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Smackdown "Open Thread" (12/6/16) - Streaming Live Results & Discussion

The fallout from TLC will be felt as James Ellsworth challenges AJ Styles for the WWE World Title! At the PPV, Ellsworth did the unthinkable and turned on Dean Ambrose to help AJ capture the belt, thinking perhaps foolishly that he had a better chance against Styles in a title match. Will he do the unthinkable again and actually become the new champion tonight on Smackdown! Live?!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What was your favourite match at TLC? (Mine was the main but Corbin/Kalisto was a close second and I honestly didn't hate anything)

SMACKDOWN! LIVE (12.06.16)
HOUSTON, TX (Toyota Center)
Host: Tom Phillips
Commentators: Mauro Ranallo, John "Bradshaw" Layfield, David Otunga
Written by Brendan Wahl

WWE World Champion AJ Styles comes down to the ring and pokes fun at the hole in his pants before bragging about how he deprived Dean Ambrose of his title opportunity. He says that the only negative thing is that now with his walking boot that he must wear for a week, he is not medically cleared to face James Ellsworth tonight. AJ says that James is moving in slow-motion but James fires back and accuses AJ of using the boot as an excuse to not defend his title tonight. He claims to have AJ's number because he's beaten him three times and accuses the champion of "ducking him." James also takes the full credit for AJ Styles retaining his title but he responds by making a chin joke and then tells Ellsworth that all his success is because of Dean Ambrose. Now he's burned that bridge. AJ tells James that Ambrose won't stop his path of revenge until the little guy's face is caved in much like his chin. Dean Ambrose interrupts and without his music even turning off, he hits Ellsworth with Dirty Deeds and leaves while the champion laughs outside the ring.

WWE Smackdown Tag Team Title Match
The Wyatt Family (c) [w /Luke Harper] vs. Beauty and the Man-Beast

Slater starts with Orton and gets taken into a waistlock but he switches out to a headlock. Orton counters with one of his own but then gets forearmed down. Slater ducks down too quickly though and Orton slams the back of his head into the mat. Bray Wyatt is tagged in but eats boots on a charge and Slater gets a cross-body before tagging in Rhyno. The Man-Beast goes nuts on Wyatt and hits a belly-to-belly suplex but Bray rolls out when he attempts the Gore. We take a break.

We come back with Rhyno fighting his way out of a chinlock from Bray Wyatt. However, Bray whips him into the corner and hits a big lariat followed by a senton splash for a pair of two counts. Orton comes back in and goes to town on Rhyno with the Garvin Stomp. Rhyno manages to block a right hand and fire back but Orton cuts him off with a dropkick for two. Rhyno tries fighting back again and manages to come out of the corner with a big shoulderblock before tagging Slater back in! He takes Wyatt down off the apron and hits a high knee to knock Orton down. Slater follows that up with a leg lariat and a neckbreaker for two but a distraction from Wyatt allows Orton to powerslam Slater... for two. Wyatt takes Rhyno to the outside and then gets tagged in but Heath nails him. Wyatt fires right back with a clothesline and then uses Sister Abigail to toss Slater into an RKO for the victory!

WINNERS via PINFALL (Orton over Slater): The Wyatt Family (9:14)

Kalisto has requested a rematch against Baron Corbin tonight but he says that his one advantage tonight is his speed and "speed kills."

Carmella gets on the microphone and says that Nikki is stealing Natalya's spotlight and that's why she attacked Nikki at Survivor Series in the back. She says that Nattie is always "second-best" and this brings her out to incite a big brawl. Nattie chases Carmella all the way to the back where she runs into Nikki. She tries to make her case that she didn't have anything to ddo with the attack but Nikki simply walks off. Hm.

Baron Corbin talks about his match with Kalisto tonight.

The Hype Bros vs. The Ascension

Ryder starts with Viktor and shoulder blocks him into the corner. A big knee to the face turns the tide and then Konnor quickly yanks Ryder to the floor, targeting his shoulder. Konnor grabs a two count off that and then the Ascension take him down with a double sledge for a two count. Viktor wears Ryder down with a side headlock and then Konnor gives him a cheap shot for the heck of it. Zack gets a neckbreaker and a tag to Mojo, who runs all over Viktor with clotheslines and a Stinger Splash. Full Nelson slam gets two. Viktor does manage a rollup for two but the Hype Ryder puts the kibosh on this one.

