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Smackdown! Live Results (1/17/17) - Who Was That Masked Girl?

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Smackdown Live

Tonight is going to be a big night as Becky Lynch will challenge Alexa Bliss for the Smackdown Women's Title in a steel cage! We also have a big rumour regarding the return of a former female superstar! Will she get involved? Only time will tell. Join us at 8pm ET for live results from the show and your discussion!

SMACKDOWN! LIVE (01.17.17)
MEMPHIS, TN (FedEx Forum)
Host: Tom Phillips
Commentators: Mauro Ranallo, John "Bradshaw" Layfield, David Otunga
Written by Brendan Wahl

As advertised, Shane McMahon announces some of the Royal Rumble participants including the Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, Goldberg, Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler, the Miz, Baron Corbin and Dean Ambrose just to name a few. Shane then made his big announcement and that is the return of the Elimination Chamber for the WWE Title at the next Smackdown! PPV. AJ Styles interrupted and wasn't happy about that and then Shane got some heat for mentioning that Cena would tie Ric Flair's record if he wins the title this Sunday. John Cena interrupted among AJ's complaints regarding the match but the champion immediately cut him off. The next person to come out was the Miz (along with Maryse) who planned on getting his Intercontinental Title back and also winning the Elimination Chamber so he can return to the main event of Wrestlemania and have both belts. AJ and Miz get into a tet-a-tet about who beat up John Cena better and then Cena himself stirs up the heat between them. AJ makes a 'limp' joke and Shane finally buckles down and makes a match between the two right now.

Dean Ambrose asked Shane for a new Intercontinental Title belt because it smells like cocoa butter and Miz's stuff in general. Nothing can happen in regards to that but Dean would like Randy Orton tonight so he can take the Wyatts down one at a time.

John Cena is at the announce table for color commentary.

1) AJ Styles (WWE Champion) vs. The Miz went to a No Contest in 10:42. It was interesting to see the two heels go head-to-head but Miz clearly played more of the heel role than Styles. Still, for a match where both guys are 'villains,' the contest got some pretty good heat and ended when AJ threw Miz into Cena, who caught him and shoved him aside. Cena then nailed both guys with an AA!

Nikki Bella tries calling out Natalya for a fight right here and now but she shows up in the crowd and then heads backstage where she goes into the merchandise booth. Nattie made a crack about Bret Hart's merchandise being there, saying that much like Bret, Nikki will die alone. Nikki then showed up for a big pull-apart brawl until security showed up.

Kurt Angle's Hall of Fame video was shown.

2) Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose defeated Randy Orton in a non-title match by pinfall in 13:43. A fairly even match back-and-forth and it felt a bit refreshing to see two guys wrestle each other that don't face each other every other week. In fact, the last time they wrestled each other on TV was two years ago. Both guys wrestled through an entire commercial break just like the opening contest. Luke Harper was sacrificed to Ambrose's tope suicida later in the match, which allowed Orton to hit his trademark Draping DDT. Harper then got right in the ring and Orton quickly shooed him out, which allowed Dean to roll up the Viper for the win. After the contest, Orton and Harper came to blows and got in a slugfest, which caused Bray to break up the fight. Harper even got smacked in the jaw by Bray out of frustration as Randy gave them a slick grin. Luke Harper left angrily as Randy and Bray were left in the ring alone.

Becky Lynch cuts her own promo regarding the steel cage match tonight.

The King's Court made its return to WWE TV with Lawler in his usual old garb from the 90s and he brought down Dolph Ziggler as his guest. Dolph was mostly quiet for the first few minutes of the interview despite Lawler's prodding and questioning of his recent tactics. Lawler shows footage from last week of Ziggler's loss to Kalisto and subsequent attack with a steel chair as well as his attack on an intervening Apollo Crews. Even after all that, Ziggler still won't talk and goes to leave the ring but Lawler FINALLY gets him to talk. Dolph said that he knew Lawler would talk down towards him in front of all his Memphis fans so he brought some footage himself. Dolph shows footage of him dropping an elbow several times on Lawler's chest minutes before he suffered his heart attack back in September of 2012. Dolph takes credit for Lawler's heart attack and told him to stop asking questions or he would finish the job. Lawler responded by saying that Dolph will always be a loser no matter how many times he'd change his attitude. Dolph responded by superkicking Lawler in the CHEST, after which JBL left the announce table to check on him. Lawler yelled after Ziggler as he left to go to the back. He called him to come back into the ring but Dolph didn't break stride and went right into the back.

Bray Wyatt announced that Randy Orton will face Luke Harper next week in an attempt to strengthen the family. He also announced their participation in the Royal Rumble match.

3) Women's Champion Alexa Bliss defeated Becky Lynch to retain the title in a Steel Cage in 10:45. Bliss tried escaping early many times while Becky proved to be the more aggressive one of the two. There was a big spot with Becky giving Alexa an Avalance Bexplex off the top rope. La Luchadora showed up later blocking the entrance to the cage and kicked Lunch in the head while she had the Dis-Arm-Her applied, leading to a snap DDT from Bliss and the victory.


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