariat and then goes for something else on Kane but Orton shoves the Big Red Machine into Bray instead for Sister Abigail. Randy poses in the corner while Bray and Luke pose in front of Kane's fallen body. There is tension between Orton and Harper.

A highlight video is shown for Baron Corbin.

Becky Lynch (Women's Champion)/Nikki Bella vs. Alexa Bliss/Carmella

Carmella avoids Nikki and quickly tags in Bliss, who nails Nikki with an elbow to the face and takes her down. The heels are quickly cleared out of the ring though and we get stereo baseball slide kicks as we go to commercial.

We come back with Becky delivering straight fire and a side kick on Carmella for a two count. Bliss then comes in to toss Becky into Nikki but gets caught with a reverse DDT. Carm distracts the ref though so Becky knocks her off the apron. Bliss then delivers a sick DDT on Becky for the big three count.

WINNERS via PINFALL: Alexa Bliss/Carmella (5:52)

Alexa and Carmella shoo the post-match interviewer out of the ring and the latter says that she's most looking forward to embarrassing Bayley and Charlotte on the RAW side at Survivor Series. Bliss says that Becky's fairy tale is going to end next week and she can consider Bliss as the Wicked Witch of the WWE when she beats the champ for her title.

Daniel and Shane add Naomi to the Survivor Series team that also includes Becky Lynch, Nikki Bella, Alexa Bliss and Carmella. Naomi says that Smackdown's gonna shine and then leaves. Natalya suggests that she could act as a coach to the women's team and gets the okay.

Survivor Series Qualifying Match
American Alpha vs. The Spirit Squad

Gable starts by taking Kenny down to the mat but a distraction from Mikey allows him to take over quickly and slam Gable down. Mikey comes in with a one count and then goes to a chinlock. Gable fights out and avoids a springboard dropkick before tagging in a fired-up Jason Jordan. He goes nuts on Kenny with suplexes but he hits the corner shoulder-first and gets rolled up for a near fall. Gable gets tripped up and Mikey is planted with Grand Amplitude for the win.

WINNERS via PINFALL (Gable over Mikey): American Alpha (2:00)

mizTV w/The Miz [w /Maryse]
- Guest: Daniel Bryan

The Daniel Bryan chants are in full force as Miz tries to start talking. He makes some cracks about Talking Smack so Bryan threatens to cancel mizTV. Instead, Miz is ready to talk about Survivor Series so Bryan makes an announcement about the Smackdown tag team elimination match where we will have two more qualifying matches to determine the final two pairings. Miz asks about the men's team so Bryan announces it will consist of Randy Orton, Baron Corbin, Bray Wyatt, Dean Ambrose and WWE World Champion AJ Styles. Miz is pissed to say the least and questions if he's not on the team to which Bryan keeps responding in the negative. Bryan says that they DID consider Miz but they needed superstars who aren't afraid to fight and that's where Miz fails. Bryan says that Miz proved his cowardice for not accepting Dolph's offer of a title match so Miz cuts him off and accuses HIM of being scared to fight. He puts Maryse between them and then says that Bryan isn't good at anything anymore. He tells the GM to go back to moping around John Cena's house on "Total Bellas." Bryan gets enraged and says that Miz can take a seat at the announce table while Dolph Ziggler defends his Intercontinental Title in an open challenge right now.

WWE Intercontinental Title Match
Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Curt Hawkins

One superkick from Ziggler and it's over.

WINNER via PINFALL: Dolph Ziggler (:07)

Dolph talks to Renee Young in the ring and talks about Miz's claim that he's not a fighting champion. He says that he's put his entire career on the line for this very title and then brings up Survivor Series. Now we're gonna do this on the champ's terms. Any superstar on Monday Night RAW is open to come and take his title at Survivor Series in a championship match. Miz is NOT happy.

Dean Ambrose talks about beating AJ after the interviewer botches James Ellsworth's name. James interrupts though and BEGS to come to ringside again but Dean says absolutely not and tells him to go eat some Halloween candy. James walks off in a slump.

Bray Wyatt questions Randy Orton's new alliance because he's a viper but he is welcome because of his credentials. Luke Harper is unsure of this turn of events but Orton says that he was born with the devil whispering in his ear and he's done trying to fight it. Randy tells Bray that he IS a God and his eyes light up.

Survivor Series Qualifying Match
The Headbangers vs. The Usos

The Usos start out quickly with Jey hitting a Samoan Drop on Thrasher for a two count. He goes to a chinlock early on but Thrasher fights out with a swinging neckbreaker and the tag is made on both sides. Mosh goes to work on Jimmy in the corner and hits a flatliner for two but Jey breaks it up. Mosh gets rid of Jey but the ref gets him to leave, which allows Jey to cheapshot Mosh and then Jimmy rolls him up for the win.

WINNERS via PINFALL (Jimmy over Mosh): The Usos (1:24)

WWE World Champion AJ Styles is tired of questions from dumb interviewers and says that this time, James Ellsworth won't be out there to give Dean an excuse.

Dean tells James not to take it personally and they'll keep in touch. He just doesn't want him screwing up or in danger. He shows him the door and tells him to just call an uber and take off.

Non-Title Match
Dean Ambrose vs. AJ Styles (WWE World Champion)

We take an immediate commercial break and return in progress with a tope suicida by Ambrose and then the champion gets tossed into the announce table and rammed into the barricade. Dean brings him back in for a one count and chops him in the corner but AJ gets a sunset flip and they do a rollup reversal sequence to exchange a few two counts. Dean gets a Texas Cloverleaf applied but Styles gets to the ropes after a bit of punishment. Dean gets a huge butterfly suplex from the top rope for a near fall but AJ manages to reverse a hiptoss and gets the Calf Crusher. However, Dean gets to the ropes to break the hold. AJ then goes outside to follow him for punishment but Dean catches him and crotches AJ on the barricade. A big forearm knocks the champ into the crowd so Dean quickly breaks the ten count and then rolls him back in but can only grab a one count. He goes for a blockbuster but AJ avoids it and momentum has finally swung in the champion's favour. Dean clutches his knee as we take a commercial break.

AJ goes for the Phenomenal Forearm but Dean kicks the top rope and the champ is knocked to the outside. Ambrose quickly follows up with his hooking clothesline to the outside and brings AJ back in but hops over him and then takes the champ down with a number of double sledges. A big clothesline takes AJ down and he goes charging for the corner. Styles counters into the Calf Crusher but Dean fights out... and then he gets suplexed into the corner! They go through a reversal sequence leading into a face-first slam by Ambrose for a near fall. AJ comes back with thrusts to the throat but Dean counters the Styles Clash and they clothesline each other. Suddenly, James Ellsworth comes out through the crowd and his distraction leads to a Pele Kick from Styles but it only gets a two count. Security then runs down so Ellsworth esca[es through the crowd. Dean takes this opportunity to get a rollup for two and they go through a crazy series of counters leading to a Calf Crusher by the champ. Dean finally manages to make it to the ropes and here comes Ellsworth again. Security snatches him but it provies enough distraction for Dean to catch AJ with a kick to the gut and Dirty Deeds for the victory.

WINNER via PINFALL: Dean Ambrose (12:56)

As Jamees is dragged away, he smiles at Ambrose and has seemingly made good with him. Dean then helps James up and gives him a weird look before heading to the back.

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