WINNERS via PINFALL (Ryder over Viktor): The Hype Bros (3:29)

mizTV w/Intercontinental Champion The Miz [w /Maryse]
- Guest: Dean Ambrose

Miz brags about retaining his Intercontinental Title at Survivor Series, which permanently put Dolph Ziggler in his rearview mirror. He brings out someone who sunk to "the lowest of the low" at that particular event in Dean Ambrose and tries to instigate some anger in him for Ellsworth screwing him over. Ambrose says he isn't angry but he is shocked and suprised that a guy who was working for minimum wage until Dean came around would screw him over. Miz says that Ellsworth was just a puppet to make AJ Styles angry and he's upset that the attack happened earlier tonight because now we won't get Dean vs. James tonight. Dean gets upset that Miz is intentionally trying to piss him off and he gets up out of his chair so Miz hides behind his wife. Miz says that Dean walked away empty-handed but then gives him the first-ever Miz Participation Award but Dean just wants to hit him with it. Miz backs up... and now here's Daniel Bryan. He can not let Dean attack the Miz right now so instead we will see Dean Ambrose face the Miz for the Intercontinental Title tonight!

Kalisto vs. Baron Corbin

They start off quick with Corbin finally knocking him down with a shoulderblock and then pounding away on him with forearms to the head. Kalisto gets tossed to the outside but makes it back in at the count of 9 and then delivers a couple of stiff kicks to the head. He low-bridges Corbin out of the ring and then moonsaults him... but Corbin tosses him right back into the ring. However, Kalisto is relentless and stays on him with more stiff kicks. He gets a tornado DDT and the spike hurricanrana move but only gets a two count. He goes off the top rope but lands on his feet... and ends up falling for End of Days to give Baron another victory.

WINNER via PINFALL: Baron Corbin (2:51)

Nikki Bella has some painfully forced interaction with some F-list celebrity or something.

Chad Gable [w /Jason Jordan] vs. Tyler Breeze [w /Fandango]

Gable quickly takes Breeze down and then monkey flips him out of the corner and quickly gets his hanging armbar spot in the corner. A cross-body takes both guys outside and a distraction from Fandango allows Breeze to get a cheap shot and then hammer on him back in the ring. Breeze gets a back suplex for a two count and then goes to a chinlock but Gable fights out and then skins the cat back in. Gable takes him down with an Alphaplex but gets knocked to the outside. However, Fandango's cheapshot is countered by a suplex from Jordan. Back in the ring, Gable nails Breeze with a German Suplex for the win.

WINNER via PINFALL: Chad Gable (2:33)

Smackdown Women's Champion Alexa Bliss comes down to the ring and says that "happy endings don't exist." She talks about Becky calling her a bitch and says that "this bitch now runs the entire Smackdown women's division." Becky Lynch then makes her way out and says she didn't get the job done on Sunday but she can't stand that some whiny, petulant little girl is at the head of the division on this show. Bliss says that she doesn't care about the love and admiration of the WWE Universe and this isn't the New Era anymore - it is HER era. Becky wants her rematch RIGHT NOW... but Bliss disrobes and then quickly backs out of the ring and holds her belt up high.

WWE Intercontinental Title Match
The Miz (c) [w /Maryse] vs. Dean Ambrose

Miz starts off quick with a shoulderblock but Dean follows up with a hiptoss for a one count followed by applying a side headlock. Miz shoves him off the ropes but Dean shoulderblocks HIM this time and gets another hiptoss followed by some ground & pound. He knocks Miz to the outside and then goes for a tope suicida but Miz pulls Maryse in the way to stop him. Dean decides to roll out and run Miz into the barricade instead as we cut to a commercial break.

As we come back, Miz is delivering the dropkicks in the corner and caps it off with the Awesome Clothesline. Miz heads up top but eats a kick to the gut and Ambroe builds some steam with rapid-fire clotheslines. He gets a running bulldog and a La Majistral cradle grabs another two count for the challenger. Miz comes back and decides to go after Dean's leg, softening it up for a potential Figure Four. However, Miz uses a shinbreaker on Ambrose and gets a two count before finally catching Ambrose in the dreaded Figure Four. Ambrose escapes and low-bridges the champion to the outside and THIS time he hits his tope suicida! As they head back in, Dean grabs a rollup for two and then Miz quickly plants Ambrose with a DDT and also gets a near fall. Miz manages to get Bryan's Yes Kicks but Ambrose rolls him up for two and then hits the Lunatic Lariat. Ambrose heads up top but Miz cuts him off but the superplex is blocked with headbutts. However, Maryse trips Dean up, allowing Miz to hit the Bryan running knee for a really close near fall. James Ellsworth then runs down to point out Maryse's interference but it also distracts the referee and Dean, allowing Miz to hit the Skull-Crushing Finale for the win.

WINNER via PINFALL: The Miz (13:31)

That's it, that's all. G'night!

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