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Smackdown! Live Results (1/3/17) - The Lunatic Fringe Conquers


Join us tonight at 8pm/ET for Smackdown! Live as we will see two big matches on tap for the night. Dolph Ziggler will face Baron Corbin after the latter's star-making performance in last week's triple threat match. We will also see the Miz defend the Intercontinental Title against Dean Ambrose in a huge rematch.

SMACKDOWN! LIVE (01.03.17)
JACKSONVILLE, FL (Veterans Memorial Coliseum)
Host: Tom Phillips
Commentators: Mauro Ranallo, John "Bradshaw" Layfield, David Otunga
Written by Brendan Wahl

Intercontinental Champion The Miz opens the show alongside Maryse by heading down to the ring and demanding an apology from Renee Young. He accuses her of securing Ambrose his Intercontinental Title shot so he gets interrupted by the man himself rather than Young. Dean gets slapped by Maryse and says how he's not worried because she hits way harder than the Miz.

1) Baron Corbin defeated Dolph Ziggler via pinfall (13:38) with the End of Days. In another impressive showing, Corbin picked up a victory over his former rival. They played off the fact that they know each other so well with Ziggler even countering Corbin's signature of quickly sliding out of the ring and back in by catching him with a dropkick to send him right back out. A stiff forearm to the face got Corbin a very close near fall and an audible crowd reaction. Dolph ran through some of his usual repertoire but Corbin was very resilient in continuing to kick out with relative ease. The Fameasser and later, the Zig-Zag NEARLY put the Lone Wolf away but again he kept kicking out of everything Dolph could give him.

Baron Corbin grabbed a chair to follow up on Dolph Ziggler but Kalisto ran down and sent the Lone Wolf heading for the hills. As Kalisto stood tall with the chair, Ziggler decided to superkick the luchador! Dolph yelled about how he has never needed anybody and then quickly left the ring, seemingly instigating a heel turn.

James Ellsworth stumbles over his words and thanks Carmella for her kind words before wishing her good luck in her match tonight. He gives her one of his shirts as a gift and she doesn't look impressed but quickly changes her tune and asks for him to come to the ring with her.

Dolph Ziggler goes back to the locker room and starts throwing stuff all over the room but runs afoul of Rhyno, Mojo Rawley and especially Apollo Crews, who takes offense to his attack on Kalisto. Ziggler headbutts Crews and they scrap until the other guys separate them.

Footage is shown from last week of La Luchadora costing Becky Lynch her title opportunity against Alexa Bliss.

2) Becky Lynch defeated La Luchadora (Alexa Bliss) via submission (2:04) with the Dis-Arm-Her. Much of the match was spent discussing La Luchadora's identity by the announcers while Becky started off hot and intense on the offense. La Luchadora hid under the ring and switched with Bliss, who was also in the outfit. Bliss then missed the Sparkle Splash and tapped out to the Dis-Arm-Her to end the match. Bliss and the real Luchadora then double-teamed Becky before leaving the ring together.

It's time for the Styles/Cena contract signing so Daniel Bryan comes out first to be the moderator. AJ says that he and Bryan are two people who love what they do and John Cena is just a guy who comes back after four months and gets a title shot. Bryan explains that they won the ratings war last week and it's because of BOTH guys so they need to follow up and deliver the best match possible - Styles vs. Cena. Bryan brings up the fact that AJ has beaten John three times already, says good luck and then leaves the ring. AJ calls Cena the luckiest man ever for being gifted a title match from someone who is essentially his brother-in-law.

AJ talks about how the tables have turned and how now he is the big man around here and states that the ratings were because of him and not because of Cena. He responds by saying he's got respect for AJ but he cuts him off right away and brings up Cena's comments on The Rock years ago and how he took them back. AJ says that those comments were correct though about how Rock had lost his passion and was dogging it because it's the same thing that is happening to Cena now. He calls John a has-been and says that he will never be as good as him.

Cena says that Styles needs to be humble and now there's no respect anymore. He refers to the champion as a "punk bitch" and says that everyone knows that he's made a career out of shutting people's mouths. He mockingly congratulates AJ for stepping up to him and talks about the passion he has for wrestling while listing off a number of examples. He brings up his haters and says that they will never be him and that's why they chant "Cena Sucks" and/or say that he's a has-been. He tells AJ to bring his best and he will STILL take his championship.

Baron Corbin interrupted the contract signing at this point and mentions that he won the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royale on his first day. He announces his entrance into the Royal Rumble and promises that he will win it as well en route to going to Wrestlemania and winning the WWE Championship. Cena says he's going to pick a fight with the toughest guy in the room but before anything can happen, Styles blindsides Cena with a kick, leaving him prey to Corbin.

Maryse finds Renee Young and slaps her across the face as revenge for her slapping the Miz.

3) Carmella [w /James Ellsworth] defeated Aliyah (making her main roster debut) via submission (2:52) with the Code of Silence. It was mostly a squash with James Ellsworth assisting Carmella in securing the victory.

4) Smackdown Tag Team Champions American Alpha defeated Breezango in a non-title match via pinfall (:31) when Gable pinned Breeze following the Grand Amplitude in a squash. Following the match, the Wyatt Family appeared on-screen with Bray telling the champions to revel in this moment and that reality will hit them sooner or later. Next week - they are coming to reclaim their titles. Orton steals Harper's line and says "run." Luke Harper didn't appreciate that.

Nikki Bella and Natalya are in the ring for a verbal confrontation with Nikki saying that she can't despise Nattie despite what she thinks of her. Nikki says that she feels bad for Nattie and she and her sister have worked hard to make the Bella name mean something. She accuses Nattie of making a living on her family and calls her the "nothing" of the Hart family. Nattie fires back by calling Nikki selfish and then shows a tweet from Bret Hart where he put Nikki over. Nattie says that she's better than Bret ever was and continues to accuse Nikki of using her sex appeal to get what she wants. She adds that when Nikki's beauty fades and John leaves her, she is going to die alone. Nikki clocks her with a forearm shot, leaving Nattie down and out.

Dean Ambrose tells Dasha Fuentes that he's going to get Miz back by taking his title.

Jack Gallagher talks about his Gentleman's Duel with Ariya Daivari last week and says he will continue his "expedition to exhibition" his wrestling skills later tonight on 205 Live.

Next week - John Cena vs. Baron Corbin; American Alpha defend the titles against the Wyatt Family; Nikki Bella vs. Natalya

5) Dean Ambrose defeated The Miz (c) [w /Maryse] via pinfall (14:17) with the Dirty Deeds to win the Intercontinental Championship. Dean Ambrose was obviously angry and started out on offense very quickly until Miz took control just before the match went into a commercial break. Much of the rest of the match was back and forth with near falls for both men. Ambrose kicked out of the Skull-Crushing Finale late in the match and then later prevented the referee from calling for the DQ for Maryse's interference and instead ejecting her from the match. Miz used this opportunity to paintbrush Ambrose with the title belt and get another heart-stopping near fall. Dean planted Miz with his finish to win the title and celebrate with the crowd.

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