Smackdown! Live Results (1/24/17) - Wyatt Family Woes

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Tonight, Randy Orton faces Luke Harper to hopefully "bring the family closer together" as Bray Wyatt has decreed. We will also see Renee Young interview Mickie James after her return and attack on Becky Lynch last week. Join us at 8pm ET and join the conversation as we provide you live results from tonight's Smackdown!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Who do you THINK (not WANT) will win the Royal Rumble?

SMACKDOWN! LIVE (01.24.17)
TOLEDO, OH (Huntington Center)
Host: Tom Phillips
Commentators: Mauro Ranallo, John "Bradshaw" Layfield, David Otunga
Written by Brendan Wahl

The Miz and Maryse complain about the facilities in Toledo and adds that none of the superstars would even make room for him. Bryan offers to give him a stall in the public washroom but then gets serious and gives Miz an Intercontinental Title rematch against Dean Ambrose. Miz wants it to be No DQ but Bryan doesn't want Maryse to interfere so instead he makes it a Lumberjack match.

We take a look at Randy Orton's "if you can't beat them, join them" comments from last October when he joined the Wyatt Family as well as footage from the past two weeks of Bray Wyatt separating Harper and Orton's scuffle only to get caught in the middle. The first time, Bray gets hit by an errant superkick from Harper and then in the second piece of footage, Bray clocks Harper in the face. Tonight, we will settle it once and for all.

1) Randy Orton defeated Luke Harper by pinfall in 10:50 when he hit the RKO outta nowhere. The entire Wyatt Family come down to the ring together with the same entrance. Orton started out more aggressive while Bray remained stoic at ringside, not showing any favouritism. However, Harper gained control on the outside of the ring only to fall victim to Orton's explosive offense back in the ring. Harper avoided an early RKO attempt by sliding out of the ring but then both men engaged in a brutal brawl around the announce table area. Bray seemed to favour Orton by rolling him back in on time but then he did the exact same to Harper as well as he wants a clear winner. The match progressed through a commercial break and Harper had Orton grounded throughout most of it. Randy began to make his comeback with a superplex and his signature snap powerslam but all he could get were near falls. Harper managed to get a very unique RKO counter into a rollup and even hit his discus lariat but also came up short on the pinfall attempts. The end came when Orton managed to hit the RKO and get the pinfall victory.

Bray helped Harper up to his feet... and then dropped him with Sister Abigail! Orton smirked as they walked away from their now-former comrade.

Footage is shown from last week's steel cage match between Alexa Bliss and Becky Lynch with particular attention spent on Mickie James' debut. She joins us for an interview NEXT!

Renee Young interviewed Mickie James in the middle of the ring. She bragged about being a former five-time Women's Champion and former Divas Champion but avoids Renee's question about why she showed up as La Luchadora. Mickie said that Becky and the women of the revolution claim that they are the only real female athletes when she was one of those athletes from back in the day. Mickie says that Alexa is the only one that knew everything about her past and has been fighting the revolution from day one. Mickie says that this is all about the re-invention of Mickie James and that brought out Becky Lynch, who didn't waste any time by tackling her and hammering away with right hands. Becky tried to chase James through the crowd but Alexa Bliss popped up out of nowhere and sucker-punched the Irish Lass Kicker. Back in the ring, Mickie kicked Becky in the face and Alexa dropped the Twisted Bliss on her as well. Mickie finished by telling Becky to always be one step ahead.

Footage is shown of Carmella taking James Ellsworth on a shopping spree. James goes through several different ridiculous costume changes but Carm doesn't like any of them. She finally finds James a really flashy outfit and declares it F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S.

Baron Corbin joins the announce table for color commentary.

2) Mojo Rawley won a Battle Royale for a Royal Rumble spot in 3:13. Tension was teased between Slater and Rhyno immediately as Rhyno nearly eliminated him right off the bat. Instead, they eliminated the Vaudevillains very early in the match. Mojo then tossed Curt Hawkins. Slater eliminated Viktor but then Konnor (with Viktor's help) got Slater tossed out of the match as well. Mojo managed to eliminate Konnor AND Rhyno at the same time, leaving him alone with Breezango. Breeze accidentally eliminated his own partner and then Mojo sent Tyler out for the win.

Footage is shown from earlier today of Natalya interrupting a Nikki Bella interview and running her into the side of a production truck.

AJ Styles came down to the ring to call out John Cena but before he does that, he shows a blow-up of the Royal Rumble poster with Cena front-and-center with Styles almost unnoticeable in the back of the crowd of wrestlers. He calls Cena down to the ring and we run through the usual "boo/cheer" stuff from the audience. AJ cuts him off when he starts to say "the champ is upset" and adds that he is upset about John Cena being on Today and referring to AJ as "Guy From Atlanta." AJ re-iterates who he is and talks about being the "unbeatable, unstoppable champ that runs the camp" since Cena has been gone, adding that no one missed him either. AJ yells at Cena to look at him in the eyes and coins the term, "I'm the face that REPLACED you." AJ says that Cena's had excuses every time he's defeated him and asks if he has any of them left. AJ gives Cena one more excuse: him. AJ added that he's putting a foot in Cena's ass at the Rumble before John finally got the chance to respond. Cena's response was that AJ is so fired up over someone insulting him on a morning show and added that he'll be the excuse for AJ losing his momentum if it ever happens in the WWE. Cena told AJ that he's not on his level or even on the level below him and even made a crack at the indies, saying that he never belonged on the indies - he was always made for the WWE. Cena finished by saying that his time is NOW. Recognize.

Kalisto vs. Ziggler in a rematch - NEXT!

3) Dolph Ziggler squashed Kalisto by pinfall in 48 seconds. Ziggler quickly finished off Kalisto with a superkick. After the contest, Dolph grabbed a steel chair at ringside and argued with JBL, which led to Apollo Crews coming out. However, Ziggler avoided a chairshot from Crews and backed his way up the ramp. Crews then checked on Kalisto and yelled out towards Dolph.

Natalya was scheduled to face Naomi next but the match never started as Naomi made her entrance and then Nattie was jumped by Nikki in the backstage area. Naomi was a bit upset and challenged any woman from the back to come out and face her. This challenge was answered by Alexa Bliss, who told Naomi to calm down and said she wasn't here to answer any challenge. Bliss teased getting in the ring but then backed out and told her to "say hi to obscurity for me." Alexa backed up and went backstage.

Dean Ambrose says he's gonna trust his instincts with tonight's Intercontinental Championship defense against the Miz in the Lumberjack match.

4) Dean Ambrose retained the Intercontinental Title over The Miz by pinfall in a Lumberjack match in 12:09. Both Miz and Ambrose teased going to the outside with the lumberjacks and then each of them did spots with the lumberjacks beating them up. However, since Miz made a comment about his presence paying for everyone's salaries at the top of the show, the roster was a lot more harsh towards him. The match went through a commercial break and saw Miz get a very close near fall after some lumberjack action and a snap DDT. Ambrose had to fight through his share of lumberjacks but hit his signature Lunatic Elbow despite all that. Miz had another very close call later on when he hit Daniel Bryan's running knee after Maryse held Dean's leg. Later in the match, Dean hit a huge dive onto Miz and all of the lumberjacks. Corbin broke up a pin attempt by Ambrose and all the lumberjacks filled the ring but the match wasn't stopped. Miz then got a really close near fall off a rollup but Dean got out of it and instantly planted him with Dirty Deeds for the win.


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